Health, Hospital Ceo Says He Had Covid And Doesn't Need A Mask. His Staff Are Appalled. - Cnn

Health, Hospital Ceo Says He Had Covid And Doesn't Need A Mask. His Staff Are Appalled. - Cnn

Hospital CEO says he had Covid and doesn't need a mask

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11/21/2020 10:31:00 AM

The CEO and President of South Dakota-based Sanford Health, one of the largest health systems in the US, says he will not be wearing a mask because he has already had Covid-19. Hospital staff are appalled.

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Hospital staff are appalled.In an email sent Wednesday, which CNN obtained from a nurse at a Sanford Health hospital, CEO and President Kelby Krabbenhoft addressed the health system's 50,000 employees, explaining his decision. "I contracted the virus, felt the uncertainty that accompanied the word 'positive'," he wrote."Experienced the lagging coughs and fatigue... but I'm back in my office," he added. Read MoreAnd he will be maskless. Most states now require face masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19. These are the ones that don't Citing"growing evidence," that he is now immune to the virus, Krabbenhoft said"for me to wear a mask defies the efficacy and purpose of a mask and sends an untruthful message that I am susceptible to infection or could transmit it. I have no interest in using masks as a symbolic gesture." There is not a lot of evidence yet about whether having been infected once provides immunity to reinfection from the virus, and no evidence about whether people who have recovered from one infection can transmit the virus to others. There have been multiple cases documented of people being infected a second time after recovering from one bout with the virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working to learn more about reinfection, and recommends people wear masks whether or not they have had Covid-19. "It's appalling to read this from a hospital CEO," the Sanford Health nurse, who did not want be named for fear of losing her job, tells CNN."We are supposed to be leaders in the community. How can we be taken seriously when this is our CEO?" Even when Trump leaves the White House, his lie machine will be a powerful force Sanford Health, which includes 46 hospitals and 1,400 physicians, is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the City Council voted this week to approve a mask mandate. It is the first mask mandate in the state, where Covid-19 cases have skyrocketed since August. "Kelby Krabbenhoft's email was based on his own experience with Covid-19 and his personal opinions about the virus. They do not reflect the views of our health system as a whole," Micah Aberson, Executive Vice President of Sanford Health, said in a statement to CNN.South Dakota is grappling with the nation's highest positivity rate. This Covid-19 widow wants a mask mandate They also took to social media to encourage mask-wearing Friday."Our health care providers have called upon our communities to do their part by wearing masks and physically distancing to slow the spread of the virus. This is the best way to reduce stress on our health care system," a post on Sanford Health's Facebook page said. Masks have been a divisive issue in South Dakota, where Governor Kristi Noem has refused to issue a mask mandate."You may choose to wear a mask and be concerned about the virus. And if people are scared, I'm going to remind them, they should stay home," Noem said at a news conference Wednesday. This Republican governor is playing politics while Covid-19 burns through her state "Masks have been a symbolic issue that frankly frustrates me," Krabbenhoft said in the email."The 'on-again, off-again' behavior of mask use by the general population violates every notion of serious infectious management that I was trained to adhere to, so some of this is absurd."Krabbenhoft wrote he's"an old scrub technician from my youth" -- part of a team that would work in an OR -- and recognized the importance of masks for people who have not had Covid-19. "For people who have not contracted the virus and may acquire it and then spread it, it is important for them to know that masks are just plain smart to use and in their best interest," he said. Choosing the best mask to protect you and others, according to new CDC guidelines "When it comes to immunity the science is evolving and we must continue to follow CDC guidelines," Sanford Health executive management said in another staff-wide email Friday, addressing Krabbenhoft's email. "Whether you've had the virus or not, it is recommended that you wear a mask when you cannot be socially distanced," the email from executive management said. In terms of the number of Covid-19 cases and hospitalization in the state, Krabbenhoft told South Dakota's Argus Leader Thursday that he felt it was under control."There's not a crisis," he said. The Sanford Health nurse called his comments"a slap in the face." South Dakota has been among the states with the highest per capita new cases and hospitalizations in the nation over the past week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team.

