Here's why the media isn't reporting on the Hunter Biden emails

Here's what happened when @NBCNews tried to report on the alleged Hunter Biden emails.

10/31/2020 1:15:00 AM

Here's what happened when NBCNews tried to report on the alleged Hunter Biden emails.

Analysis: Trump complains the media isn't reporting on Hunter Biden's emails. But NBC News met obstacles, including Rudy Giuliani, when it tried.

Paul Morigi / Getty fileOct. 30, 2020, 9:44 PM UTCByandTom WinterThe complaints from President Donald Trump and his allies have been growing louder as the election approaches: Why isn’t the mainstream media covering the Hunter Biden laptop story?Trump and his allies say there is evidence of corruption in emails and documents allegedly found on a laptop belonging to Democrat Joe Biden’s son. They say those and other documents show that Hunter Biden used his father’s influence to enrich himself through business deals in Ukraine and China, and that his father not only facilitated that, but may have benefited financially.

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But the Wall Street Journal and Fox News — among the only news organizations that have been given access to key documents — found that the emails and other records don’t make that case. Leaving aside the many questions about their provenance, the materials offered no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in his son’s dealings in China, let alone profited from them, both news organizations concluded.

As to Ukraine, a single email published by the New York Post suggests Joe Biden may have had a meeting with a representative of a Ukrainian company that employed his son. Trump and his allies alleged that means Joe Biden has lied when he said he never discussed his son’s business roles. The Biden campaign denies the meeting happened.

The lack of major new revelations is perhaps the biggest reason the story has not gotten traction, but not the only one. Among others: Most mainstream news organizations, including NBC News, have not been granted access to the documents. NBC News asked by email, text, phone call and certified mail, and was ultimately denied.

Oct. 19, 202003:02And, although no evidence has emerged that they are the product of Russian disinformation, as some experts initially suggested, many questions remain about how the materials got into the hands of President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who has met with Russian agents in his effort to dig dirt on the Bidens. U.S. intelligence agencies

that Giuliani has been in contact with alleged Russian intelligence agents. The FBI has been looking into whether the Russians played any role, and no official has ruled that out.At the same time,dozens of former intelligence officialshave said the story has the hallmarks of a Russian intelligence operation. After the election interference of 2016, the news media is especially wary of doing anything to further an effort by a foreign government to intervene in a presidential campaign.

Another factor tamping down coverage of the story is that there isn’t much new in what the laptop documents appear to reveal. The allegation that Hunter Biden has traded on his family name has been thoroughly explored in previous news stories,including a lengthy New Yorker

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To whom does Donald Trump owe 421 millions LoyAnnAz NBC is like a whiney little sister who lost a game of checkers. your job is to clean up the trail. it's a shame to see a completely corrupt one to be the president of dementia association Right,... so rudy paid a Russian agent for fake evidence... smells like treason to me. Dig hard CIA. Soon certain people will loose their status.

I'm so tired of realDonaldTrump projecting his lies and crimes on others GOPComplicitTraitors hypocrisy DictatorTrump FascistTrump AmericaDecides who stays in office, who represents us and it isn't TrumpCrimeFamily LockThemAllUp Because you are covering for him... Can you say election tampering? Who's going to jail for that?

Trump ist nicht mein Freund, aber diese Briefwahl, Stimmen Umkehr stinkt gen Himmel. Frankreich hat schon lange die Briefwahl verboten. Die Verteilerstellen der Briefwahl Dokumente werden doch von den Parteimitgliedern verwaltet, das sagt doch schon alles aus‼️ There are Ukraine reports! Of Biden Sr bartering a $1B dollar US Deal while Biden was VP AND Tony Bobulincki you know is not lying

This isn’t a thing anymore. You're right, Giuliani was your greatest obstacle to reporting a real story Get out of here with this clickbait. CallTheElection Pesados Ran with Russian collusion for years and won't investigate something that might have physical proof. They think Biden is gonna be POTUS so they need to continue trying to cover for his crimes.

Because they're trying to protect their candidate Cause it’s all bullshit. Oh you’ll’s just not time yet. Harris47 until the face of disgusting has Ask Trump why send his grandchildren learn Chinese and why he and his daughter did business with china? BmoreProgressiv They don’t have shite! TrumpIsLosing

Rudy and the rest of the bunch think they’re smarter than everyone - such cunning and brilliant masterminds - that their manufactured evidence should automatically be accepted and reported on by the media. Now, they’ll do the same with voter fraud “evidence” - just wait. Stop reporting nonsense This click bait headline is beneath you. Please omit article. You literally published an article that you could not write an actual article.

