Here's why major cities may still be worth their high cost of living

Are major cities worth their high cost of living? Watch the video to learn more.

Economy, Coronavirus: Return To Work

5/25/2022 5:49:00 AM

Are major cities worth their high cost of living? Watch the video to learn more.

Cities' longstanding and dominant business advantages have waned in the pandemic but not disappeared amid wide adoption of remote work.

Cities provide important social and business connections which can increase your productivity, economists say.Two years after the pandemic began, renters have returned but many commuters haven't as companies negotiate the particulars of a return to the office.

Many renters believe that a cost-of-living crisis is brewing in America's major cities.. The average rent for 1-bedroom apartments in Manhattan rose to $3,995 a month in May 2022 — a 41% increase from one year ago, according to Zumper.Sudden, double-digit rent spikes are hitting other hubs, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas.

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