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Media, Robert Unanue

Goya CEO tells Fox he won't apologize after his praise for Trump sparks boycott

In an interview with Fox News Friday, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue said he was 'not apologizing' for praising President Donald Trump at the White House.

7/10/2020 8:30:00 PM

In an interview with Fox News, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue said he was “not apologizing” for praising President Trump at the White House. He also called the boycott of his company’s products “suppression of speech.”

In an interview with Fox News Friday, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue said he was 'not apologizing' for praising President Donald Trump at the White House.

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Goya is expensive KTLA What’s the big deal now people are going to every one who to talk to or who to vote for freedom FINALLY A MAN WITH A SPINE.... GoyaFoods don't need any of you ......GO cancel YOURSELVES - especially 💩💩💩stirring It is your right to open your big mouth, it’s not your right to expect that to be free of consequence....I hope he loses everything !

And we won’t apologize for not buying anymore of you products! Goya is as Spanish as this lady is black... distribution company in nyc...bye fake sazon Goya is based in NY next door to trump!Hmmm! Actually the boycott is the epitome of free speech by Americans Brave man Dear Robert Unanue, You are a pendejo. Sincerely, A latina who will never buy another Goya product again.

Thank you CEO. Let’s support Goya Foods. garbageCNN Hispanic & Latino American population is the 2nd largest ethnic group in the US, 52 million people. You are untitled to praise this moron but we have the freedom to not buy your products! You just slapped your 52 Million consumer base in the face! BLM friends boycott GoyaFoods

GOYABOYCOTT People have been discussing 'free speech'... This is the power given to the people by the First Amendment of the Constitution! The definition of the First Amendment...Allows all freedom of speech, but never allows to attack or destroy any words and deeds in the United States! Don’t buy Goya products. Mr. Unanue has the his opinion as do I.

GoyaFoods BlackLivesOverBlackBeans NoMoreGoya We are going to buy Any who boycott this company is a jerk. Goya Foods is a American success story. 2011 President Obama honored and praise this company. 2011 President Obama honored the same person and company. BuyGoya He shouldn’t have to, pathetic that he can’t be left alone for his opinion

DemocratsFeedingonHate 🐑🐑🐑🤯🤯 CancelCulture WakeUpAmerica Nope it’s our right to support moral companies WHY DIDN'T HE PRAISE SOMEONE WORTHY. NOT A COWARD WAR DEFERMENT A 4. 5 TIME LOSER BANKRUPTCY Buy buy buy buy 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸buy GOYA No need to apologize sir . . . No need to apologize . . .

Why apologize? Regardless of of whether you like or dislike trump. He is the president. If he gets elected again, will cnn continue to bet. By cnn Actually, It’s quite the opposite of suppression of speech. It’s the next level. Action. He can praise who ever he wants and we can spend our money where ever we want. You do your thing and we will do our thing. Period!!!

fuckgoyafoods GOYABOYCOTT please do not throw away Goya products. If you want to rid your cupboards of these products is protest DONATE them to people who need to feed their families. Feed people - then tell them about the man who enforces the policies that put them in need. VoteBlue2020 No, no one is saying you can’t say what he wants to. That’s free speech. Just like consumers have the right to not buy your products if the want.

No One Gives A F*€K About Him Apologizing People Will Just Spend Elsewhere GoyaFoods Goya CEO is entitle to his opinion and consumers are entitled to their opinions. Consumers just talk with their wallet...they decide where to spend their money. Just as Corporate PACs decide where they spend their money! Republicans want freedom of speech just for the rich!

Too late. Your products are no longer on my shopping list. Unanue is not wrong. He’s entitled to his own opinion and has the right to choose a political side without being persecuted, but then again, we now have the Leftist mob that bullies those in opposition in hopes of winning an election and power. America is LESS FREE bc of the Dems

Just expressing their first amendment rights. Americans need to start using their buying power to hurt supporters. It’s the only power we common folk have been left with. Suppressing speach? You can talk all u want GoyaFoods. This Colombian is going to do the same, with his wallet. NoGoyaFoods NoGoya GOYABOYCOTT GoyaCancelled

Illegal immigrants hurt latino and hispanic and Spanish LEGAL immigrants, more than any other group of people! And Legals KNOW THIS!! Boycotting a company because the company said Thank You to the President is really PETTY!! But then the left loonies have always been infantile! Always bought Goya but now I boycott

Not suppression of speech. Simply: I will buy something else. That’s it. See how the left is suddenly boycotting Goya b/c they don’t like his political views? 11% of these twits pay taxes. (35&under) Middle America does not bust our asses working so you dopes can ruin this country. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Both of us have freedoms 👎👎👎😷 I'll never buy another Goya product. Still not buying their products. Green Giant sells great stuff. They aren’t the only game in town. Be loyal to this country and it’s people! Not to the evil tyrant who is desicrating our country, it’s people and our laws. GoyaFoods is canceled!! BoycottGoya

I admire Unanue & love Goya. I have friends who like Trump for good reasons & others who dislike Trump for good reasons. We are still friends. That's called being adults. If we cancel those who fail even one of our 613 PC Commandments, we will be lonely, wrong, and now hungry. This is not going to turn out well!🤪😂😢😷

God bless this man for his convictions and for not backing down to the mob. GoyaFoods no body is trying to suppress Unanue's right to free speech; people are only exercising their freedom to purchase the products of those who are not supporting racism. Conservatives are so sensitive Unanue is dumb enough to think that just because his brown skin is Puerto Rican and not Mexican that Trump doesn’t think he is dirt. Think again GoyaFoods To him, you are a “bad hombre” just like the rest of us and he will use you until you’re used up.