I don't know why keeps bringing in Hunter Biden (even foxnews should have already forgotten about him). You didn't do the story for a good reason, and every sane person knows what that is. No need to keep trying to justify your actions. Pro Biden PR campaign continues, totally ignoring their corrupt and documented dealings with numerous foreign adversaries. Do better, NBC. You are complicit.

Not having access to documents didn’t stop you from running stories about Trump winning thanks to Russia. Wow, Trump supporting executives are STILL trying to give this story legs. Who...... fucking cares STOP! We know Take this story and shove it. Is it Qnbc now? CallTheElection As you report on the Hunter Biden story (AKA: Russian propaganda).

Let’s investigate Trump instead. For instance his General Business Credit breakdown. What happened is you chose not to report it to protect Joe Biden and the Democratic Party just like every other news outlet. What a concept. did u just urself Thanks for the censorship nbc. You guys disabled my chatting which therefore violates my freedom of speech!!!

Because it’s bullshit goodbye. Oh fvck you. This is total click bait BS. SHAME ON YOU NBC I proclaim that God’s choice will be Pres of the USA! I proclaim that President Donald Trump is God’s choice and he will have a 2nd term.I proclaim the TRUTH will come out even if it takes the Supreme Court! Lord your word is TRUTH and WE agree with the TRUTH! In JESUS name Amen!

When Trump wins the election n he will, Joe will fall straight to a dark cell for his attempt to do election fraud plus those emails. Nobody forgot em This evil guy's hands are full of blood of chinese little girls, so corrupted,.so evil, and corrupted media covered it up We get it, Jews. You had an election to rig.

What would you do if it's one of Trump family? Corrupted dems cheat obviously, American fellows take u weapons to fight for u vote rights Tony Bobulinski. newscorp is done blowing the Hunter dog whistle. It’s election fraud now. The sheeple will literally believe anything and everything if you told them it “makes libs cry”.

Can you check some photos on the G website and tell your readers all of photos are fake! Do you have courage to say it?! shame of NBC It was all bs you dont say. You mean kind of like what Trump is doing now saying there voter fraud? narking nukes big mistake kills presidents its nixon sdi war of the world stolen,... narking nukes everywhere a there there cia 1201 and 1202 nazi gun club since wrong army joke got crazy dangerous

BuT HiS EMaiLz!! 🤣🤣🤣 did it get screened from the american public like everything else you guys do? What else will you hide from us? Cool. Who cares. That shit is over. The story is pure Russian disinformation. Rudy got it from his buddy Andrii Derkach How about - we decided not to broadcast or print anymore lies and conspiracy theories. What a concept!

Would you stop talking about this? You are not a trusted news source. I think you can omit this story from your rotation. CallTheRace 😭😭😭 Biden staffers are jumping off the train before it arrives at the station! The fbi has an investigation of Biden money laundering and has said the laptop is genuine. 🤔 Biden has not denied the laptop or emails. 🤔

How about just asking Joe Biden a hard question? How about covering TonyBobulinsky half as much as you cover anonymous sources spinning salacious stories? FakeNews ...... this are Facts!!! I’ll care about Hunter’s emails when Hunter runs for President. As today’s SUPER SPREADER EVENT BEGINS to find victims, Don elected to take Regeneron as a treatment for COVID19 KNOWING that this drug was developed by the use of an ABORTED BABY! TODAY 236,101 Moms, Dads & Kids have DIED from his CONTINUING DECISION NOT TO SLOW THE DEATHS!

No one I know believes NBC in this story or most stories you lie about. People found out from other sources what happened. That’s why NBC is a failed network, no one goes to them for anything of any importance because it’s a lie!! Good Morning Mr. President Today’s US COVID19 Deaths is 236,101 You can ignore the DAILY Moms, Dads & Kids Body Counts caused by YOUR INCOMPETENCE in directing the world’s most powerful Government’s Crisis Response! Sadly they are gone & can no longer speak out... However WE CAN

Thank you 🙏 for the media for not falling for Trump’s traps manipulation. Thank you for restraining yourself. Thank you for protecting our democracy Don’t believe any more. Just because the laptop was dropped off at the computer shop by Hunter, just because the emails aren’t forgeries or the FBI stated the Russians weren’t involved, or certain facts are verifiable, doesn’t mean this is real!

