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Goldman Sachs says a government shutdown would hit these stocks the hardest

New for subscribers: Goldman Sachs says a government shutdown would hit these stocks the hardest. Check out @CNBCPro today.

9/23/2021 6:57:00 PM

New for subscribers: Goldman Sachs says a government shutdown would hit these stocks the hardest. Check out CNBCPro today.

As a debt limit showdown brews in Washington , history shows certain stocks could be hit hardest if a government shutdown occurs.

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What You Need to Know about NASA’s SpaceX Crew-3 Mission

NASA and SpaceX once again are gearing up to launch astronauts on an American rocket and spacecraft from American soil to the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

Pro Not a single historical government shutdown has adversely harmed the economy. Pro Oh Yes, important to get them stock trades in! 👍

Disney CEO warns 'the world is changing' and so are talent dealsDisney CEO Bob Chapek, speaking at a virtual Goldman Sachs conference, acknowledged tensions over talent deals. hahahahahahaha they're trying to cut stars and production staff out of back end deals so they can keep all the streaming monies, hahahahahahaha “If God had made my mouth any bigger, he would have had to move my ears. He would have moved them next to his chair to hear...(Write a Minstrel Challenge!) here! Shout it, Shout it out loud! He’s still kow towing to China.

House Democrats plan Tuesday vote to avoid government shutdown, lift debt limit in showdown with RepublicansWith federal operations now funded through Sept. 30, the House Democrats’ bill would keep the government running through Dec. 3. At the same time, it would extend the debt limit through Dec. 16, 2022. We don't buy bitcoin We earn bitcoin From Mining I'm ready to show 10 lucky people on how to earn 1BTC ($42,061.90) and more daily! No referral No withdrawal fees Interested people only Kindly send a DM. I'm old and crazy like everyone is Washington dc..sorry kids

Senate Republicans Are Set To Block Debt Limit IncreaseA debt default would be like a government shutdown on steroids. Oh no, more hyperbole from the media . . . Every time there's a Dem president, republicans pull this shit. It's cool if one of our guys wants to destroy the world, but heaven forbit we allow spending on better the country! They're willing to destroy our economy to 'own the libs'. How much further down this horrible road are they willing to walk?

The 10 fastest-growing jobs of the next decade—and how much they payThe Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the U.S. will add 11.9 million jobs through 2030, many in industries that were hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic. MakeIt 1: Onlyfans? MakeIt ChrisCharlotteG Hello !ヽ(*´∀`)ノ🪄👤🌈👤 reports newanalysis 🔐🧲🔗👤🌐👀🔍️🔗 🆘COVID19 🏢👩‍💼🧑‍💼👋...👩‍🍳🍴🔪👨‍🍳 🆗future job 🌐🔄🫂 BureauofLaborStatistics ✅🌞💡⛽️🌀🏳️💥💫 ✅💻️😈 💽🔐💫📱🔡↗️ 💫 🏡➰🏢➰🫂➰🏡 💫 ✅🧑‍🦼🧠人👴🙆👵人🫀🧑‍🦯 🌐🐈‍⬛🎌🐾🪄🏢👩‍💼👀🔍️💦

Overprescribing of medicines must stop, says governmentSome prescribed treatments are unnecessary and even harmful, says government-commissioned report. *Overprescribing of medicines must stop in England, says UK government Agreed. Especially anti depressant & anti psychotics for off lable purposes such as insomnia, chronic pain, weight loss etc. Many of these medications carry a black box warning & should be carefully prescribed. Withdrawalfrom these medications are more harmful than opioids. Should have stopped GenerationMedication at least a decade ago 💊 P.S. Applies to experimental genetic jabs too 💉 LeaveOurKidsAlone

Uma Thurman Revealed She Had an Abortion as a Teenager: ‘I Have No Regrets for the Path I’ve Traveled’It was the hardest decision of her life, she wrote.