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Hailey Bieber Takes Her Sleek Updo From Day to Night—And Gives a Lesson in Signature Styling

Hailey Bieber's sleek hairstyle is perfect for your day-to-night summer activities

6/10/2021 5:24:00 AM

Hailey Bieber 's sleek hairstyle is perfect for your day-to-night summer activities

Hailey Bieber stepped out for two L.A. occasions yesterday in coordinated beauty looks.

.Now that social lives are once again on the collective radar, the chance may come to co-opt a daytime beauty look for an evening event. If you find this prospect daunting, a quick look at Hailey Bieber's quick change, executed yesterday, is sure to calm your nerves while offering a jumping-off point for forthcoming multi-moment occasions.

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For an afternoon errand in Los Angeles, Bieber bound her blonde into a twisted topknot, the slick updo playing well with a demure set of thick gold hoops. Hours later, for a party in Hollywood, the model maintained her sleek vibe with a few noteworthy shifts. First, the earlier knot was traded for a midi tie-back, that equally polished style supplemented by a duet of strands let loose to frame her face. In keeping with the nighttime ramp-up, Bieber's gilded hoops grew in size, teaming with a sheer wash of pink eyeshadow, smoked liner, and a glossy, peachy-nude lip to radiant effect.

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