Seriously, the more you whine, the less I listen... They are not reporting the story because they side with Putin who said there was nothing to see. CompoundBoss Does NBC really believe this lame article covers their asses? It’s pathetic and so is NBC Ok how many times will this story be tested? Let’s talk about a Trump’s impeachment and why his actions were problematic. The only reason Trump couldn’t be indicted was his presidential position. He was guilty and should have been forced to resign. Then arrested for his treason.

😱🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Needs to be a “REAL STORY” first! Hasn’t passed THAT test yet Remember the last time. The whole Clinton thing was made up in a bar! And the “Lock her Up!. Well who go locked up....Everyone involved with the Trump Campaign!!! Time to Lock Up The Chief? Meanwhile in PA. had no problem reporting on unsubstantiated rumors of the Russian collusion hoax for 4 years.

📢During the CCP virus epidemic: 'wearing a mask'and'frequent hand washing'are very effective protective measures. When going out, keep a certain distance, choose to wear a smooth coat and disinfect, outdoor shoes and door handle disinfection. 🌞May people be safe and healthy! 🙏 No case = no news Biden mean more taxes no second amendment Biden mean China will own United States!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody trusts your organization. FakeNews Can you tell us more about the 2nd laptop? Why this wasn't in the February article? You’re reporting on it by talking about idiots Welcome in 'Trumps world': USA 320 million people with over 225.000 corona deaths. Germany 83 million people with over 10.000 corona deaths. Thanks God, that this man isn't chancellor in Germany!!! Believe in God, but don't trust Trump!!!

Because their fake. How many times are you retweeting this? They wouldn't share? Is that really you excuse. NBC is worthless The NBC coverup continues!!! Yeah you tried really hard to suppress the story not verify many another media sources around the globe have picked up on it What is this Tom_Winter ....

...yo...this is the 8th time I have seen this article reposted by nbc or msnbc. factsnotfeelings Everyone's emails should be public because you never know if your neighbor is a commie spai. After nearly 40 years in law enforcement I can tell you the evidence is overwhelming that BIDEN is in bed with China! There was also collaborative efforts to buy in to a RUSSIAN oil company. This was a green new deal but the green was millions of dollars to influence US POLICY

They haven’t reported on it because they’re not journalists. They’re agenda pushers for the Dems. Thinking Twitter Has Been Breached On This Tweet 🤔. ‘HACKED’ Stop posting this bullshit! Mecca owns Biden Glenn Greenwald knows why you not reporting Wow this is a whole lotta fake news. There's evidence to back up the laptop. There's evidence that links Joe Biden to illegal business deals with foreign countries. There's evidence of massive corruption. But you already know this. Joe is compromised. You have zero credibility.

True story Biden is corrupt 47 yrs. and making money...end of discussion. An honest headline would be “Nobody is paying attention to the Hunter Biden emails because it’s total bullshit.” FBI says authentic DNI says authentic Current FBI investigation Pics, Text, emails, Hunters signature Secret service detail aligns with emails Meta Data confirmed We know why U didn’t report, conflict of interest w/ UR candidate

realDonaldTrump You campaign to smear Hunter JoeBiden is baseless. The story is as imaginary as the Trump Health Care Plan. Malpractice I suggest folks got to the nypost or to DailyMail if you want real story You weren’t granted access because nothing about this “story” exists. Pathetic. Omg. Media all across Europe are even reporting on it. WEAK EXCUSE lol

Even Fox is done with this.... It also turns out the info was written by a company trying disseminate false information, written by a man who doesn’t exist. And given to a blind computer repairman. But I suppose you didn’t find any of that fishy It doesn’t matter- no one cares. You are so far behind. MSM is dead. We have all found alternative media & know far more than your lame headline! Sad!

Joe Biden should not come anywhere near the presidency! He is corrupt and everyone knows it! Here is some more proof. What honest politician would say this? Is that four times today? Continued Misinformation from NBC News, once a stalwart of journalism. Lol! Fake News! Who f*ing cares? BidenHarrisLandslide2020

$10/hr NBC staffers, during your $100k+ education, did they not teach you idiots that humans believe what they want to believe? The foundation of daily human thought. In your column, should be a mention of that? Instead, you all have compromised your integrity or your parents $$$ But they were more than happy to report on Kavanaugh, oh sorry smear Kavanaugh.

