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Gargling solution flies off Japan's shelves after governor touts anti-virus effect

Gargling solution flies off Japan's shelves after governor touts anti-virus effect

8/5/2020 10:30:00 AM

Gargling solution flies off Japan 's shelves after governor touts anti-virus effect

Japan ese drugstores were stripped bare of gargling solution by Wednesday, a day after the governor of the western prefecture of Osaka suggested it could help fight coronavirus, triggering panicked buying reminiscent of the early days of mask shortages.

Hundreds of thousands of people posted pictures of emptied shelves on Twitter, accompanied by handwritten “Out of Stock” notices, as they canvassed suggestions on how to acquire the coveted antiseptic.“Anyone else having trouble buying gargling medicine? I’m coming to four misses now,” wrote one user, @shotaro_1117, who posted images of four cleaned-out shelves.

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On Tuesday, Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura said a study showed a smaller viral load in the saliva of 41 patients with mild symptoms after regular gargling with a medicine infused with povidone-iodine solution than in those who had not.“Perhaps we can even overcome the coronavirus with gargling medicine,” he told a mid-afternoon news conference, speaking of the study on those convalescing in regional hotels which was released by an Osaka hospital.

As the Japanese official spoke, shares of Meiji Holdings Co (2269.T), which sells a popular medicine previously marketed as Isojin, skyrocketed, gaining as much as 7.7% by late on Tuesday.The shares were down 4% on Wednesday, but more than 1.2 million tweets had employed the hashtag #Isojin by afternoon.

As governments worldwide have struggled to rein in the virus, which has killed nearly 700,000 people and infected more than 18 million, some in authority have seized on any treatment seeming to offer a glimmer of hope.For example, U.S. President Donald Trump has persistently promoted the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine as successful in treating the virus, and in April, he asked publicly if injecting disinfectant might help.

Japan’s top government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga, said he was aware of the Osaka governor’s comments, including the fact that researchers would try to determine if the ingredient could keep disease symptoms from worsening.“The government will closely watch developments of the research,” Suga told a news conference.

Some experts were sceptical, however.“I think these kinds of claims might even lead to a high number of false negatives for PCR tests,” pharmacist and medical writer Shuichi Aoshima wrote on Twitter, adding that tests after use of the germicide would register lower levels of the virus.

“It’s the same as dripping povidone-iodine onto a virus sample.”Reporting by Sakura Murakami; Additional reporting by Chang-Ran Kim; Editing by Clarence Fernandez Read more: Reuters Top News »

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tekina_osamu 日本ではまだまだテレビの影響力が強く、コロナデモが国民一丸となって、起こるような状況ではないです😢 Osaka Governor misinterpreted a study showing a smaller viral load in the saliva of COVID-19 patients after gargling with povidone-iodine solution & said “We can overcome the coronavirus.” Of course, however, it just reduced the virus in the oral cavity temporarily. イソジン吉村


Japanese intelligence. Gargle warm salty water. That will fend off most viruses . 付和雷同? Oh good grief. Here we go again ! I don’t run out and get my mouthwash once this news hits the western world it’s all over but the crying I wish politicians would remain silent and let scientists get on with the job. 政治家も政治家だけど、 ワイドショー見て右往左往する国民性がなぁ… ニュージーランドやドイツに代表される理想的な政治家が生まれない、未成熟な国って事よ。 自分の頭で考えないんだもんね…

政治家に踊らされる、バカな国民としか思えません(-_-) 自動翻訳 『薬剤師兼医療ライターの青島修一氏はTwitterで、「この種の主張がPCR検査の偽陰性を引き起こす可能性があると思う」と述べ、殺菌剤を使用した後の検査では、ウイルスのレベルが低くなると付け加えた。 「ポビドンヨードをウイルスのサンプルに滴下するのと同じです。」』 #イソジン吉村 mas__yamazaki 首長(知事&市長)がこぞって、イソジン宣伝マン のべつ幕なく嗽水をふくんでいれば、何とかなる かもしれないが、生活ができないねえ 感染予防の科学的根拠もないという 雨合羽に続く俄か論法 大阪の目立ちたがり屋にWHOからご指導下さい それ以上に心底優しいのだろうが 蠢く民に喝を入れて下さい

トランプ氏の「抗マラリア薬でコロナが治る」コメントと並べられてる・・ さて、このツイートを理解できないコロナ脳は何人いるのでしょうか。 日本人チョロすぎ😅 levinassien humiliating… It's shameful ... levinassien うわあ Remember how some ppl said 'high obedience of Japanese people' have slowed the spread of COVID-19? Here's the catch: Japanese people do whatever they're told to do, even if it's obviously wrong and false. Because Japanese people don't have the brains to 'think' before you act.

mas__yamazaki I'm embarrassed as a person who once lived in Osaka. t_wak ガイコクノ ミナサン コニチハ。ニポーンノ ニュース タノシンデネ。 アルコール殺菌出来ない人は、イソジンでうがいを。 ちょっとは控えてくれよニッポン❗️ ちょっとは控えてくれよニッポン‼️ 身体を張ったギャグって言葉は使うけど大阪見ながら府を張ったギャグを初めて見たと思ったけど日本は国を張ったギャグだった件 WWW Speechless.... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why Japanese people 🤔 kamayan1192 恥ずかしいって、言われてますね😅

Shame Swap the virus for throat cancer if you use this bloomin' stuff!! :) 大阪は政治家が無能で本当に気の毒です😭💦 予想通りの行動。見っともない事だ。

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