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Hong Kong office workers begin week of lunchtime protests

Hong Kong office workers begin week of lunchtime protests

12/2/2019 1:56:00 PM

Hong Kong office workers begin week of lunchtime protests

Hundreds of office workers in Hong Kong 's business district gathered on Mon...

4 Min ReadHONG KONG (Reuters) - Hundreds of office workers in Hong Kong’s business district gathered on Monday for the first in a week of lunchtime protests backing the pro-democracy movement after its resounding victory in district polls last month in the Chinese-ruled city.

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An anti-government demonstrator holds a flag as people gather for a lunchtime protest at Chater Garden in Hong Kong, China, December 2, 2019. REUTERS/Leah MillisA day earlier police again fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters as they marched past the city’s Kowloon waterfront, after first going to the U.S. consulate on Hong Kong island to show gratitude for Washington’s support.

There was no such confrontation at the two-hour rally in the central business district on Monday, as some people went back to their offices after their demonstration of solidarity. Others said they would be striking for the full five days.The gathering in Chater Garden probably drew Hong Kong’s best-dressed protesters, and organizers have called on them to come out every day this week.

Protests over the last six months have drawn a wide swathe of Hong Kong society - from students to pensioners. Even white-collar professionals, like those in Chater park, have sometimes blocked roads in recent weeks, leading to face-offs with police.Monday’s rally appeared aimed specifically at bringing in more workers from advertising agencies to help build publicity.

Fred, a 24-year-old advertising professional, said he and his colleagues had helped create promotional materials in their own time for the so-called “yellow economy”, the businesses seen as supporting the pro-democracy movement.Many pro-democracy protesters have adopted the color yellow and yellow balloons have been seen at rallies.

Related CoverageChina suspends U.S. military visits to Hong Kong, sanctions U.S.-based NGOs“From the advertising perspective, we can help promote the brands that speak out for Hong Kong,” said Fred.Another protester in the park said his advertising agency had closed for the week in solidarity, and hoped other agencies would do likewise.

“We are trying to come out and be the first industry to come out and stop working for five days,” said 28-year-old Ryan.“We are just stopping work for companies. But the advertising talent will keep advertising for the movement, designing posters and leaflets.”

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TEAR GASDuring Sunday’s protest police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters, some of whom chanted “revolution of our time” and “liberate Hong Kong”. That followed a period of relative calm after Nov. 24 district elections delivered an overwhelming victory to pro-democracy candidates.

Police on Sunday used tear gas after protesters threw bricks and glass bottles, and ignored warnings, Kwok Ka-chuen, a senior police official, told a news conference.Fity-eight people were arrested over the weekend, bring the total number of arrests since early June to 5,947, police said.

Slideshow(8 Images)The protest in the busy shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui followed a “Thanksgiving” march by hundreds to the U.S. consulate.The protesters’ demands include an end to Beijing’s alleged meddling in the freedoms promised to the former British colony when it returned to Chinese rule in 1997, universal suffrage and an inquiry into police use of force.

The unrest since June has at times forced the closure of government offices, businesses, schools and the international airport, helping drive the city into recession for the first time in a decade in the third quarter.Reporting by Sarah Wu and Twinnie Siu; Writing by Kate Lamb and David Dolan; Editing by Stephen Coates, Simon Cameron-Moore and Giles Elgood

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Commercial zones on weekdays are the safest place for protests. HongKongProtest HongKongPoliceTerrorism HongKongProtests for UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE! Hongkongers, keep going! We will not give up, we will not surrender, never! StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom 5DemandsNot1Less hkerdede hongkongers neverforget 5DemandsNot1Less

Seriously. We wont stop until we win. 5DemandsNot1Less But none is loud enough for those who don't listen StandWithHongKong 中國的暴力不會停止拖垮香港和全球經濟 Now PolyU's tag is on the twitter , open Twitter, find PolyU hastag help RT and like, keep the heat, please spread! 1.please Google 「hk police massacre polyu's students」及「黑警屠殺理工學生」 2.Twitter,找 PolyU hastag幫忙RT及like

Hong Kong govt is blind & deaf? It should not left its citizens unattended A lunch time protests wouldn't create any chaos, unless the riot police appears. You can see in Central, a business hub in Hong Kong, filled with high educated professions. Always peaceful without police. Where is the freedom of speech? StandWithHongKong

It’s still a long way to victory, HKers keep fighting 5DemandsNot1Less FreeHongKong HongKongProtests will continue until 5DemandsNot1Less, especially the demand for genuine dual universal suffrage, are met Because they never stop, so HongKongProtests never ends. The problem haven't solved yet, how could Hong Kong people give up? 5DemandsNot1Less StandWithHongKong.