Yawnnnnn! Zzzzz . Oldnews Moveon The mainstream media has been corrupted! A biggest criminal groups in the world 🗺 they were cover up the COVID19 truth! A very very bigggg deep dark secrets is hidden behind it. Why? Non-story. This is so phony an elementary school student would laugh at it! well that doesn't fair well

Here's what's happening. Straight from HunterBiden's mouth. 😂🤣❄️ Ok, NBC, how many YEARS did you report RUSSIAN COLUSION, based on FAKE documents & LIES Even after being PROVEN FALSE by multiple investigations, you STILL refer to it sometimes!! There is CONCRETE PROOF of the Biden’s corruption and WITNESSES that YOU’VE HEARD!! DO YOUR JOB!

Derfhunter Mob I like how you make it so simple, point us to other newsies, and skip a bunch of stuff. Anything and everything that has come out of the Trump circle has been proven false. He sank $ into a false story by Tara Reede to revive old accusations, and now can't even create a lie that holds any traction. The stench of DESPERATION is strong.

Because NBC is not news, just propaganda supporting your corruptcandidateJoebiden. NBC will never have credibility again after the past 4 years... Trying to convince people who believe the fanciful conspiracy theories of Q, with fact based investigative journalism is a hard nut to crack. Can we get to the bottom of this shit!

But when aligations were made on Trump you were all over it before you had any proof! And there wasn't any proof! So why haven't you sent reporters out to investigate? This is obviously a fake story. You have got to be kidding? Really? It was important for reputable news outlets to have reported that the contents could not be verified, were part of a broader disinformation campaign and that more recently appear to actually be have been produced by a fake intelligence company and person who doesn't exist

What remains after all these failures is a clear effort by Trump and his allies to obtain Russian and Chinese help for his reelection It turned out that there were absolutely no evidence of either the “report” or “Martin Aspen” any time before the NBC article—even the “Intelligence Quarterly” website return 404 when attempt to retrieve the page. This is a planted Strawman.'re partisan hacks and you would do ANYTHING to protect Biden. Good report. Because they’re corrupt shills for the left. I figured out how to make a warp engine for space travel, for space force! I was taken from a Nazi genetic engineering lab in Europe and taken to Pittsburgh in 1996. I was kept in isolation, and fed things they wanted me to figure out for 24 years.

Ok we get it already. Instead why don’t you talk about ivanka and her corruption? Trump and Turkey Pls vote for Biden! Biden will make my China great again!! Keep voting, blue wave losers!! '[T]he FBI had opened a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates last year focused on allegations of money-laundering — and that the probe remains active. NBC News has not confirmed any such investigation.' Why not? This is your job.

NBC is doing shitty things to cover Biden's family crime. We Chinese have been known Biden's bribe since 2013..😂 Americans like idiots believe Biden is clean.. Laugh loudly!! The Burisma deal, the Patrick Ho-James / Hunter Biden bribery case, the scandalous Ccp energy companies including CEFC, the Confucius institutes infiltration, Ccp’s thousand talents scheme etc all flourished during the Ob-B era n were exposed by T adm!

You're not reporting the story because you want Biden to win. NBC is as corrupt as Biden is. I don't know which to be afraid of more. fraud Journalism is dead. Have you tried “journalism”? You know...where you ask the candidate basic questions regarding the claims/evidence and then follow up with your own research?

genilin2850 Many Countries are watching. Everyone understands a Country being bamboozled once. If Trump wins the world will know who the USA has become. It will not be favorable, our eyes will never see you the same. Except they've been verified and corroborated yet you biased democrats with press passes still ignore them.

No one claimed Joe had an official role, therefore any subsequent conclusion would be based on a false premise. Moreover you don't need the source material to investigate and corroborate, that is a weak excuse. The people demand better than this from the media. MSM on Biden... Because he's a private citizen who isn't running for office.

This is a bunch of malarkey!!! We know WHO the liar is !!! I call bullshit!!! Keep looking at the emails when his business partners have rolled on him. Nbc is lost af. This is REALLY unbelievable!! Now NBC is LYING to COVER UP their LYING!! There is NO truth in this report whatsoever‼️‼️ Imagine if you had the same standards when reporting on Russiagate nonsense. There's no evidence Joe Biden made any money from Hunter's crap, but think how you'd report it if Trump Jr. & Putin had an email exchange about meeting to influence the election.

Censorship the answer is censorship. Objective reporting is dead. 'Journalists' are all Grifter Hacks. All your 'news' organizations are owned by billionaires. STFU forever, thanks and Good Night. You ran pathetic articles about Trump that were a fraction of the Hunter laptop importance. You ran a whole campaign about collusion with little to no evidence. Save your excuses. I'd like to say you're not fooling anyone but I've read some of the comments. Educate yourselves.

