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Here's What's Really Going on Between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

6/17/2021 1:23:00 AM

Here's What's Really Going on Between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott back together? The two looked cozy at their first red carpet event since they split over a year ago. Two sources have weighed in on their pair's relationship status.

The insider continued, "Travis is enamored by Kylie and would do anything for her and Stormi. He really wanted her back and has been trying for weeks now. Kylie loves seeing Travis as a dad and is grateful they can make it work for Stormi. They have a great thing going right now and are really happy. They have truly always loved each other but needed a break during a busy time in their lives to figure it all out."

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While Tuesday marked the first time Kylie and Travis have been spotted at a red carpet event, the two have often spent time together since their 2019 split as they co-parent Stormi. Most recently, they traveled with their daughter to the rapper's hometown of Houston, where the

adults enjoyed some time on their own on a playground, as seen in a video Kylie shared on Instagram in late May. Read more: E! News »

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Don’t they have an open relationship? Didn’t she agree to an open relationship so she wouldn’t look stupid when he sleeps with other girls? love them so much💘💘

Kylie Jenner stuns in green as she supports Travis Scott at Parsons BenefitKylie Jenner and daughter Stormi supported Travis Scott as he was honoured at the 72nd Parsons Benefit and the rapper announced his love for the pair in his speech Michael Scott Travis Scott Hope she doesn't fall for that 'wifey' nonsense. Yeeer

So Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Back Together, or What?Looks like we have yet another couple to add to the ever-growing list of Celebrity Exes Getting Back Together 💜🦋💜🦋💜🦋

Travis Scott Back to Calling Kylie Jenner 'Wifey,' Stormi Shines at GalaKylie Jenner and Travis Scott had one helluva family date night in NYC.

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Travis Scott Gets Cozy With Kylie Jenner on Red Carpet, Reportedly Calls Her 'Wifey' in SpeechTravis Scott received the Parsons Benefit award on Tuesday night (June 15), but Kylie Jenner reportedly received a lot of 'love' from him during his speech. I ship ❤🌍 I don't like them If only boys could pull off a FAKEABABY fake dna test prank to keep her, LOL!

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Reunited for the Sake of FashionTuesday night stood out in Scott and Jenner’s four-year-long history as their first red carpet together since their 2019 breakup.