House approves $1.5T plan to fix crumbling infrastructure

The legislation now goes to the Republican-controlled Senate, where a much narrower bill approved by a key committee has languished for nearly a year.

7/2/2020 2:24:00 AM

JUST IN: House approves $1.5T plan to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure; legislation moves to Senate, where a much narrower bill approved by a key cmte. has languished for nearly a year.

The legislation now goes to the Republican-controlled Senate, where a much narrower bill approved by a key committee has languished for nearly a year.

"Instead of seeking bipartisan solutions, this bill adds $1.5 trillion to the nation’s debt and disguises a heavy-handed and unworkable Green New Deal regime of new requirements as an ‘infrastructure bill,’” said Missouri Rep. Sam Graves, the top Republican on the transportation panel.

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Graves blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats for turning what has traditionally been a bipartisan issue in Congress — infrastructure — into what he called “a partisan wish list.”Republicans scored a rare procedural victory, winning approval of an amendment to block money from the bill going to Chinese state-owned enterprises or companies responsible for building internment camps for the nation's Uighur minority.

The White House promised a veto if the measure reaches the president's desk. In a statement this week, the White House said the bill “is heavily biased against rural America,'' is based on debt financing and ”fails to tackle the issue of unnecessary permitting delays" that have long impeded infrastructure projects.

President Donald Trump has frequently declared his support for infrastructure projects and pledged during the 2016 campaign to spend at least $1 trillion to improve infrastructure. Since taking office, Trump has repeatedly called for enactment of an infrastructure package — but those efforts have failed to result in legislation.

Hopes were dashed last year when Trump said he wouldn’t deal with Democrats if they continued to investigate him. The House laterimpeached him.Trump said after signing a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package that low interest rates made it a good time to borrow money to pay for an infrastructure bill. No formal proposal has emerged, although the White House has suggested the next virus response bill could include an infrastructure component.

The centerpiece of the House legislation is a nearly $500 billion, 5-year surface transportation plan for roads, bridges and railways. The White House said in its veto threat that the proposal is “heavily skewed toward programs that would disproportionately benefit America’s urban areas." The bill would divert money from the Highway Trust Fund to transit and rail projects that “have seen declining market shares in recent years,” the White House statement said.

Democrats countered that the bill would rebuild the nation’s transportation infrastructure, not only by fixing crumbling roads and bridges, but also by investing in public transit and the national rail network, boosting low- and zero-emission vehicles and cutting carbon pollution that contributes to climate change.

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The bill also authorizes $130 billion in school infrastructure targeted at high-poverty schools with facilities that endanger the health and safety of students and educators, Democrats said. The schools portion alone could create more than 2 million jobs, they said.

The bill would spend more than $100 billion to create or preserve at least 1.8 million affordable homes. “These investments will help reduce housing inequality, create jobs and stimulate the broader economy,'' Democrats said in a"fact sheet" promoting the bill.

The measure also would upgrade child care facilities and protect access to safe drinking water by investing $25 billion in a state revolving fund that ensures communities have clean drinking water and remove dangerous contaminants from local water systems.

Three Republicans voted in favor of the bill: Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Reps. Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith, both of New Jersey. Two Democrats opposed it: Reps. Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Ben McAdams of Utah. Read more: MSNBC »

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Let’s Go🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 lmnysf So they approve a $trillion for infrastructure while we all go broke because flunemployment is ending after 13 weeks. CaresAct money dries up in 3 weeks. Sure go on your Recess before giving us any hope. HouseofRepsPH SenateDems SenateGOP VoteBlueNoMatterWho There is dire need for the infrastructure of America to be rebuilt in the ticket Fort should go on the corporations and monopolies because they overwhelmingly use infrastructure more than citizens... and they just put it in their profit.🤑🤑🤑🤑

Is it infrastructure week again? 😯 You mean the politicians are actually going to do some work? Maybe earn their ridiculous salaries!! 🙄 Where tf they get all this money from? Ain’t we debt? So in other words the swamp creatures are running out of oxygen in the swamp? DRAIN IT! Is that Pelosi? Damn, she low-key lookin T H I C C

Thank Moscow Mitch Sent it to Senate where it promptly went into McConnell's circular file along with the 350+ other bipartisan bills the House has passed? Trump wins. The people that own him, who put him there, win. a. NRA Gun Sales highest year earnings ever b. Russian geopolitical position strengthened c. Billions of unchecked monies to his donor companies d. Trump properties fully occupied e. Jared and Ivanka 80 Million richer

and it will remain on Mitch McConnell's test he will not bring it up for a vote in the Senate out of fear it might pass Abortion is how Democrats keep the black population under control. See for yourself: Cuz lets bring the national debt up to $28T, what are our leaders doing?! This should have been done 30 years ago. Now we are so poor 😢, can we still afford it 😂.

Transportation system more especially. Build Speed train across the US This people just find a way to get Fake money to spend out of thin air, no other country in this world could ever do that. TeahCartel Can I just say I hope I look like SpeakerPelosi when I’m 80!!! She’s freaking hot....I mean come on!!!

