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Home Depot Releases New Bluetooth Cordless Hose

Home Depot Releases New Bluetooth Cordless Hose

5/29/2020 12:00:00 AM

Home Depot Releases New Bluetooth Cordless Hose

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rbrown0504 😂 F⁷x2, X7ďx⅞ F WhitlockJason Looks good, but do they sell something like it at Lowes. I really don't want to buy it from HD. Politics. I might have to because I love that Bluetooth. Works with social distancing. callum_may burst It’s not working well. Sometimes it pairs with my PS4 and I end up shooting cowboys in RDR2 instead of watering the garden.

Just as a reminder, these posts are hotspots for r/woooosh candidates. Total rip-off! Only works with bottled Perrier. This could never work. How would the water get to it? Some stupid people would buy this. and it's not android compatible so suck it losers So water is at point A the cordless hose at point B,en water travels through what exactly? Mnatubeba ufala sasa

funnyolelife our pool problem solved I'll pass, I'm waiting for the Bluetooth plywood natemsj I’d do many things for this KingslyFishao Is it April fools? Okay, where's the hose? Needed this right now, thanks big O. 👍 Well it does save on water.... It works by using the Carbonaro Effect Old news MrHoratioSanz Hahahaha. Awesome

Alexa, turn on hose Amateurs! A classic When do they get 5G Bats back in? I need them for my Covid-19 Test Belfry! Finally, this. This is what Steve Jobs died for. I love you . Just wanted to let you know. Don't forge the disclosure. (Water not included.) About freaking time man I prefer with wire I suck at charging things

WhitlockJason *Water not include. I’m sending positive vibes your way 🤞🏽 between trump & 2020, I know it’s gotta be difficult coming up w/ stories. Hang in there 👍🏽 hal·le·lu·jah I need that daddy's contact info stat. What could possibly go wrong internetofshit Crap, you need a Bluetooth 6.x compatible can only order those from China :(

This is clearly photoshopped. carbonaro had a whole episode about it, they’re amazing. i tried to invent this as a kid, should’ve patented it when i had the chance Yooo, I want one so bad That'll come in real handy in the desert. Want it. How much? WhitlockJason Nedsfeed get one? WhitlockJason Works awesome 👏 at night

I remembershen they tried this with a radio transmitter. This should work better. Can’t work worse. Makes me sad to know some people went straight to HomeDepot asking about this. fuckedasanation HeathRacela Amazon Basics DON'T BUY IT! the Bluetooth range is super short Much wow! Such old! Hahahaha

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Press Secretary McEnany Says It's 'Peculiar' Joe Biden Doesn't Wear A Mask In His HomeResponding to a question regarding Trump's implied criticism of Joe Biden wearing a mask while outlaying a wreath at a veterans park for Memorial Day, press secretary McEnany said it's 'peculiar' he doesn't wear one in his home by MattRyanPerez MattRyanPerez The epitome of dumb MattRyanPerez what why would he ? MattRyanPerez .PressSec How broke is your brain?

Boy Scout plays taps nightly outside NJ veterans home where scores have diedA Boy Scout has been playing taps every night outside a New Jersey nursing home where more than 100 veterans have died amid the coronavirus crisis and concluded his daily tribute with a special Memorial Day ceremony. 🙏❤️💔❤️🙏 Respect. Which proves he’s not a Democrat!

Khloe Kardashian's Home Could Be Yours For Just $19 MillionTake a look inside the seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom estate that Khloe Kardashian has called him since she purchased it from Justin Bieber in 2014. Damn She has to make up for all the money she spent on her new face you can list it at whatever you want. but that is a joke and seriously aspirational amount. 19 million? she bought it for 7. it's the same house. there's no way its worth that now i'm sorry lol