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GameStop stock falls toward 6th straight decline after Ascendiant analyst downgrades to sell

GameStop's stock remains in retreat as Ascendiant analyst calls it a sell

4/12/2021 5:17:00 PM

GameStop's stock remains in retreat as Ascendiant analyst calls it a sell

Shares of GameStop Corp. undefined fell 0.7% in premarket trading Monday, which puts them in danger of a sixth straight loss, after Ascendiant Capital...

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NASA’s Perseverance Captures Video, Audio of Fourth Ingenuity Flight

Sounds of the Mars Helicopter’s whirring rotors add another new dimension to the historic project.

Welp. This aged well. So now reddit listen to analysts 😂 Throw up some actual news on the cyclical failure to delivers on $GME. Also do some digging on the dark pool trading. Or don’t and just keep the jokes coming. Market watch insider trades and pushes out articles about drops and price 20 mins before it actually happens SEC we’re gonna hold you accountable for market manipulation

How's the outlook on their $RDHL pick? Still got a $20 price target on that? Buy & hodl YOU CAN PRY THESE SHARES FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS !!!! Ah yes, the highly-respected boutique Ascendiant analyst ratings 😂 Didn't Game stop just flood the market with more shares to be available to buy? wouldn't that affect the price?

Imagine still holding this thing.

Idaho middle school employees hailed as 'heroes' after 6th grade girl injures 3 in shootingThe rampage only stopped when a female teacher took the handgun from the shooter and 'held her until law enforcement apprehended her,' Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said.

Idaho 6th Grade Schoolgirl Shoots ThreeA teacher managed to disarm her before anybody was killed (via toofab) TooFab Little girls packing heat in middle school. Wild. Glad no one was killed. TooFab Great teacher! Hope she gets a medal for this! TooFab Well, what do you know? Seems like teachers are better trained than cops to handle these type of situations.

Kate Middleton Released a Sweet New Photo of Princess Charlotte for Her 6th BirthdayThere's a reason she and William did not put it on their Kensington Palace social media accounts though. I think she looks so much like her grandmother. HIT MUNDIAL CANCIÓN DE MAMÁ DE MAGDALENA DE LA FUENTE ESCRITORA GAVIOTA WRITER GULL jack Forbes A LAS MAMÁS DEL MUNDO A LAS MAMÁS DE COLOMBIA MI CANCIÓN PARA QUE VUELVA LA PAZ CANTEN MI CANCIÓN X LAS CALLES DE COLOMBIA DIOS MUEVA CORAZONES GABO LLORA CRY Looks just like her grandmother

Eddie Glaude: There is a ‘direct line’ between January 6th and new voter suppression lawsPrinceton University Professor Eddie Glaude and former Florida Congressman David Jolly react to the GOP’s wave of new bills that would restrict access to the ballot box, including the one just recently passed in the Florida state legislature that would make it much harder to vote by mail esglaude 1/6 was an inside job. esglaude You don't need to understand anything. You just need to follow the law. esglaude All is SILENT about exposing the leading seditionists in our Congress… Fascists LYING about the election & other BS while not being censored or expelled from Congress! Smedley Butler stopped the fascist overthrow of the US in 1933. They’re at it AGAIN! Dump da filibuster.😻👍

6th-Grader Tells Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade That Biden Is Doing Better Job Than TrumpThe 'Fox & Friends' host fired back at the young student with a defense of the former president. arguing with 6-year-olds is one of my favorite pastimes What a shameful situation. Arguing with children. What is Fox doing? kilmeade just garbage