Deciding not to buy your product because of your politics and who you donate to with the money you make from said product is freedom of expression and freedom to spend my money any way I please. Definitely not buying now. Stop whining. Boycott CNN for being more one sided than FoxNews. CNN needs more Republicans on their shows. Need a tiny bit of balance, zero now!

KTLA Great man! I bought a case of product today. I won't apologize for not purchasing any of his products. He’s right He spoke in support of Obama. Crickets. He spoke in support of Trump. CANCEL HIM!!! Why should anyone apologize for their support of the President of United States? Idiotic. Then again CNN and their Democrat agenda might want that. So good to see former CNN employees calling out the network for bias and unprofessional journalism. US has caught on to ur garbage

BoycottGoyaFoods GoyaFoods 95% of you “Boycotting” Goya don’t even know where the ethic foods aisle is in your supermarket aside from your old El Paso kits on taco Tuesday lmao. Suppression of speech Mr Goya is calling out the military & spraying taxpaying AMERICAN citizens to go hug a book with not ONE comforting word to a hurting ppl GoyaFoods GoyaFoodsCEO bunanue

Good he has nothing to apologize for! BoycottCancelCulture He's an idiot. It's not a suppression of speech. He was free to praise Trump...and people are free to respond as they wish. Those who don't like what he said have the right to boycott. Those who agree with him have the right to support his company. Simple as that.

Good man right there. Buy their product and support a true Patriot. You can say what you want. But people don't have to buy from people they don't like. That's freedom too. No, it's freedom of spending punk Good thing CEOs can be replaced Cubans in USA in website WE ARE ALL GOYA! Trying to suppress opinions is where mind police should be ended. Think of the greatest human you know, and behind them were a lot of wrong opinions. DefenseIntel

On a pantry near you!! FU CNN It’s called freedom of choice, but supression! No, he can still say whatever he wants. I’m glad he said it out loud. Now I know where to spend my money and it’s not with him. No it’s not suppression of speech. He’s got his free speech & we’ve got the right to say no to his products.

Someone should tell this illiterate CEO that if he has the right to speech others have the same right too. What type of a CEO tanks his own Company? I will not buy GoyaFoods products ..but I will buy from their competitors. How dare he not lick the dirty sandal. No, it’s free will u piece a sycophantic garbage.

BoycottGoyaFoods BoycottGoya It’s a suppression of racism and stupidity. Suppression of speech? What a reach. He can go on speaking whatever. I almost can’t walk I ate so many delicious Goya beans today. Buy Goya! Why would I apologize for boycotting Goya Foods? You've been Dixie Chicked. Republicans: No regulations. Let the market decide. Also Republicans: Oh nooooes! No boycott! You has to buy all their things anyway. Not fair!

No sir, you are free to say what you like. No one said not to. We are free to respond as we see fit. This is one of the stupidest statements of all time - a boycott is the very expression of free speech Oh fucking please Guess what everyone? If everyone just stopped buying their crap and didn’t announce it, we wouldn’t even have to have this conversation 🤷🏼‍♀️ just do it for fucks sake. Like white republicans use sauzon and adobo on the regular or some shit.

I buy GOYA ALL THE TIME!!! I love their products❤️❤️❤️ No one is suppressing his speech. He is free to say what he likes. Goya CEO is free to praise Putin, Kim, Xi and Trump as much as he wants. I do not need to buy any Goya products. Does Trump actually eat Mexican food? Foreign food! More likely McD only.

Boycott GoyaFoods Thanks to asses like you. I’m all on board the BUYCOTT GOYA train He can speak. We can use our wallets to let him know how we feel about it. He can say what he wants... he just has to know that if what he says offends the people he sells his product to, there’s the chance his company might suffer freespeech

Not suppressing his free speech, just buying better products. Best he can do is keep mouth shut as many of his customers condemn trump’s treatment of minorities&immigrants.He claimed his grand parents came here for better lives but he prays trump who separated kids from parents.Trash all GoyaFoods. jacobsoboroff maddow JulianCastro AP

Good lawd. Only your opinion can be voiced? It’s called voting with your feet. We walk away from traitors What’s the Mexican version in an Uncle Tom 🤔 No shit. HE SAID AND DID THE RIGHT THING! He just got himself a lifetime customer!!! But... isn't a boycott a form of free speech too? Or is free speech only bad when maga ppl get hurt?

Let him don’t apologize because Donald Trump is the only that buys his products not the public. He will realize in few days who really makes him a CEO. Time to buy some Goya! Thanks to the GoyaFoods ceo for speaking the truth and not kneeling to those that can’t handle opinions other than their own. yashar He can say anything he wants. But the consequences are something he gets to deal with.

TrumpIsARacist GOYABOYCOTT goyafoods GOYABOYCOTT there is a lot of options out there. So no more goyafoods GoyaGottaGo The boycott isn’t suppression of speech. You are free to say what you like. But you are not free from the consequences of your speech. I hope Trump is willing to buy your product. We aren’t.

So the recipient of excessive Taxpayers dollars from corrupt GOP with the excuse of a medical global emergency killing hundreds & thousands of people who have received No help from the Gov, sad because people refuse to give him any more of their money. CNN trying to make everyone a scapegoat that they don’t agree with they have not learned that over the last 4 years their market share has gone down the drain GOYA foods has had the best products to the Poor people of this country for over 100 years

No need to apologize. Here’s something for which I won’t apologize: CNNsucks Kids in cages. BoycottGoya One would think the goyafoods CEO would know better. Adding goyafoods to the list of brands I will NOT be purchasing. BoycottGoya BoycottGoyaFoods. Goya will thrive due to this. Be honest most of you have never heard of Goya foods. Your going to refuse to purchase from someone you have never purchased anything from. Powerful !

