Here's how effective vaccine incentives like free beer really are

Health experts told @ABC News that such incentives rarely make a large, lasting impact on healthy behaviors or public health initiatives.

5/14/2021 9:56:00 AM

Health experts told ABC News that such incentives rarely make a large, lasting impact on healthy behaviors or public health initiatives.

While free beer, baseball tickets and other incentives may help states increase vaccination rates, health experts say they won't produce a jump in numbers.

Steven Ryan/Getty ImagesA sign offers fans free tickets to a future game if they receive a Covid-19 vaccine offered at the stadium prior to the game on May 9, 2021 in the Bronx borough of New York City.Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine made a major announcement on Wednesday, offering $1 million a week to the vaccinated winner of a raffle. Starting May 26, five Ohio adult residents will win $1 million if they enter the competition and show they received at least one dose. The lottery is funded by federal coronavirus relief funds, according to the governor.

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"I know that some may say, 'DeWine, you’re crazy! This million-dollar drawing idea of yours is a waste of money.' But truly, the real waste at this point in the pandemic -- when the vaccine is readily available to anyone who wants it -- is a life lost to COVID-19," DeWine

tweeted.After New Jersey started its"Shot and a Beer" promotion, people began lining up outside the Bolero Snort Brewery for their free pints, proudly waving their vaccination cards."It's a way for breweries to give back and do what we can to help spread the word that vaccines are available and safe, and the sooner we get shots into everyone's arms, the quicker we get everything back to normal," Scott Wells, the director of sales at Bolero Snort Brewery, told ABC News.

MORE: New Jersey offers free beer to residents who get vaccinated in MayBut the early enthusiasm hasn’t led to a tremendous increase in vaccination numbers, according to health data.Since Connecticut announced its beer promotion, the seven-day average of new vaccine doses administered went from above 40,000 on April 26 to roughly 33,000 on May 11, according to state health data.

West Virginia's seven-day average has remained level at around 5,000 shots a day, since the state announced its savings bond promotion on April 28, according to the state's public health data.New Jersey's seven-day average of new daily shots rose slightly from about 66,000 on May 4 to about 75,000 shots a day a week later, the state health data showed. But in New York state, the seven-day average dipped from 170,000 to 156,000 during the same time, according to health data.

Those new dose averages were a far cry from the states' peaks in April: 266,000 in New York, 239,000 in New Jersey, 112,000 in Connecticut and 15,000 in West Virginia.Dr. Kevin Schulman, a professor of medicine and economics at Stanford University's School of Medicine and Graduate School of Business, told ABC News the country is at the point where it needs to address and target the Americans who are most reluctant to get the vaccine.

SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, FILEA student receives the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on the campus of the University of Charleston in Charleston, W.Va., April 8, 2021.Schulman said states haven't committed enough time and research to make an effective marketing campaign directed at those individuals.

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"Financial incentives are fine as a component of a marketing strategy, but they are just a component," he said.MORE: From incentives to easy access, experts discuss defeating vaccine hesitancySchulman co-authored a study in the New England Journal of Medicine in January that looked at the best ways to promote the COVID-19 vaccination among the populace. One of the recommendations in the paper was to create motivations based on"fear of missing out," such as family get-togethers or movies in person.

Health departments now have the data for which groups of Americans are most on the fence about the vaccine, Schulman said, and it's generally more politically conservative-leaning Americans and younger Americans."We need things that are specifically focused on those segments of the population," he said.

Schulman said that states need to focus on a comprehensive marketing plan to get their vaccination numbers up.While he acknowledged that the state and federal leaders don't have the luxury of time to develop a strategy like other businesses do, Schulman said the leaders must divert as many resources as they can to the messaging efforts.

"We have the most important product of our lifetime and done very little research on how to market it across segments," he said. Read more: ABC News »

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EXPLAINER: Ohio offers $1M weekly prize as vaccine incentiveCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has made many newsworthy statements in his long political career, but perhaps none has generated such an immediate and intense response as announcing a weekly $1 million prize and full-ride college scholarships to entice more Ohioans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Genius incentive plan! Sounds good to me. Maybe I should go to Ohio and get revaccinated?

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