Gop Senators Propose Swapping Columbus Day With Juneteenth As Federal Holiday - Cnnpolitics

Gop Senators Propose Swapping Columbus Day With Juneteenth As Federal Holiday - Cnnpolitics

GOP senators propose swapping Columbus Day with Juneteenth as federal holiday

Republican Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are proposing to replace the federal observance of Columbus Day with Juneteenth

7/2/2020 10:03:00 PM

Republican Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are proposing to replace the federal observance of Columbus Day with Juneteenth

Republican Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are proposing to replace the federal observance of Columbus Day with Juneteenth.

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WTF 😳😒😣😞 Please Add one more thing! Replace monuments of Slave Owner with the monuments of Doctor Martin Luther King and Malcolm X! 'Pandering' is a Requirement for All Politicians on Both sides, for All Political Positions. Dont act like you're Surprised. 90% of Americans didn't know it existed until this year.

You have got to be kidding me! Really? Does that mean I can wear blackface? For eight years we had a black president in that eight years, Yet Juneteenth has never been brought up. That’s an excellent idea! Republican President Mark Patrick Seymour Yours Truly That should fix the issue Wait, was it African Americans or Native Americans that were affected when those ships touched our shores? Elementary was soo long ago.

Great idea! I'd suggest eliminating Columbus Day and making ELECTION DAY a national holiday. Not to overlook Juneteenth, but we NEED Election Day to be a federal holiday. Is there any Italian American holiday ? Columbus Day needs to be changed to a day that honors Native Americans SenatorLankford SenRonJohnson

..... not surprised Yawn lies Am I the only one surprised? You can't meet nuts halfway. They will just ask for more. So you might as well cave in to their whole terrorist agenda. Great Republicans?!!! Replace Thanksgiving with Juneteenth.. Catering to dem hysteria. Vote these guys out. Sozikopo porifawu OMG...and this is a REPUBLICAN led idea ? No way !!!! Miracles can happen.....

No! No. No. Make ELECTION DAY a federal holiday. That has more sense. Two GOP sens ?.......I think they just received results of last polls. Why not replace it with dr Martin Luther king day. It’s amazing how theses politicians try to kiss the asses of the black community to advance their career Yes. Senator James Lankford - you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a disgrace to the GOP. Start packing your bags....

WHOA... Where did you guys come from.... wait a minute.... who is behind the curtain? Obvious political pandering for votes just before a major election, seeking to appease the black voters during current hotbed events. In reality, this very thing should have been done long ago anyway. Start there, and then keep going with Election Day. Maybe then and instead of suppressing voting we can make real progress in this country, starting with voting these clowns out of office.

Can’t we have both? Two holidays are better than one! Good way to get voted out of Office...Unless you're just pandering in a Democratic State FoxNews You brave enough to see what's coming? 👇 I smell desperation Columbus Day was ok during the 8 Obama years.... Really? It will always be Columbus Day to me, I don’t care what they name it. They are calling everyone a terrorist these days except, those that really are.

Don’t do it.... Oh you have got to be kidding me. Quit kissing ass. That will not make it better. Idiots Wow Can this get any more ridiculous I got no problem with that How about making Election Day a national holiday ItsKrissy if this passes I’m blaming you!! Get a grip Are we going to change the whole countries narrative to appease the 13% of the black population? They already have black history MONTH, MLK day and now this? And white people are supposed to just shut up and accept or were racist. God please let Trump MAGA

Vermont won’t like that Given most people won’t read the article, CNN kinda giving these guys cover on the real shitty reason they are doing this. It’s about not giving people more time off, not about their issues with Columbus lol. Is James Langford just kushner in aged makeup and dyed blonde hair? I strongly disagree with your bill. Please introduce a bill to replace the statue of Christopher Columbus torn down by a mob.

Sad world we live in. The republicans propose something and the mob jumps at them saying it’s political. If the Democrats proposed this, the mob would be lining up to shake their hands and would praise each one. Juneteenth should have always been a holiday. The day Trump is removed from office should be another Holiday as well.

🤨🤨 What! Huh! Trump is going to be pissed. Anyone know if they are up for re-election? If not “someone grew some balls”. He thinks he is being f* cute and clever... Oh my God Georgia Destroys daily record of Covid cases with 3472 and third tie day of high deaths of 22and record rise in hospitalizations Florida destroys Daily covid case rates 10,109 and monthly high deaths of 68 and record rise in hospitalizations

No I know where there hearts are Wouldn't it be better to replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day? Pretty sure they literally said it was because they don’t want to give workers another holiday. “Would cost to much money”. This has nothing to do with the meanings of the holidays, just usual GOP distain for workers.

Smh This seems strangely decent, are you sure they're republicans? Your network never mentioned Juneteenth day until this year. Or replace C day with Indeginous Peoples Day and ADD Juneteenth And give every black you see $10 right moron Election day should be a holiday, Columbus Day should be Indigenous Peoples Day, and Juneteenth should be it's own federal holiday.

So, which is going to end up having a little sit down chat with the president and come back to oppose the proposal? One? Both? Why not both?

Republican senators Johnson, Lankford propose making Juneteenth a federal holiday and dropping Columbus DayIn response to bipartisan efforts to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, Republican Sens. Ron Johnson and James Lankford have proposed eliminating a different federal holiday: Columbus Day. Yeah right. Good luck with this one GOP. It’s really amazing to see the hooded ones even begin to attack Native Americans. This is what happens when Texas gets to write the school textbooks. Let’s eliminate Presidents’ Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day while your at it. Why would we allow statues of Abraham Lincoln to be vandalized and removed, but then add Juneteenth as a Federal holiday?

Republican senators Johnson, Lankford propose making Juneteenth a federal holiday and dropping Columbus DayColumbus Day has been a source of controversy because of the killing and enslavement of indigenous people by European explorers and settlers. They're crazy Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Two GOP Senators that are progressive liberals. They’re weak!

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