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 No I think it’s called the right to choose. GoyaFoods are get stuff! Hispanics against them seem to forget or are ignorant of - realDonaldTrump provided Hispanics the highest employment in HISTORY! Highest employment for women in over 70 years! They are being used as puppets by TheDemocrats

BoycottGoya CNN sucks! It’s only suppression if you don’t agree with them good for him don’t cave to the liberal unhinged mob buygoya It not suppression of speech. You are obviously free to speak. It’s called CONSEQUENCE of speech. He can go to hell, nothing EVER will make me or my family buy Goya Foods again. him and every asshole like him should know that resisters are a strong power house now, they can hurt stupid companies.

What part of “freedom of speech/expression” doesn’t the CEO of Goya get? I’m guessing the part he doesn’t like... Kings of FakeNewsMedia Goya is a reputable brand. Supporting POTUS will bring in more loyal customers. Sounds great. It is a free country. And we are free to buy goods from anti-racists Trump is the enemy and friends of my enemy are my enemies BoycottGoyaFoods

Not a suppression of speech but consumers making their speech heard through their buying power. You don’t have to apologize and they don’t have to buy your products. Free country after all. BuyGoya I will also stop buying Goya products. Hear that board of directors Until you remove this CEO, you will not receive my whopping $7.38 annual spend. But seriously, people who eat more canned beans than I do: BoycottGoya

Yes boycott super hard lefties. Your boycott Chick-fil-A model is going to make this guy extremely wealthy. All the while the only people you're hurting are in Spain, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America. Lefties really are some of the most ignorant people on the planet. Good for him!! Everyone is allowed to speak and be free to follow what they believe. That is what our country allows us vs other countries.

He's trying to hinder my free speech to say that he is a bigot and that I won't buy his products. TeamGoya. I can’t wait to buy all sorts of GoyaFoods products from now on! It’s not suppression he spoke his mind now consumers speak theirs by not buying his products just the way the system was designed

How can we get rid of “fox news” or at least take news off. And I tried hard to not capitalize it and had to put in quotes. That’s how pervasive it is “Suppression of speech”? Whatever. Done with Goya. I do not support anyone who turns a blind eye to a racist pig. Nah dude, it’s your free speech that got you here.

GOYA IS GOOD! CNN IS BAD. I wonder how much money he got as a COVID-19 bailout? 🤔 I choose to not give my money to companies that support trying to destroy America. This is called capitalism. So sad...I’ll miss Goya products, but after knowing about the CEO’s statements, they would give me a stomach ache anyway.

GoyaFoods Sounds like Trump suppressed his speech and inserted his own voice Hey, FINALLY a CEO who won't get down on his knees & grovel in the dirt to the low IQ Marxist Minions!! APPLAUSE!!! BuyGoyaFoods And WE have the FREEDOM to NOT buy Goya products. Works both ways. You'd know all about it, wouldn't ya?

Here's how it works can say whatever you want & I can buy whatever I want...good go out there & own us libs😎 I just bought some Goya. How about you? BuyGoya No, no, not suppression. Democracy. You are free to say what you said. We are free to buy what we want to buy. And from now on, it will not be Goya products.

You spoke with your fawning mouth.. They speak with their feet... Going somewhere else! Good for the CEO of GoyaFoods !!!! He doesn't owe anyone an apology! GO GOYA Call me suppressed b**** Robertito lameculo The only time Twitter libs like capitalism 😂 I could deal with different of opinion and politics. It’s the hyperbole praise when there is so much evidence to the contrary that makes me sick and want to boycott.

Many of us small business folks relate to Goya, it's the truth- we have enjoyed a better business environment and hired a bunch of people due to Trump admin. Goya helps us with out food banks in FL, bless them. Raise your hand if you’re going out of your way to buy Goya products. 🙋🏻‍♂️ He is absolutely correct!! The left and bad news outlets like CNN promote cancel culture ! The silent majority have had it!! Start speaking truth

Goya supports economic and educational opportunities in many impoverished Hispanic communities. Boycotting Goya, after CEO Unanue praised Trump, will likely backfire, and generate even more support in both Hispanic and Anglo communities. GoyasTheWay Goya will have a great 3rd quarter, thanks to Leftist virtue signaling. But we really don't need any more reminders about who the true Fascists are.

Yet again, we need 8th grade civics. Unless the government comes for you...your free speech is fine. He's just a jackass and we are free to respond. And Mr. Unanue should not have to apologize for his comments. I for one will be buying GoyaFoods for sure now! Soo he says something and I do something on free will and I'm suppressing his free speech? Sorry dude it doesn't work that way I have free speech too. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out, asshole.

Good for him. Dems and Libs are so one-sided... bunanue is free to support trump. I am free to decide not to purchase his products. Freedom of Speech does not guarantee you the right to say whatever you like free of all consequences...only the right to express yourself free of government persecution. ReadTheConstitution

NeNeresister Not suppression of speech pal. More like suppression of insanity. You had to be mentally challenged to think that you wouldn’t upset blues. How do people like this get top jobs. Unbelievable. Resist Buy Goya, “make your meals great again.” I’ll be buying Goya products! Think I will get some now!

