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Here’s how big tech companies are celebrating Juneteenth, the new national holiday

Here's how big tech companies are celebrating new national holiday, Juneteenth

6/18/2021 9:09:00 PM

Here's how big tech companies are celebrating new national holiday, Juneteenth

Tech companies say they've planned observance programs amid the newly official federal holiday Juneteenth.

said its workers can use one of their paid "Personal Choice Days" if they want to celebrate the holiday. Employees can also participate in "a day of discussions" with known activists and public figures, including Henry Louis Gates and Tina Knowles-Lawson "who will share perspectives on the history and significance of Juneteenth."

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"A lot of meetings have been canceled so folks can go to that," a Facebook spokesperson added.Applesaid it recognizes Juneteenth as a company holiday in the U.S. and gives employees the day off to observe on Friday, June 18. Apple Retail and AppleCare will remain open to support customers. The company said employees can participate in weeklong events that are "designed to educate, build community, and celebrate."

Black storytelling and educationCompanies will also provide educational material on racial injustice to employees."Our approach is not to offer a vacation day; but instead use this day to create time and space for employees to better understand critical topics related to race, ethnicity and racial injustice," said

Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Microsoft's chief diversity officer. "Recognizing this day with intention allows us to stay connected to the many challenges unresolved, violence unaddressed, and inequities unchanged for the Black and African American community worldwide."

Microsoftdid not specify what learning programs will be offered.Google said it's going to host a two-hour event "spotlighting Black music history and storytelling" including a conversation and performance by Erykah Badu.Amazon's programming includes educational panels regarding the origins and importance of Juneteenth, remarks from Black history experts, and a performance and Q&A with African American New York dance studio the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Facebook said it will feature aby businesswoman (and mother to Beyonce) Tina Knowles-Lawson and a "Lift Black Voices Hub" that includes a curated mix of fundraisers, educational resources and "content that showcases how communities are reimagining Black freedom on Facebook platforms every day."

Amazon will sponsor an inaugural celebration called. Its bookstore will highlight a selection of books that show the history of Juneteenth in a feature called "Celebrate Juneteenth." It also said Prime Video has a curated selection of movies and series to acknowledge and honor Juneteenth.

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No day off = They don't really care 😂

Biden to sign Juneteenth bill, creating first new federal holiday in decadesJuneteenth National Independence Day will become the 12th legal public holiday, and the first new one since Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1983. Is it a paid holiday? I've never heard of such a holiday as Juneteenth in all my life Reparation

Biden signs Juneteenth bill, creating new federal holiday commemorating end of slavery in U.S.Juneteenth National Independence Day is the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1983. What a fucking joke Lol! He probably doesn’t even know what he is signing! Never under agent orange

Trevor Noah reacts to Juneteenth becoming a national holiday'Symbols are a big part of America, and they can have real-world effects.'

House sends Juneteenth bill to Biden’s deskThe House voted 415-14 Wednesday to make Juneteenth, or June 19th, the 12th federal holiday.

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'Grandmother of Juneteenth' celebrates federal holiday -- but there is more work to do. Here's how you can helpBefore Juneteenth became an official federal holiday, 94-year-old Opal Lee was on a mission. 'I'm not just going to sit and rock, you know?' the determined 'Grandmother of Juneteenth' said. 'The Lord is going to have to catch me.' Trump and racism.. This is CNN she looks great for 94 wow Freedom of Texas slavery was June 19, 1865, it’s a Texas State holiday, slavery was still legal and practiced in Delaware and Kentucky until December 6, 1865. Indian Territories that had sided with the Confederacy, namely the Choctaw, were the last to release the slaves, in 1866