Hold The Champagne: What Happens When Neither Party Gets To Celebrate The Election?

President Trump's loss to Joe Biden has made it tough for Republicans to celebrate important wins down ballot, while Democrats have been stung by the failure to meet expectations of a blue tsunami.

11/22/2020 9:04:00 PM

President Trump's loss to Joe Biden has made it tough for Republicans to celebrate important wins down ballot, while Democrats have been stung by the failure to meet expectations of a blue tsunami.

President Trump's loss to Joe Biden has made it tough for Republicans to celebrate important wins down ballot, while Democrats have been stung by the failure to meet expectations of a blue tsunami.

In the end, though, the most sobering element for both parties may have been the mixed message handed down by the voters. It was hard for either party to claim a mandate or find a sense of validation.We now know that Joe Biden got a bigger percentage of the popular vote than any challenger to a sitting president since Franklin D. Roosevelt beat Herbert Hoover in 1932. Yes, even larger than Ronald Reagan's share of the popular vote in beating Jimmy Carter in 1980 or Bill Clinton's in beating George H.W. Bush in 1992. (Both Reagan and Clinton won three-way contests that included a strong independent candidate.)

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But as badly as Democrats wanted to defeat Trump, they have been sobered by their down-ballot frustrations and internal divisions over what caused them. Biden's win, though substantial in both the popular vote and the Electoral College, did not translate to commensurate success for the Democrats in Congress or elsewhere.

In fact, while the Democratic Party may yet achieve control of the Senate if it can win two runoff elections in Georgia come January, it lost significant ground in the House and in the state legislatures that will draw the new voting-district maps for the next decade.

What stung the most for Democrats was the failure to meet expectations created by polling that suggested a blue tsunami and a new progressive era in American politics driven in part by changing demographics. That they fell so far short of this must temper their sense of joy at recapturing the White House.

Enduring dreams of dominanceFor generations, both parties have dreamed of emerging as the dominant power in our national life. Sometimes they think they are just about to live the dream. Then the voters wake them up.Democrats sometimes long for the mid-1960s, when President Lyndon B. Johnson had huge majorities in Congress and passed the Voting Rights Act, Medicare and other parts of what was to be the"Great Society." But that brief era ended with the elections of 1966 and 1968 and an era of conservative pushback.

Republicans have been talking since the 1980s about realignment, and they have taken over in most of the South and much of the Midwest. The Republican Party has also greatly improved its appeal to working-class white voters across the map. The years of Barack Obama's presidency helped the GOP consolidate power in much of the country. In fact, when Donald Trump took the oath of office in 2017, Republicans held more levers of power in Washington and in more states than they had in a century.

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Last time too Dems failed to grasp exactly how racist and sexist Americans are, this time was no different. donald is a ‘complication’ of a 400 yo disease that US willfully ignored , don’t expect this to end well Citizens suffer. Because the Dems were too cowardly to run on MedicareForAll and GND and looked like Republican light and voters said I’ll just go with Republican. Except the ones who WON because they showed they were different by NOT being Republican light. And they’re not learning from it.🙈

Republicans proved they can win without toxic Trump, yet they are ready to die on Trump hill. Perhaps we should grant their wish. Not even a blue fart. Lol! Also, don’t coronate Biden just yet. KVPR DefundNPR Both parties should stop even thinking about celebration. Get to work fixing this mess! EVERYONE IS MISERABLE

Trump never lost That's the problem he is currently fighting the systemic dominion voting fraud going on. You should report on that This story is much less important than the COUP that T***p is attempting. That's what you should be emphasizing. Tribalism 101. I will relish the day when you have to retract all your fake news saying that Biden has won. Keep trying to push your dumb narrative for now.

There was a blue tsunami. It was the only reason Biden overcame all of the gerrymandering and voter suppression. We have until December 14th like every election. We vote for the electoral delegation, the delegation can then vote for or against trump. They don't have to follow the popular vote. If there is credibility to the fraud claims constitutionally speaking trump can win.

People didn’t vote for Democrats, they voted against Trump. If anything, it’s proof that most people are centrist. The Democratic Party has gone way too far left. And while Trump has done great things for this country, one man against the globalist agenda will be a losing battle. Plus, we all know his personality didn’t help sometimes

I'll celebrate when Fox is off the air, or when the US passes a law making it illegal to use subliminal persuasion It means both parties need to figure out how to pull their heads out of their asses and work together to heal this country from this Jerry Springer shit show we’ve all been subjected to. No it didn’t. I celebrated all the down ballot wins

The Dems are going to be really upset when the cheating and fraud are exposed and the election goes to Trump. 🗞Extra! Extra! Everything Fucked!🗞 Red Tsunami The most important thing in this election was getting the madman, Russian asset, wanna be dictator out of the White House. Period. And we did it.

Is it possible we could try to work together Nah, Trump will be gone. We’re celebrating. this isnt difficult. trump was voted out b/c barely more than ½ of voters took issue w/ criminality; biden reaped a windfall b/c he was, for his *entire*, career undeserving of that office. y'all can criticize presidents who aren't as bad as trump w/o endorsing trump, y'know.

PenitusVox And no media dares to question how Democrats lost so much down the ballot while Biden overwhelmingly got the most votes in american history. Really makes you think ... Biden lost unfortunately. npr is a liberal echo chamber. Bird food for people who take themselves too seriously If Dems win the 2 Senate seats in Georgia I will pop the champagne.

We are celebrating 16 new GOP women in the House and at least 13 flipped. And oh....yeah...take a look at how many Federal and Appellant Judges are now in for life (plus 3 Justices). 💥💥💥💥💥 Sorry, but we already celebrated on Nov 7. Did you not see all the celebrating? And we’ll celebrate again on Jan 20.

This proving neither party as a clue of how to win an election or what people really want...sad If there is any auditing of the votes to do it should be in Kentucky, the Carolinas and Maine. That McConnell, Tillis, Graham and Collins held onto their seats is very suspicious. God forbid the discussion focuses on the top ten issues we all agree on.

Democrats have at least accepted the facts, where Republicans are still screaming fraud. In a negotiation, if both parties leave a little disappointed, its a perfect negotiation. As it should be. Trump has not lost to anyone here is why the media is lying 306 EV and the largest popular vote in history unseating an incumbent IS a tsunami. Had the votes come in all at once the media would be calling it such.

You really think the Uniparty is not celebrating the election? Progressives were defeated all across the country, the bribed Congress stays pretty much as it was with more Rep flavor, once again “the Reps wouldn’t let us do the right thing” as an excuse, and rich get richer. Fortunately, contrary to your claim, President Trump has yet to lose. While, as Chuck Todd explained, it looks likely that Biden will be inaugurated in January unless Trump is successful in his legal challenges. Please stop spreading fake news about the election.

realDonaldTrump is inconsolable after the overwhelming defeat at the polls. Whoever sees his countenance today is pitiable, a feature far removed from the arrogance and arrogance of yesteryear. But fortunately, his tyranny days are over. t's over, accept your defeat . American’s Need To Wake-Up... If You Study Their Agenda’s - You Would ‘NEVER’, Vote Red. .

Is there any other news now? Time to move past this National public radio should not be surprised when Republicans oppose budgets. This is the sadness of it all. There are so many reasons to celebrate but realDonaldTrump will not allow for any JOY.