The only thing Trump did is enforce the laws passed by Congress. If you got a problem then contact your representatives. Presidents don’t or shouldn’t get to pick and chose with laws to enforce No more goya BuyGoyaProducts !!!!!! I have the freedom to not eat your beans. DealWithIt BuyGoya 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 maga it what you will there, Ace, stopped buying your stuff because we can....and don't support your views. He can say what he wants I can buy what I want Just as he has the right to say what he pleases, consumers have the right to boycott his business because of what he said. Maybe he forgot how Trump has disparaged Hispanics. I remember him throwing rolls of paper towels to Hurricane Maria victims. He's called Mexicans horrible names. Maybe he needs to take a look. There is always a method to Trump's madness.

Ohhhh he will have epic sales numbres!! The silent mayority will step in Suppression of sales follows his speech. DEFUND CNN My prepper’s stash. Because we can’t live without! 🤣🤣🤣 GoyaIsCovered 🤣🤣 Good for him!🎉 Free speech is dying in the United States but it hasn't been eradicated all together yet!

Good for him! Don’t be bullied by the whining harassers. That’s all they’ve done for 4 years is wake up everyday and harass this great President. They accomplished NOTHING except getting him re-elected this Nov. can’t wait to see them crying. This is how the free market system works. If you had admitted to peeing in the tamales, the same thing would happen.

Money is speech. So is the lack of it. Geez. That comment is ridiculous and so indicative of a trump supporter. Sounds just like him. BoycottGoya It's walking with my $$ when I don't like how you spend your profits. It's called educated consumer choice! Businesses have no Constitutional rights for one. More importantly Unanue has the right to say whatever he wants, and his customers have the right to exercise their first amendment rights to not shop there anymore. That’s how it works.

Finally, a CEO with a spine stands up to the useful(less) idiot class. Switching exclusively to Goya black beans because black beans matter. So, only he gets to express his opinion? What a loon. Consequences do not equal suppression. He *chose* to get involved, to let his customers know the kind of person he is and what he promotes, just like Hobby Lobby, Papa John's, and Chick Fil A. Most CEO's are smart enough to stay clear of politics. Good luck Goya

And I don't even like beans Good to finally see a CEO giving the 🖕 to cancel culture BuyGoya Fire AOC It’s called Speaking with Our Dollars🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ The idiot is supposed to be making money by increasing sales but he did the exact opposite. Bish, the free market responding to your crap comments is not suppression of speech. It's our speech.

He's right! We're not all little sheep following Socialist rules, ppl can still vote/support who they far..🙄 Of course nobody is suppressing the Goya CEO’s speech. But of course that speech has consequences, which he obviously didn’t think of before praising the very stable idiot.'s called consequences. Free Speech has them, sometimes. Since when did a boycott suppress his speech? He can step off. You can say what you want and people can buy what they want where they want! What's the problem. Good for you, Robert! I will be happy to support GoyaFoods! Goya. It has to be boycotted.

Afraid not GoyaFoods. You can say whatever you like. We can elect to purchase whatever products we like. No one is trying to “suppress” your free speech. And maybe talk to your line workers about how great they think Trump is. Suppression of speech? You are more than welcome to say what you want but that does not mean there will not be consequences! BoycottGoya

This CEO as all other CEOs are greedy bastards and that's why they will not back down. The tax cuts for the rich that they got twice in one year and the ppp's. Are good reason for him to lick Donald Trump's ass. Everything realDonaldTrump touches turns to 💩. The UK has banned us for his anemic COVID__19 response. winning? Covid19UK FourMoreMonths

Supporting a Mexican business is racist too now, I guess. I will now start to buy goya foods. Love that company. I don’t buy Goya products anyway & I like to see what fast food or other companies support Trump, why would I support the trump campaign? It’s important to know where our money is going. Those who buy Goya: There’s other companies besides Goya that make all the same products.

I will research and make a point of buying their products Makes me respect this man so much more He has done what the biggest companies ceo have caved in for BuyGoyaFoods He also went to the White House when Obama invited him. Relax people! So free speech only works if they agree with the Democrats and do things their way I’m a Dem and completely disappointed in the reaction of AOC and others. Goya has helped so many!

Nobody is suppressing his speech. He is free to say anything he wants. And live with the consequences. This man has my family's support!!! BuyGoya No suppression of speech at all. We are consumers. We can choose where our money goes. GoyaFoods BoycottGoyaFoods It’s the consequences of free speech. Big difference

L O L I mean ... what other reaction *should^ there be to this nonsense? Boycotts are simply the way for the people to bring democracy to corporations. Vote with your wallets, folks. That's the only language these companies understand. I think it’s called Free Market Capitalism. Have human trash dump TuckerCarlson explain it to ya

There is freedom of speech. However, there is not “freedom” of consequences when you are a complete jackass! Sorry, not sorry! I think I bought their product once, but in the future I'm going to buy more! If their CEO is bold enough to NOT back down from the left I am definitely a customer!!! GoyaFoods

Good. It’s time people stop apologizing. It never helps with the social media CancelCulture mob. God bless this man! He is an American that is proud of this country! I will definitely be buying more Goya products! Those tax cuts he got must have been huge... GOOD!! Stop pandering to the intolerant cancel culture!! I support this patriot!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

If he thinks a boycott is suppression of speech than no wonder he's wacko enough to support Trump. No wonder he gets on so well with DisinfectantDon. BoycottGoya Awesome! Never bow to the mob! The woke mob only cares about hate. Hating Trump and anyone who disagrees with their approved thought. Good to see a CEO flip leftist pigs the finger. 🖕🖕🖕

He's absolutely correct! SupportGoya Hello Goya Goodbye China made Oh so he just hates money No, it’s suppression of black beans. WeLoveGoyaFoods It’s not suppression of speech. You got to speak and people have the right not to buy the products. Simple!! I going to support his company. Good for him! cancelcancelculture

Fuck that guy... No suppression! You say things and there are consequences. You can say whatever you want but if you’re praising that monster in chief people may just biycott you company I'm not sure the CEO of Goya understands how capitalism works. No one is telling him to keep his mouth shut. Free speech works both ways. If I don't like what you say (your right to say it), I can choose not to do business with you (my right of free expression). It's a win-win. Right GoyaFoods ?