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I have one word for any remaining intelligent people in South Dakota. MOVE To move forward & leave this madness behind we have to get to a mindset of sensibly limiting risk, not trying to eliminate all risk altogether. A vaccine won’t provide 100% immunity. Will “CEO not wearing mask after having vaccine” be a headline?

🤮🤮 The board need to fire his ass. Period. UK study has found evidence of waning antibody immunity to COVID-19 over time. Of course this will be, in all probability, rebuffed as FAKE NEWS by Trump and his renegade GOP. A couple years ago there was a big news story that Kelby Krabbenhoft knocked up two of his secretaries and paid them a lot to keep quiet. One actually had the baby. So here in SD, we don’t really trust his judgment 😂

America as we know it is done. What? Fire the guy What a stupid shit Must need it again for good luck, asshole Dumb just dumb! His staff who are more than likely overwhelmed should walk out. His behavior is absolutely mind blowing. If the crazies take over, are we gonna have an anti-mask mandate? “‘…appalling to read this from a hospital CEO,’ [said] the Sanford Health nurse, who did not want be named for fear of losing her job…” SD: fastest growing CV rate IN THE WORLD… …and SanfordHealth’d fire an RN for saying the obvious? They REALLY need this putz to step down.

Sad. Every jackhole complaining about the lockdown and having to adhere to mitigation efforts are the VERY reason we have to have lockdowns. Selfish POS morons. Intelligence can lead us through, unfortunately intelligence worldwide is hard to locate. He should be fired or if I worked there I would sue he for putting my life and that of my patients in jeopardy

How fucking disrespectful to all the front line workers! Shameful! 👍👍 SanfordHealth the ceo is right, already had it, all good Fck off hillbilly 🤮🐷 Why should he fear. He has whole hospital at his disposal. There is an i in community last I checked.🙄 Ok 😂 I won't be wearing a mask either. My right He’s the irresponsible boss. I hope that will be one thing the workers will not see as an excellent opinion and wear mask for themselves and others. God bless y’all FrontlineFirstResponders & FrontlineWorkers

Trumper. No wonder we are dying. Man there is a ton of KOOL aid around Doctors- are not GODS! They too can be asshats How do you think vaccines work? Step back now. Here come all the Twitter scientists You CAN be smart AND an idiot at the same time! That's not the point, actions speak louder than words. He is saying Covid is nothing to be concerned about, don't bother wearing a mask. He loves seeing other Americans suffer and die.

You can have this virus more than one time South Dakota, enough said! We are over a quarter of a million deaths, in large thanks to people like this. jerks gonna jerk He is as dumb as the Dumpster. Science must be to hard for them to understand 🤦🏼‍♀️ As they should be 3 people in Nevada have had it twice and much much worse the second time

Lead by example! You can get it again! This is not a one time virus. What is wrong with you people 😩 you got to be kidding ... Let that dumb shit work in the ICU for a few weeks. Seriously, why doesn’t he just fill his employee based with those who have had it snd have long term affects. Let’s see how well that goes. Irresponsible and dangerous!! An INSULT to all in healthcare!

How many people will start using the ‘I don’t need a mask because I had Covid already’ excuse now? Wear a GD mask. Loser It’s called immunity. It’s science. Don’t be a science denier Can we put this guy on one of those motivational leadership posters? Sound science fire him It's this exact mindset that has put this country in the vulnerable position of positivity rate, positive cases and the death toll. He should be fired.

Fire his ass. I’d expect this from a politician not someone in the actual trenches, who should be keeping up w covid research and know it can mutate. Covid doesn’t GaF about herd immunity. More stupid behavior WearAMask South Dakota sounds like a very backward state. If you value your life, you should not live in SD.

I guess that's why he's an administrator and not a practicing physician. Stupid is forever. Terminate his employment contract. He’s an embarrassment. Thinning of the herd Appalled of rational thinking? Well what’s he supposed to do, lead by setting an example based on proven life-saving protocols? whatevs....