AceVentura RogerProdacter Einhorn is Pelosi ... Pelosi is Einhorn RayFinkle ScoobyDooMystery LacesOut CryingGame - CaptainWinky They should’ve passed this YEARS AGO! But it’s all about destruction in our country with the Dem’s Mob! Does this mean Blue Metro areas will no longer look like 3rd world countries or nah?

It's been many months since 🍄rump was going to show us his plan for a $2T infrastructure rebuild. What makes you think it will happen now? Joke, going nooo where Our rural communities need better internet infrastructure especially w/ COVID19 and the increased need for telehealth and schools need improvements as well. Let’s show our healthcare workers and teachers how much we value them. Let’s make something happen Washington.

Hopefully new prisons and lots of them. What happened to Obama 'shovel ready' billions. We saw the crap Dems put in the stimulus bill. We'll find out from the real media if there's any garbage in this bill. وسوسه انگیز If she didnt have a super bra would those things drag on the ground? Great! So when ppl lose their homes due to unemployment we will have nice new bridges to sleep under. To bad we won’t have a mailbox for post office to drop off mail anymore. readtheroom

Does this mean Infrastructure Week us back on? I’m not sure our nerves can take it. I'm confused where Republican's get off on calling us the do-nothing Democrats Finally - Infrastructure Week! Unless realDonaldTrump is removed from office, America doesn’t stand a chance to being rebuilt! about time. Too much pork by dems. They wrote it knowing it would never pass the Senate.

Awesome Can we now focus on getting the next relief Bill passed for all of us who need another stimulus and extension of the $600 ? MichelleLiTV Fed is going to have to work overtime DemocratsUp WONDER if this time if they agreed on the money ONLY IF they can have STRICT oversight on where the money goes !!!!!!!! Instead of them GOP hiding $500 billion on where it went !?! Democrats need to WISE UP on the purse strings which Congress controls !!! Also........

Funny how TRUMP HAS been talking about fixing the infrastructure of our country for years now that you Dems refuse to work with him on but you sure love to steel people's idea's and call them your own just like the police reform bill from a BLACK Senator. YOU ARE RACIST THIEVES Read the article. There is a TON in the bill that had NOTHING to do with infrastructure. Pelosi and her failing wish list again. I ams sick of her.

The gutless wonder Moscow Mitch and the party of NO needs to go. VOTE THEM OUT BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. I thought infrastructure week was two weeks from now 🙄 Will someone buy Pelosi a decent bra? I’ll be watching for the explanation of why throwing incomprehensible amounts of money at corrupt administration that rejects transparency and refuses honest oversight by anyone... is good.

MSNBC anchors are so dramatic!! Joy acting like flying the confederate is something new!! She needs to the South you will see it a lot!!! It’s the White pride flag... Onto the senate to die under MoscowMitch Okay all you Dem’s who body shame Trump - let’s hear what you have to say about Nancy in her too tight dress, with bulges everywhere. Do I think body shaming is a good thing - no. But the Dem do it daily with Trump, so fair is fair

Yippee!! This will definitely help the 40 million out of work Americans surviving on only 1200 bucks for 3 mintha not get evicted at the end of the month! Wow! Look at Nancy!! From Pelosi you can tell the mask is a cool thing to do because other people are doing it. She even has a color coordinated one every day.

$6 trillion for corporations and wall street - ok! $293 billion for American families - too much. $1.5 trillion for infrastructure - too much. I personally think it's all too much. But to give so much corporate welfare and screw the people will lead to a communist revolution. The POTUS, Nancy Pelosi, is still trying to help Americans survive the Dt and Gop extermination plan.

Just enough to fix what the leftist burned down What about the crumbling congress Again the Dems. try to get infrastructure repaired, again, the GOP will block this bill too. Congress needs to fund local/state government and education so schools can open safely in the fall Current potus will hold largest deficit on record after this. Possibly prior.

More money less oversight. GOP loves that Better read it cover to cover first. Pelosi has a habit of adding shit for illegals America is crumbling under Trump. We need this for future generations. That's money what could go towards building or border wall where the horde of rapist and murders and gathered!!

I wonder how much left wing lunacy is involved.

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Mets pay annual $1 million to former MLB slugger Bobby BonillaThe New York Mets will still owe former MLB player Bobby Bonilla $19 million after Wednesday, including an additional $500,000 from a previous postponement. How do I sign up for that retirement plan? Way to be Bobby! * * Google or lookup R NAUGHT IF Ya happen 2 be worried about COVID19 It's 10 FOR COVID19

New York Police Department's budget has been slashed by $1 billionFacing pressure from thousands of constituents calling to defund the police, New York slashed $1 billion from the city's police budget No most New Yorkers want to feel safe, defunding the police is not the way to do this. Vote him out! NYC is a cess pool, BilldeBiaso gave his wife 850,000 she lost it and now he hands her another Billion and puts New York in danger and bows to the marxist voilent mob, Why are New Yorkers not rising up against this tyranny and why are you covering for mob and corruption Liberals caving to the mob not the majority. We need to defund the DNC