Here’s what Olympian Katie Ledecky eats before and after competition

The Olympian practices her eating routine, just like she swims laps.

8/1/2021 6:41:00 AM

Here’s what Olympian Katie Ledecky eats before and after competition

The Olympian practices her eating routine, just like she swims laps.

While the, Ledecky keeps a regimented routine when it comes to eating.During NBC's Tuesday evening broadcast of, Michele Tafoya said that she talked with United States Olympic Committee (USOC) senior sport dietician Alicia Glass, who revealed Ledecky's diet.

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The Olympian's last meal comes four hours before a swim."This morning it was oatmeal, made with extra milk, peanut butter and fruit for protein, carbs and antioxidants," Tafoya reported."She can snack on things like energy bars before the race, and she generally has a sports drink in her hand until she leaves the ready room."

After the race, Ledecky"downs at least one twelve ounce bottle of low fat chocolate milk on the way to the warm down pool", where a protein bar and a banana are waiting. Read more: »

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Katie Ledecky wins women's 800 meter freestyleAmerican Katie Ledecky has won her third Olympics gold medal in a row in the women's 800 meter freestyle in her final race of the Tokyo Games. merican was so much better Investing today will save you the stress of financial crisis tomorrow.. Live the kind of life you want today by investing and trading Bitcoin option. Trade with a professional trader and start making good profits today. shantelll_142 for transparency and trust.

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