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Türkiye saves over 100 refugees after Greece pushback

Turkish coast guard has dispatched rescue teams in the Aegean after receiving alert of refugees and migrants being pushed back by Greek authorities.

11 hours ago


US position on arming Greece is 'questionable'

Washington's provision of heavy weaponry to Greece is part of a troubling pattern that clashes with Türkiye's national security, according to analysts.

10/3/2022 11:00:00 AM


Greece says it's open to talks with Turkey once provocations end

Greece says it's open to talks with Turkey once provocations end

10/2/2022 4:50:00 PM


Abandoned Mini Cooper And Yamaha Motorcycle Recovered From Underground Parking After 30 Years | Carscoops

The vehicles were abandoned on the fifth floor of a hotel's underground parking in Athens, Greece

10/1/2022 3:31:00 PM


Greece-Bulgaria pipeline starts operations to boost non-Russian gas flows

Greece-Bulgaria pipeline starts operations to boost non-Russian gas flows

10/1/2022 4:35:00 PM


Revealing the hidden lives of ancient Greek women

New research is uncovering a richer, more complex picture of women's roles as wives, priestesses, and scholars in ancient Greece

9/30/2022 5:09:00 AM


Türkiye vows to protect national interests amid provocative Greek moves

Türkiye's National Security Council urges actors encouraging Greece to arm Aegean islands with non-military status to exercise common sense.

9/28/2022 10:28:00 PM


This $7.5 Million Subterranean Villa in Greece Was Sculpted Into a Rocky Hillside

Cronos offers 3,164 square feet of living space, a curved infinity pool and an outdoor home theater.

9/28/2022 8:10:00 PM


How Greece's militarisation of Aegean islands violates international law

From the Montreux convention to Lausanne Peace Treaty, Greece is showing no regard for any international agreements, reversing all the diplomatic gains between Ankara and Athens and fanning regional tensions.

9/28/2022 4:46:00 PM


Tom Daley's Husband Says He Suffered Head Injury, Recovery Takes Him To Greece

Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley's director husband Dustin Lance Black says he suffered a significant head injury.

9/27/2022 3:10:00 AM


Türkiye protests with US, Greece over military deployment on Aegean islands

Türkiye lodges a protest with the US and Greece over unlawful deployment of armoured vehicles on Aegean islands with non-military status

9/26/2022 6:23:00 PM


Greek military buildup: Türkiye won't fail to defend itself, Erdogan vows

Türkiye's President Erdogan slams Greece over its latest 'provocations', saying his country will not fail to defend its rights and interests

9/26/2022 7:00:00 PM


Greek PM tells Turkish people 'we are not enemies'

Greek PM tells Turkish people 'we are not enemies'

Turkey is ready to do what's necessary when the time comes.
You will pay for your sins Mitso. No free lunch

9/24/2022 4:35:00 AM


How Bitcoin ATMs in Greece fare during a record-breaking tourist season

Local Bitcoin ATM operator explains that crypto won't have an impact on tourism in Greece until the adoption is more common among businesses and the government.

Aree you awaree of what is happeening on Uniswap
Not a lie at all

9/22/2022 10:42:00 AM


Love and Majesty | Vanity Fair | January 2012

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth had the rarest of unions: a royal love match. VFArchive

When did Vanity Fair become Hello Magazine?

9/22/2022 4:31:00 AM


Greece to give energy savers bigger power bill subsidies

Consumers who cut down their electricity consumpion over the winter months will be rewarded with bigger power bill subsidies, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday.

We'll be in darkness like North Korea

9/22/2022 1:20:00 AM


Türkiye rescues hundreds of refugees in Eastern Mediterranean

Authorities save 283 migrants and refugees stranded in a boat off the country's southern coast as President Erdogan berates Greece for turning Aegean Sea into a 'refugee graveyard.'

O Biden, ben Erdoğan!

9/21/2022 7:15:00 AM


Second Intermediate Period date for the Thera (Santorini) eruption and historical implications

Statisticalanalysis aims to solve Greek volcano mystery cornell PLOSONE

9/20/2022 9:52:00 PM


Why is Greece playing host to PKK terrorists?

Experts weigh in on how Greece’s Lavrion refugee camp came to be known as a breeding ground for PKK terrorists.

Lmao. Propaganda has no limits. turky&Co calling everyone a terrorist and don't even understand the difference between PKK and SDF/YPG/PYD, their 'trustworthy' ways of interrogation aka t0rture, the 'coincidences' following eachother.. What a joke 🤡🤡🤡
kmitsotakis NikosDendias they only don't host the terrorists of the pkk but also the terrorists of the dhkp-c and the terrorists of f. gülen. This kind of a hosting is also done by İran, Armenia, Russia, most of the EU countries and aspecially the US of Anarchy UN JoeBiden

9/20/2022 3:46:00 PM


'I didn't want to miss it': Royal funeral on global live TV

In movie theatres and pubs, on giant screens and smartphones, people watched and pundits droned on as Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in London flooded the airwaves live across time zones and continents.

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