Good for him. I believe that’s what Republicans call the free market. GoyaFoods Boycotting your products is not a suppression of your CEO's speech. But words have consequences. Trump is no blessing to this country and if your CEO wants to believe that then my money goes else where since my money is free speech too.

Boycotts work to suppress injustice. No more Goya Beans! Free to speak but words have consequences. trump2020yeaah He shouldn’t That's a NO it's called consequences to your free speech BoycottGoya Suppression of garbanzo beans. It seems GoyaFoods is confused about free speech, in the way that terrible ppl often are. It doesn't guarantee freedom from consequences, just from govt suppression (in most cases). Unanue spoke. Now the people are speaking back. With their wallets. Think of it as a dialogue.

Everyone buy GOYA! Outstanding! White liberals pretending like they know how to season food! Isn't Goya to spicy for you? He is full cult, and must learn the hard way. Okay. When I see dog shit sitting in the grass why does it remind me of CNN NEWS lol Hey pal, the first amendment doesn't say that you won't have to deal with the consequences of the things you said. It's your right to say you support Trump, my right to not buy your stuff. Quit being such a baby.

👏🏼 Stand strong! REAL Americans will support your company! That went from laissez-faire to life's-not-fair real quick Love Goya products 👨‍🍳 the boycott an expression OF freedom of speech? Nobody who objects to boycotts this way is a capitalist. The market received new information it deemed pertinent and it responded. This is the invisible hand at work, regulating the market. It works relatively well when there's transparency in the market.

Hell noooooo It's called FREE SPEECH He's free to Boast Trump and we're FREE To Boycott GOYA Actually, it is the summit of free speech: I am expressing my right to free speech and let my money support what I believe: that you have the right to say that you support T, and we have the clear right to disagree & show it with our feet/dollars, asking others to do the same

BuyGoyaProducts BuyGoyaProducts buygoya Suppression of speach!! Goya goyafoods Good for him. Good for him! Cry baby lefties. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. He knows Hispanics love trump that’s why he’s not afraid Say no to Goya!!! I never bought his products to begin. Free speech does not mean free from accountability. Say whatever you want and we’ll do whatever we want in response to it. Two-way street. If the courts got involved saying that people should boycott Goya then it would most certainly be an assault on your consitutional rights.

It is now red neck foods BoycottGoyaFoods Best free advertising in the history of ever... CEO, Robert Unanue of GoyaFoods also talked about the “White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative,” of which he is a part and which was begun under the Trump administration. BuyGoyaFoods groundnews Dear GoyaFoods CEO: Everything Trump Touches Dies. Rest in peace, Goya brand. ETTD

He’s right. It is cancel culture at its worst. Bravo for him buy GoyaFoods products patriots Americans America usa conservatives republicans trump2020 trump TrumpLandslide2020 Well done sir! Don’t give in to the mob... I’ve got plenty of Goya products in my kitchen cabinets, and there will be more soon.

He’ll apologize soon enough. It all comes down to profits. I’m a chef and I don’t use their products because they have msg in it. Now I hope the world stops using it. A boycott is a form of shit GoyaFoods We not live in cuba or Venezuela we live in USA the land of freedom he doesn’t have to apologize, he is not the only seller of rice and beans, let’s see if the Trumpers buying BoycottGoya are more than us, la raza, not buying them

Woke tyrants again trying to silence everyone who is not obedient to the party line. He will be apologizing to the board memebers when they ask for his resignation in a few months No, not suppression, just disgust I’m not buying his beans. There are lots of other choices. Praise who you want. I’ll buy what I want. See how that works?

Why does Goya suppress my speech by not giving me money? Also Pillow Guy. His business is about to get a large increase in sales. Lol this is the exact opposite of free speech my man. You have the freedom to praise trump, and we have the freedom to not buy your products. Freedom of speech does mean freedom from consequence. It’s a free market after all, people can buy or not buy whatever they choose.

I love GoyaFoods Ive always purchased their beans and I will continue to buy their food products. I trust them, they taste great, and I will support them more because of their ceo It's not called 'suppression of speech', it's called disagreement and expression of free will. We don't agree with you, so we're gonna stop buying your stuff.

It’s not suppression of speech, this guy is allowed to praise and support whoever he wants. Remember when MJ said “Republicans buy sneakers too” If a business supports a political candidate they should expect backlash from the other side How is the call of a boycot of a minority run company that caters primarily to minorities, not racist?

All you leftist douchbags will never stop using your shiny blue EBT CARD and waste everyone’s time online at the grocery store while you separate your Goya products from your pajama pants and parking your Mercedes in the handicap spot with all your kids holding $1200 iPhones More whining about suppression of speech. GoyaFoods say whatever you want. We are free to not buy your products. MarketPlaceOfIdeas

deray Suppression of speech orrrrrr free market? LazuliLady He can say what he wants. I can buy what I want. BoycottGoya CNN demons, fighting hard to save their criminal bosses. He has every right to support and praise the president, and the people have every right to boycott his products. This is a free society at work.

