Covid-19, Garth Brooks, Vaccines

Covid-19, Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Tells Fans to Wear Masks at Upcoming Kansas City Stadium Concert

Arrowhead Stadium will also host a vaccination clinic at the concert, with incentives to win seat upgrades for those who get inoculated

8/3/2021 9:56:00 PM

Garth Brooks tells fans to wear masks at his Kansas City concert this weekend. There will also be an on-site Covid-19 vaccination clinic.

Arrowhead Stadium will also host a vaccination clinic at the concert, with incentives to win seat upgrades for those who get inoculated

that only “10 to 15” people took advantage of that vaccination event, despite a chance to win tickets and backstage passes to the rapper’s show.Brooks, meanwhile, has been encouraging his fans to wear masks to his shows as the delta variant continues to drive up infections and hospitalizations nationwide. He

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aireda video prior to his scheduled concert in Nashville last weekend at Nissan Stadium asking fans to be respectful of those who choose to wear masks (and those who don’t). The concert was ultimately postponed because of a lightning storm. During his weekly

Inside Studio GFacebookchat on Monday, Brooks spoke to his audience about the rising threat of Covid, telling them, “It’s getting real sticky out there.”“Follow all the rules, make your own rules up too. You can’t be safe enough. You can’t be cautious enough. Keep your space. Keep your distance,” Brooks said. “Please feel free to wear the masks at the concert. Nobody is going to look at you strange, I promise.” In a comment on the Facebook post, Brooks’ wife and onstage partner, Trisha Yearwood, echoed those sentiments. “Wear your mask! Stay safe,” she wrote.

Kansas City recently instituted an indoor mask mandate. Arrowhead Stadium, an outdoor venue, does not require masks. Read more: Rolling Stone »

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I saw about 5 people wearing masks in kc at this concert and I DGAF. Kansas City COVID insanity Harrisonville PD aggressively spreading COVID misinformation SMH. I guess Brooks will sleep easy after making that disclaimer. KC will be a hot mess next week. 😞😡 kecowgill Very well done. Thank you, Garth 🙏😌💙

Then no concert for me byebye garthbrooks Is that the same Garth Brooks who refused to wear a mask at the inauguration and then went around and hugged everyone there? JustSayNO This where having friends in low places becomes an issue... Be sure to wear your masks outside while you drink your beer, smoke your cigs and sweat to death in the sun...LOL.


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GottaLaff Nice! Better than Clapton 0.004% Tell garthbrooks to go **** himself. But he won't. totally evolved country star He’s got friends in cold places… If other country music stars and, I don't know, pork rind dealers (IDK what Republicans do for fun) started demanding masks, maybe things would get better.


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