Hoo AMM Pool Launched, New Access to Increase User Yields – Press release Bitcoin News

Hoo AMM Pool Launched, New Access to Increase User Yields

Hoo Amm

1/21/2022 5:01:00 PM

Hoo AMM Pool Launched, New Access to Increase User Yields

PRESS RELEASE. According to Hoo users who participated in AMM (Automated Market Maker) test, each liquidity pool of Hoo has listed quantitative data, such

trading pair in the Hoo spot trading area, and whenever investors makes a purchase or sale transaction in the pair, the users involved in providing the liquidity can divide the fee share proportionally.According to the rules, users can receive their rewards for liquidity issued on a daily basis. Since rapid liquidity in and out may cause the coin price to deviate from the market price for a short period of time, in order to avoid the risk of price fluctuations and to better manage the reward calculation and distribution, etc. Hoo has set some conditions in the redemption process of AMM liquidity pools. Currently, users need to provide liquidity before they can redeem funds after one hour, and only full redemptions are supported, with only one redemption operation allowed within 24 hours for a single pool.

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