Government Signs Deal For COVID-19 Treatments From Eli Lilly

Government Signs Deal For COVID-19 Treatments From Eli Lilly

10/29/2020 12:39:00 AM

Government Signs Deal For COVID-19 Treatments From Eli Lilly

The federal government plans to distribute 300,000 doses of the drug at no cost, but that doesn't mean treatment will be free. Intravenous infusion charges can run more than $1,000.

David Morrison/APhas struck a dealwith the federal government to provide 300,000 doses of a drug that's designed to keep people infected with COVID-19 out of the hospital. The cost per dose: $1,250.The federal government plans to distribute the 300,000 doses at no cost, but that doesn't mean treatment will be free.

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The Lilly drug, a type of monoclonal antibody, is given by intravenous infusion. Those infusions, typically given in hospitals or standalone clinics, can cost well over $1,000. People with health insurance are often required to pay hundreds of dollars in copayments.

"Our goal is zero out-of-pocket expenses, wherever possible, for any patient receiving a Lilly COVID-19 antibody treatment," said CEO Dave Ricks. However,his statementacknowledged that"health care facilities may charge a fee for the product's administration."

The Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to grant emergency use authorization for this drug, along with a similar product developed by Regeneron. The Lilly deal is contingent on the FDA clearing the medicine for emergency use.President Trump received the Regeneron treatment shortly after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. He has told Americans they, too, would get it at little or no out-of-pocket cost. However, the federal government has not addressed the issue of infusion costs.

The Lilly drug was tested on people who had been infected with the coronavirus but weren't sick enough to go to the hospital. As outlined in a paperby theNew England Journal of Medicine,1.6% of people who got the drug ended up in the hospital or at the emergency room, compared with 6.3% of people who got the placebo.

That translates to $125,000 in upfront drug costs to prevent five trips to the emergency room or hospital, or $25,000 a piece. But adding in infusion costs could double the expense.Since only a small percentage of people who are infected with the coronavirus require hospitalization, taking a drug to reduce that risk would be a judgment call. Is it worthwhile to go to the emergency room for an infusion, and possibly face a substantial copayment, in order to reduce the risk of having to go back to the hospital later with COVID-19?

"A lot of people are already reluctant to get infusions of antibodies," Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, said Tuesdayon a webcast. Compared with pills, he said,"people inherently look at an infusion as more invasive, as potentially more risky."

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Ultimately drug companies hope to make antibodies available as injections rather than infusions, but the first-generation products need to be given in large quantities, so they require infusions.One decision the FDA will need to make is about the proper dosage. The study reported in the

New England Journal of Medicinefound that the dose that appeared most effective required 2,800 milligrams of the drug. However, Lilly is arguing that 700 milligrams would be sufficient – in fact, that's the dosage that it has sold to the federal government.

Lilly says it has requested that the drug be made available specifically to those at higher risk – older Americans and people with obesity. Its study in theNew England Journal of Medicineshows greater benefit for that at-risk group: 4% of the people in that group ended up in the hospital, compared with 15% of people over 65 or with obesity in the placebo group. However, the study was not designed to look at this subgroup, so this could be a statistical fluke.

That at-risk group still represents a large population. In August alone, theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention reportedmore than 164,000 cases of coronavirus in Americans over 60. Obesity affects 40% of US adults, so that could translate into another 300,000 people a month potentially eligible for this treatment. So, the 300,000 doses the government has purchased could be used up quickly if demand is high. Lilly hopes to produce up to a million doses by the end of 2020, and intends to make it available worldwide.

Supplies could last longer if the FDA also grants emergency access to the Regeneron antibodies. That product is a combination of two antibodies. The company says its treatment is most effective in people who have been infected but who have not yet developed their own antibodies (those usually appear in the blood about a week after infection). If the FDA restricts the use of that product to people who have tested negative for coronavirus antibodies, the two products could target somewhat different populations.

The federal government announced in July it would purchase up to 300,000 doses of the Regeneron antibodies.Late Wednesday,Regeneron announcedit has submitted more data to the FDA, bolstering its case that the company's monoclonal antibodies reduce the amount of virus in patients.

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"These viral reductions are associated with a significant decrease in the need for further medical attention and lessen the need for medical care," Dr. George Yancopoulos, the company's president and CEO, said in a statement. Read more: NPR Health News »

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Great. All those folks who no longer have jobs will get a lot of benefit from this - Zelenko protocol has all the successes.Look at it. Something for nothing? Just like your little participation trophies. You would complain if you were...wait I can’t say that because someone would say that was a suggestion of violence. How ‘bout you wouldn’t be satisfied unless Bad Orange Man came to your house and served it to you on a silver platter and groveled at your feet during the infusion.

Can I prepay mine! Laurie_Garrett Coronavirus is a very interesting sickness. America, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium couldn't fight it. But India did a great job. African countries even better. Vietnam is doing hundred times better than Izrael. Do you really believe it Thanks for the buzz kill NPR.