Ignorance! I would quit. That right there... 🤷🏽‍♂️ They wonder why they are fly over states I predict someone else being pushed out of office for their Ignorance MaskUpAmerica StopTheSpread SanfordHealth Curious what your board thinks of this? Bet a defunding boycott of your hospital would change your mind though, right? defectiveCEO boycottSanfordHealth

So when he catches it again...DNR? 🧐 He wants to share? lock him up then,, just admitted it, going to spread it, stop him before he does for crying out loud BOBO!!! Stupid HE SHOULD GET FIRED IMMEDIATELY. HE IS PUTTING THE LIVES OF HIS EMPLOYEES AT RISK AND SETS A BAD EXAMPLE. Until he gets reinfected and spreads it again. Then it's gonna get interesting.

I love this story bc all the people that exaggerate the usefulness of masks—they infinitesimally marginal at best—don’t trust the science on the permanent immunity you get from COVID after you recover. I wouldn’t want these hospitals staff treating me, they’re poorly educated. Why is he still in charge of anything?

😩😩😩😥. Part of the problem.. No science Don’t let him in. sistercrow So even the CEOs in South Dakota are stupid. ok. got it. So he is a conservative and the hospital staff are liberals. Sounds like either a lynch mob or he needs to do a better job at hiring. DO REAL NEWS HACKS. You don’t need a mask after having COVID at least for a extended period of time. Probably 6-10 months.

South Dakota - the new Florida Negative leaders in action Don’t matter how smart you think you are, you are still ignorant! Bless his heart😷 This man is officially an idiot, and his village needs him back. A village is not a village without its idiot. Another Trumpet CEO spewing his political views on the entire organization. How does he know he’s not capable of re infection and transmission? We know immunity is weak and short lived in patients with mild symptoms.

So I has understand why so badly covid-19 sweep USA. the perfects idiots! I guess I would get rid of the insurance from this company if I was stupid enough to have it Ceo from Trump University ✅ Bet this moron is a trump supporter Well now all of these statistics about South Dakota are starting to make sense

The first job of a CEO is to support your people. The decision to wear a mask here has nothing to do with you. It’s all about showing support for your people who are on the front lines caring for the community. You wear it for them. Period. Vaccines developed in 6 months are “effective”. Crickets on “safe”. Brand new tech using MRNA, ie, genetic engineering. Wonder how those trial folks will fare a year from now. Right. Rushed.

Science has not reached the conclusion Krabbenhoft falsely asserts. Hope the Board responds as quickly w his employment termination as their denouncement of his claim. BEST OF GOA | BAGA BEACH | GOA TRAVEL VLOG 2020 They are all WAY TOO FAR REMOVED from real people!! Divide of rich vs. your own shopping and laundry and dishes and cleaning for a day. Clean a toilet lately? COVID lives in feces, aka. Poop for a very long time! You are an idiot with a death wish if you dont agree.

He’s an idiot and should be leading his hospital by example regardless if he has Covid or not What a stupid man, people died after second time COVID This is outright selfishness and inconsiderate. Think of not oneself but others. The above mentioned person is not fit to be in medical industry,not to say, runs a hospital.

The arrogance is beyond comprehension. I am sick to the back teeth of Covid bed-wetters and mask-nazis! they don’t call it flyover country without a reason Has the staff alerted the last responders yet? selfish jerk What an irresponsible jerk. That's a bruh moment and that's why America is having a bigger covid crisis, people being selfish and uncaring.

People who say 'masks don't work' need something else that would prevent the disease from going through its natural path The 🇦🇿 soldier captured by the 🇦🇲.We request him to return safely and ask ICRC amnesty hrw guardian washingtonpost BBCWorld nytimes FoxNews Independent Reuters Telegraph TIME UNHumanRights UN OSCE not to remain indifferent. bringbackAmin bringbackBayram

An uncaring fool. The CEO is one Mr.Kelby Krabbenhoft who is not a physician, sent an email to all the employees, and in it he said: 'For me to wear a mask defies the efficacy and purpose of a mask and sends an untruthful message that I am susceptible to infection or could transmit it,” Idiot. Fine him like the NFL fines coaches who have had COVID & don't wear mask! Ask Gruden of Las Vegas Raiders!

