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Hans Zimmer on ‘Dune’ Score’s Electronic Textures and Made-Up Choral Language … and His Head Start on Part 2

For composer Hans Zimmer, scoring “Dune” was a dream come true. He read Frank Herbert’s massive sci-fi novel when he was 18 and has revisited it often, imagining the sounds of the…

10/23/2021 5:30:00 AM

Nothing in the 11-time Oscar nominee Hans Zimmer’s 37-year, 140-film career sounds like Dune . Eerie, ominous and dramatic, it is a unique mix of choral, world-music, rock and electronic sounds created by friends and colleagues on three continents.

For composer Hans Zimmer, scoring “ Dune ” was a dream come true. He read Frank Herbert’s massive sci-fi novel when he was 18 and has revisited it often, imagining the sounds of the…

” was a dream come true. He read Frank Herbert’s massive sci-fi novel when he was 18 and has revisited it often, imagining the sounds of the desert planet Arrakis, the sandworms and the invaluable spice that makes interstellar travel possible.“The first person I talked to was Hans,” director

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Denis Villeneuvereports. The two were finishing work on 2017’s “Blade Runner 2049” at the time, and the composer became “obsessed with the idea of trying to create music from another world, from another time.”Nothing in the 11-time Oscar nominee’s 37-year, 140-film career sounds like “Dune.” Eerie, ominous and dramatic, it is a unique mix of choral, world-music, rock and electronic sounds created by friends and colleagues on three continents.

“It sounds great until you realize you’re the one who has to deal with all the different time zones,” quips the composer.Villeneuve wanted the score “to be a spiritual one,” and at the same time “be as feminine as possible,” reflecting the influence of the Bene Gesserit, the powerful sisterhood represented by Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), whose son Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) may be the long-awaited messiah for the Fremen, the mysterious natives of Arrakis and caretakers of the spice. headtopics.com

Zimmer spent over a year experimenting with women’s voices, ultimately settling on New York-based Loire Cotler and his “Gladiator” co-writer Lisa Gerrard in Australia as his primary soloists, along with an L.A.-based quartet led by his “Lion King” collaborator Edie Lehmann Boddicker.

“One of the major themes of the book was the power of women,” Zimmer says. “We were dealing with a culture that was extraterrestrial. I felt that the only thing that should be pure — and even that shouldn’t be quite pure — was the voice. I was trying to do the inner voices of the characters, without using words.”

Chants, whispers and screams all figure in the score, although just what they are singing is its own mystery. “It is a made-up language, but it feels very legitimate,” says Zimmer.Zimmer drew inspiration from more than just the book. “I actually went into the desert,” he says. “There was a moment when I disappeared into Monument Valley and the desert in Utah and Arizona to check the veracity of my ideas. How does the wind howl through the rocks? How does the sand grit in your teeth? It’s just vastness and endlessness.”

Unlike most Zimmer scores, “there is no orchestra anywhere,” he insists. Even something that sounds like brass could be an electric guitar or electric cello, manipulated electronically. Unusual woodwinds like the Armenian duduk or Scottish bagpipes occasionally peek through, but many sounds are from specially commissioned instruments and new synthesizer modules. headtopics.com

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The composer was unable to specify themes or sounds for characters or locales. “As I worked, it became more and more abstract,” he says. “I never saw it as scenes. I saw everything as a totality. It’s an electronic score, not an orchestral one, but in a peculiar way it’s one of the more organic scores I’ve done.”

While there are already three albums of music from “Dune” (the original soundtrack, a collection of “sketches” that served as the foundation of the score, and one to accompany a book of “Dune” art), still more remains unheard. He wrote a series of songs based on the lyrics in Herbert’s original novel, all sung by Josh Brolin (Gurney Halleck in the film), that were discarded along the way.

Villeneuve admits that he “didn’t hear from Hans for a long time. He took a long time to experiment.” Then, during editing, “we started receiving tons of music for weeks. It was like a big creative rush. It became a storm. When the movie was totally finished, Hans was still sending me music.”

When the director told him the project was over, Zimmer replied, “I know! But there will be a second part! You need music for the second part! Listen to this!” Read more: Variety »

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That was one of the worst scores out there Just saw it on IMAX and loved the visuals, pacing and characters were muted and the music was distracting. Not a good score to listen without images. To me, a good score is something you can just listen. i thought it sounded like hardcore electro ambient Are you joking? Bwoaaah. Drums. Bwoawwh.

The man is the 🐐 I really loved the soundtrack. My favorite part of the the movie tbh. heyitssyd28 immediately thought of you! Yah. Shame the film was dramatically constipated. Sure it does. For exmple, his work on the Blade Runner sequel. In fact, I was struck by the similarity at points. Great work though. Deserving of the praise.

'Dune: Part One' ending explained: Where could a sequel go from here?The new film “ Dune ” ends on a cliffhanger. With the second half of Frank Herbert’s classic story still to tell — not to mention all its sequels and prequels — where will the “ Dune ” universe go from here? 😐 Crazy thought, follow the story in the books?

Hans zimmer made the score?- everything makes sense Is that why it all sounds exactly like the typical grim dark score? Thisismesuri😍 🔥 Hr should have one about 5 more times since 1994. I still don't get how Interstellar didn't got him the Oscar. That one is unforgettable masterpiece of a score 💫 I found that the most interesting and wild parts of the score felt like somewhat a mix between Akira’s and Nier Automata’s score. If you haven’t listened to those in the past, take a look!

Cannot hers voices, music too loud, characters voices overpowered, if I wanted to hear just the music I would buy the CD It shook me. It’s a whole new film language. Dune had loud noise, not the typical Zimmer music. Weird take. It sounded like every other big budget movie to me. The soundtrack was pretty over used, and at times exacerbated the pretentiousness.

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Rubbish score. Paul Simon does this it’s “music theft” Zimmer does it it’s “culture inspiring craft” I hate music media Zimmer’s Dune soundtrack was a guaranteed headache. I disagree. Listen to Zimmer’s Gladiator soundtrack. The Dune soundtrack is recycled but louder. Nothing? Soooooo y'all seriously haven't seen Gladiator?

Whatever, if you watched BSG, you’d hear the same kind of music used. I liked the score but don’t go there when it’s already been tried. TOTO. The BEST. BEST........................ He even made bagpipes acceptable. Interstellar is the only thing of his I go back to. That church organ ❤️ If only he put as much effort in the No Time To Die Score, it was painfully bland for Hans imo.

What Do You Need to Know About Dune Before You Watch Dune?It’s about dunes. Unbelievable that the second half of the film hasn’t been green-lighted yet. So at best we will wait 3-5 years for the rest of the tale. Joy.

The Last Duel will win multi awards. Overrated , nothing good in this score at all Too bad it sucked. The movie too. Can't wait for Hans Zimmer to finally enter the 'Club Bangers' phase of his career Hans is one of the best to ever do it & he was a major contributor to this film. Have a good feeling his 12th nomination is on the way

Epic movie epic sound track. Lynch's dune will always be my favorite. So much more lore from the book. I agree! An absolute masterpiece! Guys Blade Runner 2049 exists and is far superior The soundtrack was the best part of the film.

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