George Floyd family attorney: ‘An insult to justice’ that officers involved haven’t been arrested

Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump says the decision by the US Attorney that there wouldn't be prosecution against the officer at the moment is ‘an insult to justice everyday they’re not arrested.’

5/29/2020 6:02:00 AM

George Floyd family attorney says it's 'an insult to justice' that no arrests have been made in his death, adding that the Floyd family 'continued to say, 'all the evidence you need, all the probable cause you need, is on the video.'

Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump says the decision by the US Attorney that there wouldn't be prosecution against the officer at the moment is ‘an insult to justice everyday they’re not arrested.’

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The family should take this to civil court & sue for wrongful death. Should be a slam dunk case. It would set precedence & deter incidents like this from occurring in the future. Sue the cops involved & the PD whose policies need to change. That’s justice, not burning down a city Both law enforcement admins. Federal and non-federal have laws that have been violated in the murder of Floyd . The video is evidence enough to arrest. The local & state have not made the arrests that are more than warranted: The Feds are sandbagging. BlackLivesMatter

🤣🤣🤣 All this reporting is not helping because the media is meant to be a voice of the people and their truth and not political biases that never help anyone. Hold the government to account and keep the pressure on. Stop being bystanders and do what you are meant to. ABSOLUTELY. If they had just arrested that cop the rioting wouldn't have happened. The horrific video shows the evidence of a murder--plain and simple. THEY MURDERED HIM. Ample probable cause. SMH.😢💔 JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

PEOPLE OF Minneapolis. THIS IS THE FACE OF EVIL THAT YOU WANT! KKK GRANDMASTER IN GOVERNMENT POLICE UNIFORM. MinneapolisRIOTS2020 STOP DESTROYING YOUR CITY! minneapolisriots MinneapolisRiot MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim Minnesotariots Minnesota ICYMI BREAKING Apparently his Attorney doesn’t really know the Law.

Patience. At least in 92 LA they waited for the verdict. These animals are just burning everything. They are no better than the terrorists that bombed the Marine barracks in Beirut. Another fine example of what a democratic mayor does for the black community, someone has to see that all these major cities with dem leadership ARE NOT helping the community! cthagod realDonaldTrump GOP kanyewest Dem nominee said something racist last wk JoeBidenIsARacist

Hundreds Protest in Minneapolis After Death of George Floyd in Police CustodyDemonstrators reportedly faced tear gas and rubber bullets in the city where George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died in police custody on Memorial Day Each death in unjust captivity, Each persecution with no cause shown Sows a seed of vengeful hostility That sprouts in places unknown & It takes but one malignant blossom, A fruit of unassuaged enmity To wreak such reckoning so awesome Shall level generations in posterity EVIL

Ex-cop: Video of George Floyd feels like a monstrous rerunThe widely-circulated video of a Minneapolis police officer with his knee on George Floyd's neck is horrific, says law enforcement veteran Cedric L. Alexander. But in too many ways, it's a re-run of Eric Garner and the wrenching phrase 'I can't breathe' - and a sobering reminder, despite the firing of the four officers involved, that all police officers are only as good as their training and the culture that surrounds them. Opinion Throw them in jail Opinion I’m beyond tired of this bull 💩 JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Opinion NP

Protesters gather in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killedWATCH: Protesters filled the streets in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the corner where George Floyd was pinned to the ground by a police officer. GeorgeFloyd Why does this continue? Does nobody in power care?! Rodney King that!!! Yes my brothers speak for him , show them we will NO LONGER stand for racist officers

New George Floyd video shows him compliant and handcuffed early in fatal encounterWhile the video only shows one phase of the arrest process and has no audio, it shows George Floyd handcuffed and appearing to follow the officers' instructions. All LIVES matter so sad God Bless him he didn’t deserve this I know he’s in Heaven with our Heavenly Fathery✝️🙏🏼❤️

Hundreds gathered in the Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd died after police encounterAfter George Floyd's death, hundreds packed the streets of Minneapolis, many gathering at the spot where he was pinned to the ground by police shortly before he died. Demonstrators chanted 'I can't breathe,' which were some of the last words he uttered. Justice for George POLICE Brutality MUST end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're not against whites.. we're against the cops, they're our enemies.