Small Plates|Cake|Birthday|How To|Bake|Kid-Friendly|Candy|Dessert

Small Plates|Cake|Birthday|How To|Bake|Kid-Friendly|Candy|Dessert

Giant Doughnut Cake Is the Best Kind of Cake

Yeah it's silly, but that's the point.


Yeah it's silly, but that's the point.

This just might be the coolest birthday cake hack we know.

Want a classic glazed look? Just cool the cake entirely before coating both sides with a

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Voodoogarage1 I make them all the time 😁

Blackout Cake Is Quite Possibly the Most Chocolaty Cake We've Ever MadeThree layers of super moist cake + two layers of creamy pudding=a chocolate lover's dream. Never too early. Nope, just in time Never too early. I love love love chocolate.

This 4-Ingredient Apple Cake Is As Easy As It GetsThis week's Big Little Recipe defies all logic: a fluffy, tender cake whose batter contains no butter, oil, baking soda, or baking powder. But how? I made this for my students. So easy, and they loved it! 🍎 applecake thewelltravelledkitchen This got me curious.

Chocolate-Pumpkin Layer Cake RecipeThis rich and decadent spiced pumpkin cake is just the thing to serve for an autumn celebration, Thanksgiving or otherwise Chocolate chips and chopped pecans are added to the pumpkin batter for extra sweetness and a bit of welcome crunch For those who like to plan ahead, it can be made and frozen – iced and all Nice Chocolate pumpkin?! Ick!

The Internet Is Demanding More Prince Edward After This Epic Cake Cutting VideoPrince Edward visited the Lakeland Community Care Centre in Northern Ireland this week and a video of him dramatically cutting a cake went viral. Which internet? The regular World Wide Web or the Dark Net that stores ill Luciferian/Satanic content?

The Internet Is Obsessed With Prince Edward’s Aggressive, Yet Successful Cake-Cutting TechniquePlus, a spice company is spending a lot to get Trump impeached, and more news to start your day

Jehovah's Witnesses announce plans to build giant media center despite recent spotlight on child abuse allegationsThe center plans on producing more audio-visual advice content that will focus on living a principled life and parenting. I’m going to open a “no soliciting” sign store in that neighborhood.

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