George Floyd live updates: North Carolina memorial; DC could see 'one of the largest' protests

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A memorial service for George Floyd will be held in Raeford, North Carolina, where Floyd was born as demonstrations — including a massive protest that could be 'one of the largest' in D.C — continue nationwide.

The public service will be held at the Cape Fear Conference B Headquarters from 1 to 3 p.m., according to a release from attorney Ben Crump.At a, Crump focused his remarks on the need for justice, not just for Floyd but others who encountered a similar fate.

D.C. police chief Peter Newsham said planned demonstrations Saturday"may be one of the largest that we've had in the city.", have grown in recent days over the expanding federal law enforcement and military presence in muralists painted"Black Lives Matter" in yellow letters on the street.

Officers appear to pull a person out of the passenger’s side door and another person out on the driver’s side. At least two officers appear to hold down the person pulled out of the passenger’s side.


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Always remember and never forget what this psychopath said “Hopefully George is looking down and saying this is a great thing that's happening for our country. (It's) a great day for him.”

More to this then we know 🤔

Demonstrations are AGAINST police BRUTALITY & racism (wreaked against the black community with IMPUNITY). For Pence to engage with Candace Owens' pretense that black people are choosing martyrs, is twisting the truth! The WH must follow the NFL in admitting mishandling protests.

Let’s see a open casket! Fake funeral!

So thousands of folks gather in mass during the middle of a pandemic against the strong advice of nearly every single legitimate contagious virus expert in order to fight for the value that every single life holds. No one else sees the sad irony of this?

Will anyone bring up the moment he put a gun to a pregnant lady’s stomach in his eulogy?

They will drag your dead body all around the country, if it bolsters their propaganda. Don't buy into this bs.

Closed caskets are not viewings

Don’t care this isn’t a justic protest it’s a excuse to cause mayhem violence ! We all agreed that what happen to Floyd wasn’t right but neither are these protest that caused ppl to loot murder ! When you all have a vigil for DAVID DORN who was killed in these protest I will care

so, the Republican Convention is back on? VoteBlueLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt GodBlessAmerica

Is the protest going to become a riot and kill more people - police officers, shop owners, etc.? Are we allowed to justify killing people in the name of asking police not to kill people? It doesn't make sense but seems pretty cool for the media to try and explain.

Praying for his family and friends, and praying that his memory will be honored and respected. God bless us all.

enough is enough ! just because he was black you made a big deal of this!? idiots.

Now have a service for the little girl burned alive by the protesters

Of course it will

CarolinaPirateX pirate_carolina While protest is about racial injustice and police brutality to Floyd death on May 25, 2020. The title Black Lives Matter group movement is racist and should be All Lives Matter. BlackLivesMatter or BLK group is racist using word color black.

But remember, your government says you cant go to church or hold a funeral service for your loved ones. But this isnt political.

Never has one black man been so exploited :(

Why won't BLM address black policeman murdered by looters and others over the last 10 days? That's right doesn't fit the 'keep black folks upset' agenda!

Floyd is NO ANGEL regardless of HOW HE DIED.

They’re giving him more glory than Kobe. Sad!

He didn't deserve to be murdered and these protests are needed but to canonize this man is disrespectful to the woman he victimized

Let’s keep this is context: George Floyd: high on fentanyl & meth, passing out counterfeit cash at the time of his arrest. He was sent to prison eight (8) times. Served 5 years for breaking into a pregnant woman's home & holding a gun to her belly, threatening to kill her child!

Rest in power? Really? If he wasn’t day drunk and committing a crime, the cops wouldn’t have been called. He would still be alive. When will someone admit that? Stop blaming everybody else.


Memorial for the guy who stuck a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman as his friends ransacked her house. Nice.

Give Kaepernick his JOB back Now & back PAY!!! Pay Floyds family too. They knew all along what Kaepernick meant when he took the knee. “STOP KILLING US, WE NEED YOUR HELP OWNERS, HEAD COACHES & Asst. COACHES TO. THEY didn’t CARE. So they ignore him and fired him.

Candace Owens.

while the killing of the man was wrong in every sort of way. I just watched that viral candice owens video and she went over his record... holding a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach...

We gonna have 100 funerals now.....

He went to prison for pointing a gun at a pregnant womans belly for monwy and drugs during a home invasion! NOT A HERO!! A POS

Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman's belly.. Nuff said...

better than rainbows. (Maybe why he was killed? Think, AI, think. How rap sheet? He targeted for years. He not drug problem have, problem is access to drug (forced supply to point he have no money at all) and choose counterfeit move. Is tragedy real for so many. So bad Namaha

If George Floyd had not been committing a crime, he would be alive today. Crime does not pay.

may the death of George Floyd brings the end of police brutality more especially against blacks in America and South Africa

Irresponsible Democrat / MSM Complex Tells Childish Blacks To Riot—So They Do.

Hero and a role model

Say no to black hate,rage,and violence

Keep protesting! Keep chanting! Even if our President seems to be ignoring us, THE WORLD IS WATCHING!! This movement will go down in HISTORY!

On this day of D-Day remembrance, known as America’s greatest moment. When America’s greatest generation risked all in the fight against fascism, we must stand ashamed President Trump is now openly saluted as “Heil Trump”.

Peace and resolution find its way into the hearts and minds of all of us.

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