While thousands of millions Hong Kong people protest day after day, Carrie Lam with utter indifference said today that she has repeatedly relied to 5 demands. She added she didn’t know how human rights & freedom of HongKongers are eroded! Is it the proof of parallel universe? We sacrifice a lot, such protesters’ lives and futures. But we just want to fight for our freedom, fight for our future, fight for ourselves, fight for our “HomeKong”. HongKongProtests SOSHK

Wingogoo We love our home, HK! FreeHongKong save hongkong We will continue fighting for democracy and justice✊🏻 StandWithHongKong HKProtests will never stop unless the government set up an Independent Inquiry to investigate the mess it creates. HKPoliceTerrorists must be brought into justice too. 5DemandsNot1Less

We tried different ways to protest. But the govt still ignore our demands and police is becoming more brutal as ever. HongKongProtests 5DemandsNot1Less As a mainland Chinese I really hope Hong Kong people can continue. Want to see how this ends. Popcorn please. hongkong people who FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong, will not fear. 5DemandsNotOneLess

Hongkongers will not stop until FiveDemandsNotOneLess are met! Lunch hour is busier than usual when we watch out for police tear gas in CBD FIVE demands, not ONE less. We mean it. StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom PoliceState No matter what you are, citizens, journalists, first-aiders, tourists, Obey the police, not the law

StandWithHongKong What will Trump do next ? I think NGOs from China won't be affect. The US respected real NGOs Hongkongers have not forgot about 5DemandsNot1Less. HongKongProtest StandWithHongKong This is Hong Kong people, fully make use of their time to do protests. 5DemandsNot1Less Citizens of different backgrounds are using various methods to express their aspirations

antichinazi StandWithHongKong StandWithHongKong antichinazi HongKongers will resist fighting for freedom and democracy until all of our demands are met. 5DemandsNot1Less StandWithHongKong “Protests over the last six months have drawn a wide swathe of HongKong society - from students to pensioners.Even white-collar professionals,like those in Chater park,have sometimes blocked roads in recent weeks,leading to face-offs with police” still Gov & HKPolice...

FiveDemandsNotOneLess The movement has not ended yet! 5DemandsNot1Less isn’t just a slogan✋🏽 I, as a youngboy, really appreciate those who spend their effort and time to protest while work. FreeHK FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong We’re keeping fighting 💪🏻FiveDemandsNotOneLess Hong Kongers from all walks of life, age and cultural background will fight for freedom & justice in unity until our 5 demands are realized. 5DemandsNot1Less StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong

5DemandsNot1Less HongKongers still fight for that. 😠 they are real human HKers protest everytime 😂. Protest become every HKers daily life. StandWithHongKong There will be no end to this movement unless CCP and Carrie Lam government respond to the public demands. FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less

Protest is part of HKers daily life now..it won’t stop until we got all our 5DemandsNot1Less HKprotest StandWithHongKong It is not the end. StandwithHongKong People are sacrificing their break time and even lunchtime to protest and still, the government ignores the demands from these peaceful protestors. HKProtests

We would keep protesting until our five demands are all met, not one less. HongKongProtests HongKong StandwithHK The ppl captured in the pic are mostly from one of the most renowned CBD globally. Yet carrielam turns a blind eye to hongkong’s mainstream opinion. She should just be pragmatic and her suggested “Independent Review Committee” wont work for sure. HongKongProstests

standwithhongkong antichinzi hongkongpolicestate Still urging for 5 demands, not 1 less. FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less Hong Kong People will do whatever they can to uphold what they believe, value and tresure. HKprotesters antichinazi antitotalitarianism StandwithHK Lunchtime protests will be a beautiful move.