Laurie_Garrett Good, but a drop in the bucket. mereiusa Isn't this the drug on pause? Yah, I want to get in line for that... That doesn't include the campaign contribution needed to get on the list of 300k Gold Members either VOTE VOTE Voter Abstimmung Voto lagunabeach orangecounty California USA AmericaStrong florida miami latin cuban colorado orlado texas dallas pennsylvania philadelphia michigan Arizona georgia atlanta BlueWave BidenHarris2020 Vote hate & tRump Out

See why allowing Covid19 to flourish was a great business decision for realDonaldTrump Another Trump Family Deal. No Thanks! Would you take any drug that the Trump government touts? I wouldn't. Healthcare isn’t free This tells me one thing. Trump getting Covid was a sham to promote drugs (that do nothing). He took these antibodies & in just 2 days, claimed to be better. Yet, trials just ended b/c there was no evidence of them working.

Do you want a vaccine for all or do you want relief for a few privileged? Dave Ricks CEO Eli Lilly salary $16.625 million last year. Cool, this has fuck all to do with me, a commoner Dave Ricks salary: $16.625 million last year. Lilly has 'encouraged' obesity for decades viz. its antipsychotic Zyprexa - US gov't has deal w/Lilly to distribute 300K doses of an antibody drug at no cost; but IV infusions oft cost $1,000 Lilly wants drug reserved for high risk patients, older & obese

Laurie_Garrett Oh for Pete's sake! Can't we get anything right? Indeed. Consider the Eli Lillies... Let's strike a deal for healthcare for all. That doesn't mean it will be free. It means it will be health. biden Didn’t they just state this treatment from Eli Lilly doesn’t work Democrats want you to pay your fair share for the vaccine!

Didn’t this drug fail phase 3 trials? The same company that HHS Azar was the CEO and who oversaw the doubling of the cost of insulin between 2012-2017? Cronyism at its finest Laurie_Garrett Hospitals tend to be quite clever that way. Any kickbacks? Lilly just pulled the plug on bamlanivimab trial in hospitalized severely ill covid patients due to lack of evidence that it works. Catch up, or do better research.

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ONLY 1250 a dose, shit, gimme a double

NIH Halts Study Exploring Treating Covid-19 With Lilly Antibody, RemdesivirFederal health researchers have halted testing a combination of Eli Lilly’s Covid-19 antibody drug and remdesivir in hospitalized Covid-19 patients, after an independent committee found a lack of a benefit. Guess Trump’s fake illness to boost the market scheme is falling apart. US_FDA where is the science on approval? IraSahira remdesivir yg dlm artikel nano cakap potential tinggi tu kan?

Eli Lilly strikes optimistic tone on COVID-19 therapy after trial failureEli Lilly fell short of analysts' expectations for third-quarter profit due to increased costs to develop COVID-19 therapies and lower demand for some its major drugs, including diabetes treatment Trulicity Breaking: SaudiArabia: An amount of SAR 500K /( $133K) is disbursed to the families of the deceased due to the Corona working in the gov or private health sector, whether civilian or military & whether Saudi or non-Saudi. It applies from the date of recording the 1st infection Thank you realDonaldTrump and SenateGOP_ and HouseGOP for all your hard work to make this coming 3rd wave of Covid-19 not only possible but it is going to be setting record highs for Covid numbers in cases,hospitalizations and deaths while taking away our healthcare coverage good luck

Lilly antibody drug fails in a Covid-19 study; others go onU.S. government officials are putting an early end to a study testing an Eli Lilly antibody drug for people hospitalized with Covid-19 because it doesn't seem to be helping them. All vaccine and drug trials are failing. The scientists have nothing to show for the last 7 months. They claimed they were all sharing knowledge across the world. Oh. Snap. Noooo!! Save us big pharma!!!

Eli Lilly to supply COVID-19 antibody treatment to US for $375 million - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. FFS it doesn't work. Trust big pharma? good Hope they get a thank you card, is this the wholesale price we paying 🧐.

U.S. strikes deal with Lilly for potential COVID-19 antibody drugThe U.S. government will pay as much as $1.19 billion to Eli Lilly and Co to secure nearly 1 million doses of its experimental COVID-19 antibody treatment, a drug similar to a treatment that U.S. President Donald Trump received. Guessing this is gonna be yet another “deal” where the public pays to develop the drug and then it’s sold back us at 10x the cost. Armenian armed forces, grossly violating the humanitarian ceasefire regime, have fired at the Barda city from the Smerch MLRS. StopArmenianTerrorism StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianOccupation PrayForBarda Barda DontBelieveArmenia

Lilly antibody drug fails in study of hospitalized Covid patients, other trials go onUS government officials are putting an early end to a study testing an Eli Lilly antibody drug for people hospitalized with Covid-19 because it doesn’t seem to be helping them. My children got corona from our neighbor who went to a unmasked reckless trump rally. I had my buddy reassessed his property value costing him thousands. Was not enough. Voted all blue today. First time I ever voted. Trump Biden Republicans have shown their interest is only self interest forcing nomination without a quorum. VOTE ALL GOP OUT. I’m sure the reason why half these places are even trying to do these experiments is because it’s government funded and then when I found a pocket the money easy money laundering System. Just like nonprofit agencies there all money laundering agencies.