Buried in this story, btw, is NBC reporting that a second Biden laptop was turned over to the FBI. But you DNC trolls only read headlines Trump is hiding behind the White House Not only emails! It will be emails; records; bank accounts; IRS; Bankruptcies; Fraud; Dirty Deals, Sexual Harassments, ... all be revealed Trump fears facing justice for all his crimes; that’s why he said “I’m working my ass off”.

So between hookers, Rudy Giuliani happened to stumble into a repair shop and the owner gave Hunter Biden’s laptop to Giuliani Are you freakin serious? That’s the dumbest story yet, Rudy is so dumb he son it’s filmed his own session with a hooker, but he was tucking his shirt Excuses for getting scooped. They now know there is much more to come and it's all true, so trying to explain away why they weren't on top of the story. Obvious

This shit is sad.. Jesus Christ WHO CARES? Rudy Giuliani: All the facts are in the laptop! Why isn't MSM reporting it? MSM: Can we investigate the laptop? Rudy Giuliani: No! Take my word for it. Did you talk to TonyBobulinski Stop the BiasedMedia StopTheHate we are definitely voting for realDonaldTrump & Republicans! Not the corrupt lying hateful AntifaTerrorists Democrats trying to destroy our country! veteransforTrump VetsForTrump WomenForTrump America

NBCNews Who else have an account on “PORNHUB” aside from H. 61d3n? Did you post ur pictures and movies? NBCNews Disgusting Media, yes, it’s one of you, CNBC. NBCNews The videos and emails remove all doubt NBCNews The 'mainstream' media also don't report policemen being shot at by the rioters and looting by the left supporters. Plain fact no need to investigate. Who could believe you?

NBCNews This is exactly what you can't trust one word of Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham. NBCNews Right but a fake dossier paid 4 by Clinton was the predicate for a Fisa warrant that lead to wire tapping a presidential candidate, a 3 yr sham investigation & an impeachment despite a 100pg report written by a Trump hating deep state FBI agent which found 0 evidence of collusion

NBCNews It's. A. Fucking. Lie. Report the news! NBCNews lol. So it’s Giulianis fault. Gotcha NBCNews Here’s why: 1) total BS and more importantly 2) New details of the Justice Department’s handling of the accusations against Halkbank reveal how Turkey’s leader pressured the president. Understand THAT. Know THAT.

NBCNews Given how hard you’ve tried to cover it up, it makes me more likely to think there’s something big lurking. Why not come clean if there’s nothing? Have an investigation. NBCNews Media is covering the golden senior n family NBCNews I don’t believe anything nbc says NBCNews It doesn't exist It's Russian disinformation It's Russian misinformation It can't be verified It was verified but not by the person who didn't want to hurr durr nothing to see here

NBCNews NBCNews Burisma job, China loans, affair with brothers widow, $129k Porsche, Arkansas love child, drug addict, dishonorable discharge from the, Russian intelligence has been busy. NBCNews NBCNews The Fake News Media just doesn’t get it !! NBCNews So how about just trying to ask Biden about it himself? Ever think of that?

NBCNews It’s fake news. Prove it. And explain why Rudy Giuliani is under fbi investigation for it! NBCNews You NBC fuckers love to sew a yarn, don't you? NBCNews If u claim this isn't new & has been investigated by the New Yorker who said “..hard to avoid the conclusion that Hunter’s foreign employers and partners were seeking to leverage Hunter’s relationship with Joe..” then how come you didn't report based on the old findings at least.

NBCNews CNBC is evil NBCNews The main medias like cnbc etc. no point to exist, they literally became public enemies. NBCNews They’re FAKE NBCNews Pls don’t Gaslight us! CNBC you’re better than this and NBC, this is typical... NBCNews Lmao NBCNews The story came from Guilliani and Fox can’t verify it. Good enough for me. Republicans have already investigated it.

NBCNews Oh my. LOL. The sad thing is. You know that so many NBC and CNBC readers are just sheep 🐑 . Blindly believing this trash. NBCNews Yeah it doesn’t justify completely shutting down the story on Twitter and Facebook NBCNews But you have a witness that is saying different. Fox has rolled over for MSM

NBCNews For those that thought was not fake news, read on and you will see🤣 Landslide2020Trump 🇺🇸 NBCNews Lol. Okay, commies. NBCNews BS CNBC still covering fur Biden I See. Please look up journalism in the dictionary. NBCNews This is literally fake news at its finest NBCNews Fck CNBC NBCNews Joe Biden is a national embarrassment President Trump did more for Americans in 47 months than Joe Biden did in 47 years EXCEPT Joe Biden made himself & Biden's family members MULTI MILLIONAIRES off of US Taxpayers

NBCNews Go go, cover up the truths. Lamestream Media and Big Tech are doing a good job. NBCNews Weird article, weird times we are in - it’s just that simple lol NBCNews Wow what a bunch of BS. Do your investigative work ! Interview people, find out and report weather is convenient for Biden or not. Btw you are late. Very late.

