Here’s What Russia Did in Ukraine While You Were All Squabbling Over Biden’s ‘Attack’ on Putin

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'But don’t let the wall-to-wall coverage of Biden’s “rhetorical escalation” distract you from the very literal, bloody escalations by Putin’s shock troops,' writes a_caseyquinn

about a “fifth column” supposedly working towards regime change in Russia.

as he said the northern city had been taken over by Russian troops. He said the decision to surrender was made to save civilian lives—and pleaded with relatives to come identify the bodies. The story of survivors in Mariupol forced to bury their loved ones—or even complete strangers—in hastily dug graves in courtyards of apartment buildings.

“Unfortunately, not many people want to hear about ripped off legs, fecal matter in buckets, and dead children with ashes instead of lungs,”It’s hard to look directly at what is happening in Ukraine for too long, and on some level people are probably getting tired hearing about all the dead children.


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Words have meaning... I disliked Trump's assault on thoughtful, conscientious, diplomatic, and meaningful words from our POTUS... Don't dismiss Biden's because his policy aligns with yours. They are not just squabbles, those words uttered have very real world implications.

Europe, WhiteAmerica, Australia and NewZealand are WhiteChristian Subjects of the KingdomOfGod banning any diversity, war, tax, usury, inflation, speculation, public debt, fiat money, parliament, prison or lawyer RussiaUkraineWar Zelensky JoeBiden BorisJohnson Putin

Thermite is a terrible incendiary weapon, but isn't poisonous like phosphorus.

kelly2277 So sad

Seemingly thermite, not phosphorous. 🤔

Debating Biden's words is such a waste of time. He spoke the truth. Does anyone really believe having Putin in power is a good thing? (Other than the Donald of course)

We are not 'the greatest generation' 💔🇺🇦💔

Both things can be true at the same time! 1. The US has no plan for regime change in Russia AND 2. Everyone agrees Putin cannot remain in power The Russian people THEMSELVES will dispose of Putin when they've had enough of his lies, theft & war! Ukraine Zelenskyy Biden

Lie!! Russia reported it and showed multiple videos of Ukraine using that. Russia does not have or need to use those bombs, but Ukraine is running out of any kind of supply and use those to blame on Russia out of desperation. There are thousands of witnesses, Lie not gonna fly!!

“Unfortunately, not many people want to hear about ripped off legs, fecal matter in buckets, and dead children with ashes instead of lungs”

a_caseyquinn Bombed by Putin as of 3/23 (at minimum): 💥330 schools 💥23 hospitals/healthcare structures 💥27 cultural buildings 💥98 commercial buildings 💥900 houses/apartment buildings UkraineUnderSiege StandWithUkraine ht/ nytimes

a_caseyquinn 'The bodies of the children all lie here, dumped into this narrow trench hastily dug into the frozen earth of Mariupol to the constant drumbeat of shelling.' When we all said NeverAgain, did we mean it? Or not? StandWithUkraine ChildrenOfUkraine

a_caseyquinn You do realize YOU specifically will die in a nuclear war right? The cia agents peddling nuclear escalation will not survive in their little bunkers. Is shilling for Biden worth your pitiful little salary and career if you're increasing the probability you burn alive from nukes?

a_caseyquinn Great piece. Are regular citizens supposed to be ok with this guy staying power? Do we need our president to say nice things? To sound fearfull or appeasing? Didn’t The man say what we all know is true?

a_caseyquinn American media is so shallow!

a_caseyquinn So well said! Great article!

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