Helen Mirren, Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth Ii

Helen Mirren, Meghan Markle

Helen Mirren, Who Won an Oscar for Playing Queen Elizabeth II, Says Meghan Markle Was a ‘Fantastic Addition to the Royal Family’

Helen Mirren, Who Won an Oscar for Playing Queen Elizabeth II, Says Meghan Markle Was a ‘Fantastic Addition to the Royal Family’


Helen Mirren , Who Won an Oscar for Playing Queen Elizabeth II, Says Meghan Markle Was a ‘Fantastic Addition to the Royal Family’

Helen Mirren , who won an Oscar for her performance as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in “The Queen,” says Meghan Markle was “a fantastic addition to the royal family,” and she “applauds” …

Mirren, who is the subject of an homage at the Berlin Film Festival this week and will receive the festival’s Honorary Golden Bear for Lifetime Achievement on Thursday, says of the couple’s decision to withdraw from the royal family: “I think their instincts are absolutely right, and I applaud them for it. Hugely actually. Of course, it is complicated.”

was a fantastic addition to the royal family – charming, did everything right, was gracious, was sweet natured, and seemed to be … Wow! What a lovely addition. Didn’t seem to be neurotic…Mirren describes Margaret Thatcher as her “greatest female role model,” adding “not because I believed in her politics – I absolutely did not. I don’t think she was a great person as a person.” But she says a little girl who saw Margaret Thatcher on television would say “Mummy who’s that?” and the mother would reply, “That is the Prime Minister of England.” “Then that 4-year-old’s head goes: ‘Women can be Prime Minister of England.’ That wasn’t the case when I was 4 years old,” Mirren says.

Mirren has been an avid watcher of European films since her student days, but hasn’t appeared in as many European films as she would have liked to.“One or two of them will get nominated for best foreign film in the Oscars, but behind that film are many, many brilliant movies, about such an extraordinary array of subjects, and approached in such original, inspiring ways.

“It wasn’t until I saw European films that I realized that film could be a whole different thing. That it could be as expressive and as culturally important as theater was to my mind, and that revelation happened to me through seeing Antonioni’s ‘L’Avventura’ in a very seedy cinema in Brighton – a XXX type of cinema – and it was an incredible revelation for me. And thereon any European film that was showing anywhere I would go off to see,” she says.

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How much was Helen Mirren paid to say this? Is Helen happy to pay for Meghans security invoice? Megxit MeghanAndHarry HelenMirren Maybe she might have been if she had stayed. We’ll probably never know now. I wouldn’t know Helen I offered Meg a brewski and she totally shot me down, but...and I’m just spitballing a guess here, Miss Markle would have made a “Fantastic addition” to my family as well.

Women uplifting women and acknowledging a couple standing up to bullying and smears. Thank you Helen Mirren for this public support for Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry.👍🙏Sussexstrong Who cares!! Yeah right. Like a sabre. The family that she had him leave, that is! Sarcasm Was she attached to a lie detector when she said that? It would have exploded if so.

Nobody cares about Hollywood opinions. Meghan Markle is an awful woman. women supporting women. we love to see it

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The Queen is pictured leaving Windsor Castle as she returns to LondonThe Queen was pictured being driven from Windsor Castle on Monday. God Bless , Her Majesty 👑 🙏 - in new era of - 'Disrespectful' , daughter-in-law , MM complainer , remoaner , 'Being picked on' - is to - ' Turn the tables ' and - turn , ' Ban Royal ' - something that is DECIDED - ' On its head ' - ... NOT ... ! What that Meghan woman is putting the Queen through is unheard of ... ! 🏛 👑

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