Nobody asked him to 'suppress' anything. His Trump bromance is on him.....we have the freedom to not buy his little spices. It's all fair. You like racist people with terroristic behaviors, we don't. He's childish. We don't like him or his little friend. Message to you also. Trump’s Goy Toy ! Freedom of speech does not equal freedom of consequence

Boycott! Free choice buddy celtlad84 When is cnn going to apologize for killing THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS!! Why should he apologize? For supporting our President? This cancel culture is a not so thinly disguised arm of facism. He’s right when he says it’s suppression of speech. Screw these whiney little punks who need to get a life. I’m buying Goya from now on.

A butt kisser? GoyaCEOcanKissMyAss He's absolutely right. And everyone in the Left going after him and his company are blatant racist and hypocrites. You can say whatever you want. You must own the consequences. That’s free speech. Why should he? Tons of us patriots support Trump! Not suppression, repercussion of.

Good for him! Now people all over the world are going bright out to buy his brand! These people are dumb. As a former social studies teacher, every time these people say this stuff I take as a personal failing. How can they know so little, go so far and speak with such lack of intelligence? Also, freedom of expression is protection against government tyranny.

And will be just as much 2 blame as the DNC their hating voters 4 losing the Nov 3rd election. Trying 2 get literally thousands of Hispanics fired and their lives ruined over your hateful evil cancel culture WILL NOT WIN YOU THE ELECTION. Goya donates millions lbs of food. Need more patriots, like Mr Unanue, to speak up! Glad he won’t back down from the fascist lefturds. Will gladly buy more of their items beyond the 3 products our family already consume.

Bye GOYA FOODS.... I’m sure he’s one of those “let the free market decide” mouth breathers. Well said bunanue GoyaFoods Thank you for fighting back against the cancel culture while so many CEOs cave to the mob. Time to buy more GoyaFoods BuyGoya BuyGoyaFoods BuyGoyaProducts CancelTheCancelCulture

Democrat fascism is what it is. So sick of this cancel culture. Whatever happened to live and let live? No, liberals cannot tolerate anyone having a different opinion. They must be destroyed. Not suppression. It's called power of the pocketbook. Why should he apologize for supporting Trump? cancelculture marxist ways are sending us on a fast track to communism.

I've used GoyaFoods products for years! The best! It is called voting with your dollars. I won’t be buying anymore Goya. Diversity in opinion? Can't have that in 2020. yashar The people who boycott have just as much right to free speech as you did sucking up to the worst president ever. lol American conservatism is one hell of a drug.

He is right. What is there to apologize for? Doesn’t every individual have a right to support who they want without facing backlash? Please don’t support fascism CNN A boycott of his company because of things he says would be an expression of our free speech. Suppression of free speech would be if the government forbid him from talking or us from boycotting.

Oh my word you guys are like little children - boycott - cancel culture etc. - I cannot believe how toxic this all is I’ve learned that my voice is where I put my dollar!! It’s free speech unit you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. 'Seth doesn't like my dipshit brand, he's cancelling me, he should be forced to buy and like my fuckin' beans or frozen factory-extruded empanadas or whatever' -- the crying CEO

Boycotting is exercising a persons right to choose! It’s called consumer choice, asshole. Guess what choice this consumer has made. It’s not suppression of speech ... it’s suppression of profit ... I'm just gonna suppress my purchases of Goya from now on. Clown. My family will never buy the foods again. BoycottGoyaFoods

Good for him. Suck it CNN. A good life’s lesson is to learn to give credit where credit is due, and it’s especially powerful when someone might have a different point of view from you. Good for him. BuyGoya MsActiviss F’k that guy !!!!! It is not suppression of speech. It is my decision not to give my money to someone supporting a racist and using his position to try to garner more support of the racist. Goyaway GOYABOYCOTT TrumpIsARacist

Facts. Shut those liberals up. Lmao at these MAGA folks acting like they use Goya. 🤣🤣🎧🎧. At the store with a belt full of Goya products right now!!! BuyGoya The GOYA CEO is right. GoyaFoods just doesn't get it. He has the freedom to say whatever he wants to & I & my large Hispanic family have the right to vote with our wallets for a different brand. We refuse to do business with anyone that supports the RacistInChief. grabyourwallet BoycottGoyaFoods

Excelent! No apologies need it! I am black latina and I support him! Stop the hate Love it! Need more people to stand up to the leftist bullies. Sick and tired of apologists! Your business and employees come 1st. Your customer is 1st You are entitled to your beliefs. However you should not voice them and jeopardise your company. Nor aleniate your consumers. 😪🇺🇸

Good for him. Nothing to apologize for. Buy Goya. He's absolutely free to speak his mind, and we're absolutely free to disagree BoycottGoyaFoods as a company that obvious couldn't care less about its customers. Or perhaps Mr. Unanue thinks it's OK to call Latinos 'rapists, criminals and drug dealers' or hold children in cages?

Por que a Apple não habilita o uso da função ECG no Applewatch no Brasil? A Anvisa já autorizou. Isso pode salvar vidas. Why should he? And it is! He is absolutely right! I am going to start to buy more Goya Products! And he was right! I support Goya Foods 100%! Good for him! Don’t worry, Mr. Unanue, we got you! We’ll make sure to stock up on your products.

Now progressives want to boycott goya because a Hispanic owned company praises a white man progressives don’t like. That is what I call “white privilege”. FYI, I just stocked up on goya products, WEPA MOTHER FUCKER 🥑 He doesn’t have to apologize. End. has he considered writing an open letter? The “Tolerant” left are disgusting hatful people.