This is not just a routine but a public outcry for change in HongKong HongKongers keep fighting for FREEDOM & JUSTICE every single day since June 🖐🏻 StandwithHK FiveDemandsNotOneLess HongKong HongKongProtests Many HongKongProtesters still suffering from PoliceBrutality and 5 demands have not yet be responded properly since June, it will not come to an end until 5 demands are fulfilled. 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedom savehongkong DemocracyForHK

It is really impressive to see how consistent and determined Hong Kong people are. It is a vast majority that holds a strong stance - universal suffrage to make the government responsible for their people! FightForFreedom StandwithHK We are not giving up our fight for freedom and democracy! We will keep fighting for our five demands! 5DemandsNot1Less We have to walk the rest for those who sacrificed... One day our dream of a free society will come true with our efforts! StandwithHongKong

Protests have already been to part of HongKongProtesters life. Coz NeverForgive , NeverForget are the promises they made to the deceased. 5DemandsNot1Less HKer will never give up.StandwithHK Squeezing in a protest during lunch? Now folks that's dedication. StandWithHongKong HongKongProtests 5DemandsNot1Less

Protest on 1/12 shows that HKPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceBrutality are still existed in Hong Kong. Protests will not be stopped if HKPF cannot be punished Our demands were clearly delivered to the government but she still do not intended to give a fair response but repetitive tear gas. We have no method but keep on voicing out. SOSHK StandWithHongKong

People of Hong Kong are still fighting, as the government is reluctant to listen to people's voice. It just shows the resilience and perseverance of these HK people. StandwithHK FreeHongKong I've to say, Hongkongers really too love to work🙈But we won't give up fighting for our demands. So now, proudly introducing: lunchtime protests! But HKPoliceTerrorists can't even tolerate such peaceful short-term protests. They've increased manpower in these office districts🙄

We will fight until the very end. StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong It might not be possible for everyone to join the strike continuously.. Many hongkonger are still trying hard to voice out! When will the government listen? 5DemandsNot1Less Fight for freedom StandwithHK It is normal to see the lunchtime protests because lots of HongKongProtesters are students and office men and ladies. They need to use their lunchtime to have the protests. Therefore, please help all the Hong Kong citizens to overcome these hurdles.

Hongkonger will never give up🙏🏻💪🏻💪🏻 FiveDemandsNotOneLess Good job guys!!! StandwithHonKong StandwithHK StandWithHongKong . The people here are not asking for independence but our human rights and democracy under the one country two systems! antitotalitarianism 5DemandsNot1Less Student, office worker, government employee, Disciplinary force, elder all is hongkonger looking for freedom

I used to be hopeless abt HKers before the antiELAB movement coz most of us were politically apathetic. But HKers are NOT like that anymore. They’ve invented creative ways to express dissent, an example of which is lunchtime protests. Pls StandWithHongKong to FightForFreedom ! We won’t forget 5DemandsNot1Less even in lunch hour!! FightForFreedom StandwithHK are in our blood now!

Creative protesters doing anything they could under certain constraint do not del! Hong Kong rioter The lunchtime protest will go on everyday Mild exercise after lunch is good to health. HongKongProtesters Hong Kong Protest Luncheon protests should be on every weekday until the 5 demands are fulfilled. Fighting for the universal values just like we need to eat everyday HongKongProtests FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong

HKprotest is not over yet! HongKongers will continue to fight for democracy and freedom. FiveDemandsNotOneLess Carrie Lam: this won’t end until you step down and the HKPF got prosecuted for their crimes StandwithHK FreeHongKong It’s not easy HongKongProtester is facing HongKongPoliceBurtality during lunch hour

Hongkongers are determined to strive for liberty and voice out our five demands to the government despite of age, gender or occupation difference. hongkongpolicebrutality should never be underestimated and forgiven. 5DemandsNot1Less StandWithHongKong HongKong HongKongProtests StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less

Thank you for following what’s happening in 🇭🇰 💖 reuters Thank you for the effort of office workers! It is not easy to insist coming out every lunch time. So proud of the lunchtime protest of you guys! Even we cannot be unemployment due to the family factors. That doesn’t mean that we agree to what HongKongPolice and Carrie Lam did. Hong Kong people will use every method and every leisure to voice out our demands. StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom

Lunchtime protest shows that Hong Kong people won’t give up easily. StandWithHongKong FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong FiveDemandsNotOneLess Lunch hour revolution!!! Love all these office protestors. StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less Lunch time is be water StandWithHongKong StandwithHK A new strategy of protest, it shows how creative Hong Kongers are. 5DemandsNot1Less SOSHK Tiananmen2019

