Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Tom Morello

Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder

Hear Tom Morello, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder Cover AC/DC Classic

Fiery rendition of “Highway to Hell” features on Morello’s pandemic-recorded LP The Atlas Underground Fire, out October 15th

8/5/2021 6:32:00 AM

Tom Morello recruits Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder for a cover of AC/DC’s 'Highway to Hell,' from new LP 'The Atlas Underground Fire.'

Fiery rendition of “Highway to Hell” features on Morello’s pandemic-recorded LP The Atlas Underground Fire, out October 15th

The Atlas Underground Fire, out October 15th, features a guest list that includes Chris Stapleton, Damian Marley, Bring Me the Horizon, Phantogram, Mike Posner, and more. Recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, Morello first laid down the tracks in his Los Angeles home studio before sending the riffs off to his collaborators around the globe.

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“During lockdown, I had no access to an engineer so I had to record all of the guitar parts on the voice memo of my phone. This seemed like an outrageous idea but it led to a freedom in creativity in that I could not overthink any of the guitar parts and just had to trust my instincts,” Morello said of the LP. “This record was a life raft in a difficult time that allowed me to find new ways of creating new global artistic connections that helped transform a time of fear and anxiety into one of musical expression and rocking jams.”

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Awesome blistering version of this classic, with a couple crazy powerhouse vocals and some insanely tasty shredding . Looking forward to the full drop This takes the live E street ver to a totally different level Thankee kind artist How to kill one of rock’s greatest songs. To call it the worst cover song ever done falls short. Hard to Handle covered by Black Crows or American Woman by Lenny Kravitz are examples of superb cover songs. But this! Oh my God 🤮

I have no objection to cover songs when they're done well but this is just awful. The original is like a tidal wave of energy. This has the energy of a Casio keyboard. Why do it? 🤢🤮 THAT ZAKKCERVINI MIX GOT DAMN tmorello Tom, is the collab Alex Lifeson just mentioned doing with you not a part of this? Got something else up your sleeve? NICE! Cannot wait for this!

tmorello Yuck. Another case where equal parts are greater than the sum of the parts. The drums are weak How did Bruce beat the rap? I'm interested...

Tom Morello’s New Album Features Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder on Fiery AC/DC CoverIn 2020 and then again this year, Tom Morello was supposed to be on tour with his bandmates in Rage Against The Machine for the first time in nine years. But when the pandemic forced the postponeme…

Pretty damn ordinary. Stick to your day jobs fellas. Cmon u old corporate rock fucks. Get ZDLR and make me drum my fucking steering wheel until it breaks. This kumbaya shit ain’t the answer. Might as well do Enya acoustic 😒 Pretty weak his feature song is a cover. I totally want to listen to this! Paved with good intentions

tmorello did not appear on 1995’s The Ghost of Tom Joad why?

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