So selfish, It's not about you. It's about others catching it from you. 🤪 if your friend betrays you and puts your mothers life at risk, will you ever forgive her for the past your people shared Just goes to prove what I've always maintained... There is absolutely NO connection between status, position, money and...intelligence. ;~)

Leading by example? $20 says he’s white and Republican Do people not understand that wearing a mask not only protects you but also others around you?! It’s not a difficult concept. Geez. WearADamnMask Wut? Who wants to go around all day everyday explaining that you’ve had it so that’s why you’re not wearing a mask. Also people can get it twice? Wut is happening lol

He doesn’t know if his immunity is for a month or a year. No one does. South Dakota looking pretty stupid, ignorant and red. Equating Heath with freedom. Lead by example idiot! HELLO! HELLO! SHOW respect for the sick & fallen! Good Dictionary. Meaning...Idiot..Explanation...Krabby Sonno sicura che e un sostenitore di Trump!

Where does he think he works, the White House? That's more spread Who said you had to care about health to work in healthcare? I’ll just go ahead and invite him to follow my Level 1 ER nurse wife around for a shift. Then, he can follow my friend for a shift, who is a pulmonologist at a COVID hospital. Let’s see how ‘brave’ he is after that. What an idiotic asshole. He gives the title CEO a bad name.

Idiot Wtf I hope the heck he doesnt catch it again. Doesnt he know that is possible and sometimes the second covid infection can be much worse. Very irresponsible Selfish. This man is not fit for his job, can we replace him with a qualified and empathetic person please, be it man or woman. sendhimtoschool

Should be fired immediately for failure to provide a safe work environment and endangering the public. savage This guy is a genius. Just ask him and the governor. He does not know about health and ways of infection at all ? Proving once again one doesn't have to be smart to be put in charge of things. Shame on him..

He's likely correct. Your kid doesn't have to worry about chickenpox once they get it. What's the difference? Oh, virtue signaling is the new national pastime. I forgot. Dang... like CEO, like Governor. Does ANYone lead that poor State. You can't fix stupid. I cannot figure out why South Dakota has so much Covid! (sarcasm for those of you who don't know me)

Kamala H (&Biden). DO NOT move into that White House etc for at least 2 months, AFTER it has been DEEP-CLEANED/FUMIGATED, curtains, carpets ..everything REPLACED. That place is INFECTED w/Covid & whatever else! 45 & his crew r just TOO NASTY 🤢/RECKLESS! Don’t get close to them! So on a covid free spreading mission. Awon werey plenty for America. I swear 😂

He's right. They should not bring their religious faith into the workplace. BE ADVISED: They didn't steal the election for Joe, they stole it for Kamala. Biden was the most plausible candidate who could appear to win. All they need now is 3 more months before they can get rid of him. I'm a constitutional conservative Trump supporter but also work in a busy ICU. The virus does not care about politics.

I had Covid in late February. Been wearing a mask every day since March. Because I'm not an idiot. CEOs are basically an interchangeable hand in our pockets and they routinely do stupid crap like this. The lack of critical thinking skills, selfishness, and lack of normal levels of empathy or consideration for others is the daily schedule.

Great places, great faces! 🦅 As a nurse in KY, I stand with the nurses in S. Dakota who has a leader who is not on their side. Staff should be appalled. Call for his resignation. You know better Is there a possibility that Covid-19 testing software is owned by Dominion or equivalent and results are being manipulated from the population to individual level?

That's so unpatriotic. True There have been people that have contracted COVID-19 more than once. Not much is known about immunity from SARS-CoV-2 at this time. Brilliant, NOT. He has COVID but how about the people around him? He want to pass it on. There is little evidence masks slow the spread anyway. Why should someone wear a mask if they’ve already had it?

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He seems like a bright chap 🙄 Mask don’t work. Prove me wrong.