Thousands of peaceful protesters were dispersed by tear gas on Sunday during an “anthorized” march. Police fired tear gas directly into the crowd, ignoring risk of stampede. HKPoliceBrutality continue to be our key concern. Please fight with us!! StandWithHongKong HongKong citizens will never forget the faults HKSAR government and the police have conducted in the past few months. This is a protracted confrontation. SOSHK

StandWithHongKong We will find all the ways to fight for freedom and democracy. Hing King workers continue to go on the protests during the lunch breaks. Proud of you all! HongKongProtest won't stop until all 5 demands are satisfied. We must bring justice to the victims being assaulted by police brutally and restore the autonomy by universal suffrage. FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong

Peaceful protests during the lunch break are more flexible for everyone to participate. Hongkong people are determined to show ccp, hk govt and the world own views by all means! hkprotests StandWithHongKong HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct ANTICCP Hong Kongers can have no lunch but cannot live without freedoms and democracy.

Hong Kong advertisement workers also started strike today. Here is their declaration video: 5 demands, not 1 less. We are not backing down. Please support us in our FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less Absolutely impressive! The result of District Council elections is distant from victory for democracy for Hong Kong. Protests will continue unless FiveDemandsNotOneLess has been achieved. FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong FreeHongKong DemocracyForHK

5 demands, not 1 less Continue fighting Thank You All Protesters~!!!Brave Hong Kong People are the front line of antichinazi Global War~!!! Please support them!!! antichinazi BoycottChina StandWithHongKong Add oil HongKongers, until 5DemandsNot1Less 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 This is why history will save a chapter for HongKongProtesters. The movement has defy many imaginations of people's demonstration. Hongkongers' creativity and flexibility is extraordinary. DemocracyForHK 5DemandsNot1Less

Office hours, HongKongers go to work. Lunch break, they go to protest. Can see you this scene in other cities ? HongKongProtest HongKongProtesters HongKong people just can’t stop fighting for what we deserved! 5DemandsNot1Less DemocracyForHK StandwithHK Hongkongers are telling the govt how determined we are in this fight. FiveDemandsNotOneLess

never forgive, never forget it actually surprised me and is amazing. the office workers are so determined and continue this lunchtime protest. now more and more district are joining this lunchtime protest. HongKongProtests 5DemandsNot1Less Hongkongers will never give up! StandWithHongKong Keep going, hongkonger💪

soshk hk When ppl say we should express our views peacefully..the government just keep ignoring💁‍♀️ We need attention and help from all around the world🙏🙇‍♀️ Please support us and StandWithHongKong I prepared my peanuts to protest. HongKong has invented a new way to protest while being responsible employees: LUNCHTIME PROTESTS! Hongkongers are really kind and responsible people.. we deserve democracy and the promised autonomy.

We will never give up unless all 5 demands are satisfied 5DemandsNot1Less Support from my heart Hongkongers will never forget what chinaz done This may be a great symbol of HK protesters now & ever. We will continue to fight together until the very end. HongKongProtesters No matter which day it is, we just don't forget it.

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Hundreds march in Hong Kong against use of tear gasHundreds of Hong Kong ers march to protest police use of tear gas, as the Asian financial hub gears up for further anti-government demonstrations following a week of calm

China to suspend US Navy visits to Hong Kong over new lawChina says it will suspend U.S. Navy visits to Hong Kong and sanction a range of pro-democracy groups in retaliation for Congress’ passage of legislation supporting human rights in the semi-autonomous territory. horray! Hong Kong, la Cina sanziona le Ong Usa per le proteste anti-governative notizie No...not the Navy visit!....anything but that...

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as thousands take to the streets in fresh protestsPolice fired tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters in Hon... why thank the arsenclown? congress gets credit Dear HongKongProtesters most of us despise Donald Trump due to his narcissistic and sociopathic behavior. He is an embarrassment and an insult to democracy. Keep fighting the good fight but please understand that he only cares about himself and has a long history of corruption. Let freedom sing! 🎶

Hong Kong elders, youths vow to keep up anti-Beijing protestsHundreds of Hong Kong elders have taken to the streets on Saturday to back students for a unity rally as anti-Beijing activists vowed to battle what they say is police brutality and unlawful arrests.

Hong Kong seniors rally to back students as activists decry police actionsSecondary school students and retirees joined forces to protest in Hong Kong on ...

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as thousands take to the streets in fresh protestsHundreds of Hong Kong protesters march against police use of tear gas. Police have fired around 10,000 rounds of tear gas since June, the city’s secretary for security, John Lee, said this week