NBCNews FAKE NEWS! NBCNews NBCNews How much money did Biden and his son take from Ukraine, Russia and China? This is not a problem of corruption anymore! How many things they have done to sell out America's national interest! The left wing media is still blocking articles and users! Is this still America?

NBCNews NBCNews Another garbage post by CNBC. NBCNews NBCNews This is seriously sickening. NBC is so in the Tank for the left it has lost any credibility it may have had. NBC, MSNBC are a joke. I hope nobody is stupid enough to fall for this bullshit story - there are documents, pictures, credible witnesses - you should be ashamed

NBCNews what is the logic NBCNews LOL few days late ?! NBCNews CNBC = NBC = Fakenews NBCNews NBCNews So Joe Biden was doing illegally stuff since Obama and the Republicans who hated Obama let it slide until now Nice. NBCNews NBCNews Who cares about any of this? NBCNews Smoke NBCNews If NBC wanted to run the story, they could have got the evidence to get to the story. This story is a garbage excuse for their partisan pro Biden reporting. The whole NBC story comes down to a competitor news network wouldn’t give us their research, so we couldn’t run the story.

NBCNews Oh well if the Bidens say nothing happened, no need to investigate..sheesh NBCNews BS NBCNews All of you are blind NBCNews these bias media already lost their credit to be trustable press. NBCNews 'The materials offered no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in his son's dealings in China, let alone profited from them...The lack of major new revelations is perhaps the biggest reason the story has not gotten traction, but not the only one.' TrumpIsAnIdiot OneTrickPony

NBCNews Obviously you are covering up the corruption scandal of Biden family without serious investigations and jumped to a conclusion “nothing happened”. But the world knows what happens and we will keep digging. When media is not doing their jobs, we will do it for them. NBCNews Everyone does realize that the media’s approval rating is less than a typical politicians, right? How pathetic NBCNews Your approval is worse than the ones that you are supposed to be investigating.

NBCNews And there we go NBCNews NBCNews Because it’s corrupt NBCNews Fake news, you’ve successfully fooled the public for very long, but no more, you’re only fooling yourself! The only truth will come out very soon! All of you will be brought to justice just like the criminal Biden family, because all the truth is in the hard drive from hell!

NBCNews Needless to say... HUNTER IS NOT JOE...! NBCNews NBCNews What a screwed corrupted guy..! NBCNews I'm a little worried about the editor of this article, whether he is blind or out of his mind NBCNews Oh I thought it was because NBCNews was bought off by china NBCNews who wrote the piece possible in one of Hunter's party !

NBCNews NBCNews The author of this piece is a CIA lap dog. He has absolute zero credibility. Do not take him serious at all. NBCNews They have kept Hunter Biden off the campaign trail as a surrogate. NBCNews BS NBCNews Does Hunter have trunalimunumaprzure? NBCNews Puuuuuhhhleeez NBCNews Gtfoh. NBCNews Besides it being total Trump Bullshit they got from the Russians who hand delivered the stolen Laptop to Ghouliani on his European Road Trip.

NBCNews Debunked NBCNews Shane on you for not reporting it NBCNews Another spin on the MSM cover up. NBCNews I call BS NBCNews Because of: corruption. Nbc goes on a rant focusing all except the content of the mails. Again no evidence of Russia, yet it's discussed during 4 paragraphs. Read ggreenwald censored article from the Intercept.

NBCNews CNBC really likes SleepyJoeBiden - just endorse him officially NBCNews NBC is a joke NBCNews Why? Because the media is in the tank for DementiaJoe and the left. Can’t have a story late screw their socialist candidate. You've been outed. NBCNews Started to read 'But the Wall Street Journal and Fox News found that the emails and other records don’t make that case' stop reading. Both have come out and said that is not true. BretBaier shut down a Biden Surrogate just yesterday So is deliberately spreading fake news

NBCNews No one cares. Fool me twice, right? NBCNews Thank you for the explanation NBCNews Cowards NBCNews I read the article. It reads like a big “Nothing to see behind this curtain. Keep walking.” Wow Fake News . What about the whistle blower that came out? So stop trying to spin the story when you have a actual whistle blower with three cell phones full of texts to interview.