Goya Oboya your sales will soon be in the toilet! This all the we will be buying now. BuyGoya It’s about time someone stood up to today’s ridiculous cancel culture!! As JoeBiden would say, “You ain’t Hispanic.” Buy goya lets step up the BoycottGoyaFoods I'm buying extra Goya. I don't know what they sell, but I'm going to try to buy some of their products.

Fantastic! Great for Goya! No one is asking him to and no one cares if he does or not on his own terms. Consumers (myself included) decided not to support a company that he runs, that's all. Robert Unanue isn't special. Goya I don't have a problem with your words, Mr.Unanue. I have a problem with your values. I value CEO's that don't praise and support paper towel throwing Presidents as a proxy for disaster relief. I hope you have a big family because you're going to have a lot of left-overs.

Goya all the way!! Fascinating...that during a time pandemic and massive job loss, the cancel culture logically wishes to punish a food company and its workers with a boycott....bc someone has an opinion shared by a large % of the US population.🤔🤔 More importantly its bigotry against Hispanics by white liberals who expect us to be their mascots.

It's amazing to me how many people do not understand what free speech means. I had someone say to me the other day 'What's the point in the right to free speech if there's no right to be heard?' and I just started laughing! It's ludicrous. Money is speech, boycotting is the very definition of a first amendment right 😂. Fucking clowns

BuyGoya MAGA2020 It’s actually the complete opposite of speech suppression. Speaking with your wallet is one of the most effective ways to communicate your beliefs. Freedom of choice Good. He’s right. I never bought any Goya products and now I never will. Not suppression of free speech, just the consequences of free speech. Consumers and voters have choices. His pandering will cost him/his company.

For every person boycotting, others who agree will start buying. Do you really think people in the Hispanic community are going to stop buying Goya. Please! There business is not going to be affected. Just liberals ranting about something else pointless. Good for him. Never buy goyafoods before. Will now!

Lol suppression of speech how exactly? You said what you said and people are reacting to it 🤷‍♂️ Companies are not people and don’t have rights 😬 but people have the right to spend their money where they want. Open your mouth, face the consequences. That’s how it is for literally every other situation.

Goya rocks! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 BuyGoya Calling for a boycott because the company won't join the mob of bigotry, intolerance, and hate. I think Goya will do just fine Goya ceo is 100 percent correct GoyaFoods is 💯% right. I support Goya Foods. He can say whatever he wants. Nobody is telling him what to say. But I can say whatever I want, too, and I'm saying 'I'm done with GoyaFoods'. If Mr. CEO doesn't like it, too fucking bad. Actions have consequences.

I never purchased his brand so I don't have to boycott something I never like anyway. His food taste bad to me I’m buying more Goya products now. It's almost as if people don't have to spend their money where they don't want to, for whatever reason they choose. What does Mr Trump Beans have to say about the Trump supporters boycotting Nike or Kuerig?

BoycottGoya Hmm seems like too many arses with too much time on their hands. This is why we have CancelCulture, people are not hunting their food or fighting off extinction. Bring on the plague. YESSSSSSS on all accounts! GOYAGIVES Unanue is a HERO. Misfit morons who want to boycott every business whose CEO is a Republican have no clue what made America great. If you won’t tolerate diversity and a multitude of opinions, America is not for you.

Free speech and free to spend my money on products whose company mission I agree with Why apologize? Glad he didn’t cower to the intolerant left Supporting cofeve is one thing Praising and feeling 'blessed' are delusional Wouldn’t a boycott be freedom of speech? Never apologize to the leftist clown mob.

It’s free market capitalism! I used to eat goya plantains on my burgers. Anyone got a plantain recipe? So now you have to apologize for free speech 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ 💯 It just continues to boggle my mind that these 'successful' leaders don't understand free speech. He is correct! Good! CancelCulture is evil... CNN leads CancelCulture

Reminds me to put some GoyaFoods in my cart at the supermarket today. Maybe get some of their hominy and make pozole! Jessica37940913 How is it suppression of speech? He said it right? He even doubled down on it. I like Bush beans just fine! Even more now! BoycottGoya When you speak, it’s okay, when we do - it’s suppression? Honey no. But why are you worried boo, Trump will take care of you when you are poor, that’s what he’s known for. 😘😘 Goyaway BoycottGoya TrumpIsLosing

How stupid is he? 'suppression of speech' doesn't include canned goods Robert, you have freedom of speech & we have the right to not buy products from people who say stupid things. Get it? People are getting sick & dying & Trump is lying. Putin is paying to kill our military & Trump is lying. That's not leadership it's lying. TrumpLiedPeopleDied

Amen! I bet GOYA foods fly off the shelves! These guys who think there are no consequences from private actions in response to stupid statements. I can't even. Excellent. I’m running out to buy Goya foods right now. I am going to buy more and more goya. Money talks, Bean dude Freedom of speech is all the Latinos boycotting your substandard products.

So a why is it wrong when a successful Hispanic business owner praises President? Or why he should even apologize? Okay sheep try to educate me, I'm ready to shut your mouth. Don't forget to support GoyaFoods SupportGoya BuyGoya MAGA2020 Good. He shouldn’t apologize. The biggest problem our country is facing is demonizing those who have a different political opinion, & CNN leads that charge daily. ISupportGoyaFoods

still supporting racist ideologies Talk all you want, it’s your right. It is my right not to buy your products. We heard the giant sucking up sound and it will reverberate in our brains as we shop for food. GoyaFoods will not be on my shopping list EVER. тяυмρ hates people of color—especially Hispanic folks. Remember the escalator drivel on rapists and criminals? I do, & everything since

It's our dream!!! dv2020 dv2020winners wedeserveachance JoeByeDon GotMyGOYA Shouldn't we boycott the word boycott? It should be renamed peoplecott. Somehow Mr. Unanue is equating his selling of his merchandise (capitalism) to speech and a boycott of buying his food (freedom of choice) as suppressing his capitalism...I mean his speech.

