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Hiss Golden Messenger

Hear Hiss Golden Messenger’s Uber-Personal ‘Happy Birthday, Baby’

Latest release off the band’s upcoming album ‘Terms of Surrender’ finds singer M.C. Taylor reflecting on regret


Hear Hiss Golden Messenger ’s uber-personal new song “Happy Birthday, Baby,” written for singer M.C. Taylor’s daughter

Latest release off the band’s upcoming album ‘Terms of Surrender’ finds singer M.C. Taylor reflecting on regret

The group’s leader and creative mastermind M.C. Taylor wrote the track, which features a nursery rhyme-like counting chorus, for his daughter’s fifth birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Baby” also serves as a confessional, with Taylor transforming the sweet song for his daughter into a somber occasion to reflect on his own feelings of guilt and regret. “When you think of me,” he sings to his child, “think of me better than I think of myself.”

Read more: Rolling Stone

So touching. 😌 MC Taylor doesn't write anything less than sublimely beautiful music 😊

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