NBCNews NBCNews is f...cking great news network. NBCNews Because they are true and hurt biden. There now you can skip the article NBCNews You didn’t NBCNews What a fucking joke nbc is NBCNews Did you just attempt to make yourselves look like the victim? You should hire Jussie Smollett. I hear he’s looking for work.

NBCNews NBCNews Ha!! NOTHING cause NBC ignored them NBCNews For Fk sake we don’t fking care!! NBCNews ExpressFridayVigil Do not Love the World, but Love THE LORD with all you heart, soul and mind. ap npr msnbc foxnews realDonaldTrump GOPLeader GOP NBCnews: 'FBI has been looking into whether Russians played any role, & no official has ruled that out.' FACT CHECK: FBI & Justice Depart concur w/ DNI Ratcliffe that H Biden laptop is NOT part of Russian disinformation.

Good distraction from the actual and real corruption issues relating to the Bidens. If this was true, Rudy would've given everyone copies of everything. This is bs. So when Rudy gets dirt on the Burdens it’s disinformation but when Hillaryous Clingon pays Chris Steele to make up bull💩on Trump then nbc and the other fake news spends 3 phukin YEARS on it? You phukt yourself nbc.

If Giuliani won’t give the media the documents he claims he has, then how do you expect the media to report on them? Republicans are dumb! NBC SUCKS Thank you to the reputable news outlets who recognized this as a garbage story engineered by the Republicans. Here is video evidence & HEAVY media coverage including CBS News of Joe Biden committing PLAGIARISM & lying about his Academic Achievements. This was ALL over the news back in the Day so I don't understand why his latest scandal's are being covered up?

I reported them for misleading and confusing the people with misinformation but they said they would look it to it maybe later and I should just block Nbc. So world news started retweeting it right away. The story was legitimate enough for you to publish a misleading misinformation propaganda piece regarding a 'viral' dossier that no one had ever heard of. The desperation to put Biden in the White House has you completely compromised.

'alleged'? wut? You guys covered up the Jeffrey Epstein story for YEARS....but I believe you now. you have NOT tried to get the FACTS. the DOJ & FBI verified the laptop & emails ARE Hunter Bidens. And just yesterday, the FBI & DOJ announced that Hunter Biden & his business associates are under an ACTIVE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION for selling access to then-VP Joe Biden.

AVD911 There is more to this story but it seems we shall only find out after the election. Maybe this is what the Republicans will also use to do a revenge impeachment on Biden if he wins. It’s all crap What is it with MAGA people and fucking emails? Yawn.....we don't CARE about anyone's stupid emails. PLEEZE! How many people DIED today on YOUR watch?

The docs are lost in the mail or tucker carlson ate them, either way no story. FireTrump VoteBidenHarris 🤔 Ya think maybe the whole story is made up Bullshi-? Already a good portion has turned out to be manufactured and touted by Breitbart group. Conspiracy theories need to be removed from News media until credible evidence (not just someone claiming something). Its all about dirty tricks.

Maybe you could interview TonyBubolinski That’s bullshit ... I am tired of Hunter so I voted for his dad BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica We get it, you only report stories that hurt the side you dislike and benefit the side you like. Hunter et al under investigation by the fbi, emails have been confirmed as real, and Joe is possibly implicated and y'all are mum. You aren't journalists, you're propagandists.

Def not voting for Hunter It’s almost like this was a fabricated bullshit attempt to create another “Hillary Emails” moment for Trump. Peddle i your BS somewhere else. But you reported the Russian collusion story that wasn’t verified. You know who the owner of the laptop repair shop is. Did you try to contact him and interview him? Nope. you know the FBI has the laptop. Did you try to get statements from them? Nope.

Tony bobulinski much? NBCNightlyNews pussy, giving up so easily on this one..huh Yet they reported on the fake Steele dossier for how many months? Because you are frauds. Got it NBC You're the reason that FakeNews has become part of the vernacular. Because the pictures and videos on the laptop are definitely Hunter! And emails are corroborated. mediamalpractice mediahaszerocredibility

But there just HAS to be evidence. We've put so many man hours on social media trying to convince everybody that this was a smoking gun 🤣 NBCNightlyNews They like the idea of being able to claim censorship and not have to actually produce anything. That narrative they think is just as helpful as if there were any damning info.