I highly doubt that this giant Hispanic CPG concern is worried about the Secondary market of politically charged Gringo zealots Continuing to not buy their products on the regular. As they voice their opinions on devices powered by slave/child labor cobalt. Way to make change.. Good. Don't back down GoyaFoods It's time someone of your stature stood up to the bullies!!

It’s not suppression of speech. I choose where to spend my money. I choose not to support trump sycophants. He is a CEO of the company, he was there as a GoYA representative, he should be thoughtful of wht to speak. He cant make a political statement. He didn't go there for a personal visit Favor a boycott becasue exteme righ wing views like this guy's do not match with my moderate views.

He's right. I don't even know what Goya is but I'm buying some. So should we boycott for their not praising President Trump. Spark boycott. Media is the virus People 'boycotting' goya claiming it's their freedom ... It's an excuse to further flame the the fire of racism. They combat racism with more racism. This crybaby crap is ridiculous.

BuyGoya About to fill my pantry with GoyaFoods !!!😜 For the love of God, no one is suppressing your right to speak. But if folks don't like your speech, they may not buy your products - which they are totally free to do. How can a CEO not understand what the First Amendment means? Will result in increased sales. cnn your reign of disinfo terror is almost over. Enjoy your propogandizing while you still can.

goyafoods sales are going to be the best they've ever been and for good reason. CancelTheCancelCulture I’m glad to see a big company such as Goya not letting the lefty bigots tell them what should their political side be. Just who in the hell do they think they are? Moral police? Many of have even more respect for his brand and I will continue to buy Goya products.

Goya has the best seasoning. I buy it all the time. And I will continue to buy their products! We support you! 🇺🇸 Free speech is under attack. Not suppression of speech. You can say what you want and consumers can buy what they want for whatever reason that may be Some would call it the free market, or capitalism...

Is GOYA selling babies in a can with desert sauce now? Cause that is how it sounds in the latino community. He doesn’t understand much...just like his good friend😝😝😝 Boycott GOYA. Drive them out of business When the left turns on yet another successful company WHO LITERALLY FEEDS THE POOR because their president agrees with the Presidents' policies. It's so divisive - all they do is turn everything into a fight. Ultra intolerant. . supportgoya buygoya

No one suppressed his speech. He said what he said. Now consumers are speaking. It sounds like he doesn’t like what they’re saying. I love their peas! Good. He doubled down. So will we. Fk Goya products! Good for him. Stand up to the toxic culture of the radical left. It’s not suppression of speech if you’ve already spoken. You sided with Trump and those of us that are against realDonaldTrump are now against your company, because you stand with evil. BoycottGoyaFoods BoycottGoya

A boycott is the public's freedom of speech. BoycottGoyaFoods BoycottGoyaFoods BoycottGoyaFoods BoycottGoyaFoods BoycottGoyaFoods BoycottGoyaFoods I'm done with Goya. Another one who doesn't understand how freedom of speech works. It doesn't mean freedom from consequences. BooHooHoo!

#Goyaway: Calls To Boycott Goya Foods After CEO Praises President TrumpPeople are calling for a boycott of Goya Foods after its CEO praised President Trump during a visit to the White House, saying the country was 'truly blessed' to have him and calling him 'a builder.' Because of this nonsense I’ll buy more of their product. People can think for themselves. Grow up children When are we going to say enough and tell people like this to go eff themselves. Some small minded TDS suffering trolls. Useless virtue signaling. I don't even eat their food but now I might stock up.

Goya Foods boycott takes off after its CEO praises TrumpThe CEO of Goya Foods praised President Trump at an event in the Rose Garden on Thursday, sparking outrage on social media and prompting Latino politicians to speak out against the brand, which is a staple for many Hispanic American households. How does Biden “Build Back Better” when all you, and your party know how to do is destroy? spygate russiacollusion Mueller Impeachment corona The Hispanic community strongly supports President Trump. This is a lot of fuss over nothing Ill be buying more goya products now

Twitter Explodes With Calls To Boycott Goya Foods After CEO Heaps Praise On Trump Robert Unanue said the U.S. is 'truly blessed' to 'have a leader like President Trump' in a Rose Garden speech. Primer los dientes y despuea los parientes. I got mine. Now you get yours. boycottgooyafoods Y hasta ahí llegó... adiós GoyaFoods He isn't wrong, either. Leftists are seething.

Calls To Boycott Explode After Goya Foods CEO Praises TrumpCalls to boycott Goya Foods erupted online after the CEO of the popular Hispanic-owned foods brand praised President Trump during an event at the White House Bunch of snowflakes. So sensitive. This is what happens when parents don't spank their kids and teach them common sense. Is the quality of food now political too? I will buy more Goya products.

Prominent Latino voices call for Goya Foods boycott after CEO praises Trump'We learned to bake bread in this pandemic, we can learn to make our own adobo con pimienta. Bye,' Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted. TDS at its finest suppression of speech? Nobody stopped him from talking. also my money is too valuable to give to just anybody.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chef José Andrés and others criticize Goya CEO for supporting TrumpThese politicians and other prominent Hispanics have criticized Goya Foods after its CEO said the country was 'truly blessed' to have a leader like President Trump As a New Yorker, it's gonna be odd walking into a Bodega and not seeing goya products. Then the dude went of Fox News to defend it. Ummmm you basically doubled down and said screw anybody who’s boycotting. Didn’t even attempt to get customers back