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Gymnastics-German team wears full-body suit at Tokyo qualifications

Gymnastics-German team wears full-body suit at Tokyo qualifications

7/25/2021 3:50:00 PM

Gym nastics-German team wears full-body suit at Tokyo qualifications

The German women's gymnastics team wore full-body suits in qualifications at the Tokyo Oly mpics on Sunday after saying their fashion choice went against the sexualisation of their sport and showed that women could wear what they choose.

They wore similar outfits during training on Thursday and said they could chose to wear them again in competition.The Germans wore the full-body suits at the European championships in April in a move that was broadly praised by other female gymnasts.For women, the standard competition outfit is a leotard, with long, half-length sleeved and sleeveless garments allowed.

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Outfits covering legs are authorised in international competitions but to date they have been worn almost exclusively for religious reasons.Reporting by Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber, editing by Pritha SarkarOur Standards:More from ReutersSign up for our newsletter

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These same women crying about uniforms be the same ones looking at male swimmers Wait... it's not just all about the medals? This is the same countries that allowed firing women from their job because they wore a headscarf Kudos to the team. I really liked frances body suit. Like i would wear a skirt over but i loved. Germans looked freaking amazing though. Good cut and shape.

hailey_beaupre ❤️❤️💪💪 Can’t wait to see the Nutcracker ballet performed in 1890 swim gear! I didn’t realise there were so many perverts out there glaring at athletes inappropriately. Seriously, need to look close at people making these decisions. Has anyone asked athletes what they prefer? The hypocrisy is real on this one, so women can wear whatever they want? Just as long as they are not Muslim women?

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Good choice Well done Who cares Throw hair coloring, hair dyeing and the factor of natural mixed haired, we are not shure how many true brown haired people's are still in germany. IMO, wearing a full-body uniform changes nothing. If someone’s gonna lust after them..they will. Is this uniform “in better taste”? Perhaps. Are they still incredibly talented and graceful? Yep! But will it keep a perv from being a perv? Probably not.

Right On ✊ Let focus on sports only .

How To Watch US Women's Gymnastics Compete In The 2021 Tokyo OlympicsHere's how to watch the US Women's Gym nastic Team compete in Tokyo.

It is really weird that a man try to relief his sexual intensity by watching Olympic games. Apparently men should choose some better way to deal with their “hypoxia except private part' problem. Totally support it. I always thought about it is it really necessary to always wear sparkly clothing, that too just girls. Why can’t there be uniformity?

It's about time. Bravo! TeejCarlson Italia8181 love this!!!! Wear what they are comfortable in, only he perverts will complain They look so professional in their new outfits! Well done GER Good idea Uniformity is now rebellious? Then why not a burka? Does the team now do a goose stepping floor routine? Can't wait to see what bosh the Reuters Twits spoon feed us next.

That's how it should be That's good if they're comfortable

The Powerful Story Behind the German Gymnastics Team’s UnitardsTheir decision to not wear traditional leotards sends a message. Good for them! Bravo! ❤️❤️❤️About time the world of women’s gymnastics cared more for their athletes.

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For 1st time, Paralympian medalists will earn as much as Olympians in Tokyo GamesParalympic athletes will now receive as much as $37,500 per medal. And, then, in the US, they will get kicked off Medicaid for having too much income. Welcome to America. You won - now you are phucked. Its about time !!! Love this on principle SO much! Meanwhile, as others have mentioned, the big question is will the increase be enough to make up for a possible reduction in disability benefits (if those apply to any of the athletes)

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