'Hallmarks of Russian disinformation' is not a credible reason to forgo journalism and not take a look into the details. BidenCrimeFamiIy I won’t even lower myself to open your stuff NBC here’s WHY your news organization is one sided Almost Communist LEFT! Mainstream Media BULLYS NO reason this story is ONLY covered NY Post & Fox News! You are ALL one sided probably getting paid off not to report it!

Yeah. Yikes, yes the FBI did rule out Russia. The biggest story here is the whistleblower who has emails, texts, documents, and meetings along with giving devices and testimony to the FBI. I guess actually providing evidence and corroboration makes him less credible than Blasey-Ford. Nothing burger! VoteBiden

“The Wall Street Journal and Fox News — among the only news organizations that have been given access to key documents - found that the emails and other records don’t make that case. The materials offered no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in his son’s dealings in China!” [snicker] Hunter Biden. Fortunate Son. Cause Celebre. [cue Creedence!]

Why don't you leave the ex drug addict alone. No one's perfect and neither are you. OMG Good grief... Hunter is not on the ticket. No one cares. Why don’t you look into Ivanka and Jared security clearances! merelyawoman Stop it, just stop. But what about “Russiagate”? That wasn’t real but you hyped it for years at the taxpayers expense. This looks far more believable to a lot of people. If Joe made his multimillions fro podcasts, speeches and books, show us the figures

Tucker Carlson's claim of missing Hunter Biden documents sparks flurry of jokes at Fox News hostCarlson didn't say which mail carrier had allegedly lost the 'damning' documents about Hunter Biden. The joke is on anyone who isn't listening to TuckerCarlson ROFL ... What a Doofus Meanwhile, 8 million people watch him at one time...

Tucker Carlson Suddenly Says It’s Time to Leave Hunter Biden AloneFox News host Tucker Carlson, who has obsessively covered Hunter Biden’s emails since the story exploded in conservative media earlier this month, suddenly said on Thursday night that he didn’t want to be involved with “piling on” Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son.In recent weeks, following He said to leave him alone about his personal life. Drugs, depression, etc. But his corrupt business dealing are still on the they should be since the FBI is literally investigating him. FAKE NEWS HEADLINE But nevertheless the boss is still happy with it Ha ha.

Tucker Carlson Claims He's Going To Leave 'Fallen Man' Hunter Biden Alone NowDespite weeks of a smear campaign, the Fox News host suddenly insisted he wouldn't kick Joe Biden's son while he was down. No one is waiting for your brilliance ExpressFridayVigil In Hell, you will Remember the wonderful opportunities of repenting that you squandered while on the Earth. We dont be;ieve TuckerCarlson We are staying on message until the end Lets talk about Trump children ethics shall we?

Ted Cruz: Trump's Hunter Biden attacks won't win him votesRepublican senator Ted Cruz says Biden's best moment in the final presidential debate was when he said voters don't want to see candidates attacking each other's families. Mike Murphy and James Carville react. Yeah! The corruption of the next president of the USA doesn’t concern American people! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 So true, That's all doctor trump realdonaldtrump knows how to do is attack family members but never his own stupid family before you know doctor trump realdonaldtrump will be putting Bidens parents and it's going to hurt doctor trump realdonaldtrump Scared

'Damning' Hunter Biden documents mysteriously vanish in transit to Los Angeles, Tucker saysA shipment of 'damning' documents linked to Hunter Biden and his father mysteriously disappeared in transit to Los Angeles, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed on his show Wednesday night. Another scandal from the left, there are too many people that could get hold on these documents and just destroy them, shouldn’t make a VIP Hunter Biden express courier from now on guarded by the national security! Hunterbidenlaptop bidendocumentvanish Why weren't these, uh, 'damning' documents turned over to the authorities for investigation? Probably should have done that first. I would hope they have the originals stored somewhere.

How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy delugeA 64-page document asserting an elaborate conspiracy theory involving Joe Biden's son and business in China, that was later disseminated by close associates of President Trump, appears to be the work of a fake 'intelligence firm.' (1/8) NBCNewsThreads The document, which went viral on the right-wing internet a month before the purported leak of files from Hunter Biden's laptop, was said to be authored by Swiss security analyst Martin Aspen — who doesn't exist, according to an analysis by disinformation researchers. (2/8) It has Now been proven that the Hunter Biden laptop filled with documents was all a FAKE! Trump's supporters have spent weeks upset because the news media wouldn't report it. We now have information straight from the guys who Created this Scam. Only Republicans were Scammed. 😃 This reporting is so incomplete. This is about something else that was debunked a month ago. The headline made it seem like this was new news. What is going on?