Harshmallow: Virus prompts pause for Peeps holiday treats

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Peeps treats are going on hiatus for several months — another consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

. PennLive.com reports, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020, that Just Born Quality Confections says it won’t be producing the popular sweets for Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day as the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based company prepares for next Easter.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Production of the holiday-shaped candies was suspended in the spring as the coronavirus spread across the state. Limited production resumed in mid-May with protocols in place to protect employees, Just Born said.


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JustBornInc huge mistake not making Halloween and Christmas peeps.

Need catharsis and have a gas stove? Roast a peep like a regular marshmallow. You get a swollen, misshapen brown chick of light melted marshmallow in a crunchy candy shell. 🐥

thought these were Easter 'treats'

This is a blessing. Truly a ray of light. Make it permanent.

Finally, some good news

PaulRieckhoff angryamericans If your not agree now...

bhag99 How long before tRUMP declares that the Liberals are beginning a “War on Easter” by abolishing peeps?


I'm okay with that.

Love me some Peeps!

They should go away forever. Really sugary, bad stuff.

some good news for a change

Aw shucks.

At least some good came of it.

Hehehahahaha. That photo. That peep looks like it’s super sceptical about what someone just told it.

Good all the artificial dyes they use are made out of petroleum it is poison.

People seem to love or hate them, no in between! I hated them when i was a kid but i like them now. And candy corn..another love hate no in between candy lol

Social distancing means I can't spend time with my peeps.

Harshmallow indeed.

Noooooo my faves

Oh nooo, next your going to tell me candy corn won’t be available this year.

Keep the Peeps where they belong. Easter🐰

I hope they completely forget how to make circus peanuts too🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮

Best thing in the world for roasting on a campfire. Like a creme brulee outside with an airy marshmallow-like (but better now) inside.


Now they’ve gone too far

This is not nearly a long enough hiatus

That's it. This year officially blows.

Slow news day?

They make peeps in September

Oh no, not Peeps!

Besides, we need the plastic to make gloves.

We’ve been waiting, wondering what will turn this election. What is the one catastrophic event that will tilt this election one way or the other. Well this is it for me. Enough is enough. No more. Bring back the peeps. Make Peeps great again!


While youre at it can you please make them gelatin free? JustBornInc


2020 please spare the peeps!!!!!! 😭😫

Now these I will miss😪

Good. Those are disgusting.

These are one of the most gross candies ever 🤢

It’s ok with me if they go on hiatus forever

Finally some good news.


2020 may not be so bad after all.

Fake news again. This is Easter stuff


Oh what a shame. Never ate those monstrosities anyway.

Nooooo!!! I love Peeps!!! * not an actual video of me eating Peeps.

You say it like it’s a bad thing 🤢

The Left are promoting and defending child pornography being displayed like any acceptable content. They really want to normalize it.

Consequence? Sounds like we finally get one blessing from this pandemic

Won't miss them 🤮

Peeps are nasty tho lol I can’t imagine who could be mad at this 😂

also it's not easter

i would die for peeps! Peeps workers should be willing to die for the cause. Man up peeps!

This is a bummer!!

NOT THE PEEPS. Also, I love how ABC kept a file of a peep chick looking angry


Not a big loss

The only good thing has happened thus far this year


100% sugar can weaken your immune system.


That's bullshit

Good, they suck

A Peeps Marshmallow Smore. Gotta try it at least once.

kanaganaISaTerroist RT if you agree She is spreading hate in our nation. Kanagana and arnab are involved in Roiting. She wants the money of Maharashtra. Please share. Group of greedy people who want to suck blood of poor. GOD GRANT THEM HELL.

THX for the inedible marshmallow update.

2020 looking up

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And Because 2020 Can't Help Itself, Now We Won't Have Halloween and Christmas PeepsBut Easter Peeps are still on track for spring 2021. That makes me sad. Lol 😭😭😭😭😭
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