Gabrielle Union on Roxane Gay, 'Waiting to Exhale,' and the Book That Makes Her Feel Seen

Gabrielle Union on Roxane Gay, 'Waiting to Exhale,' and the Book That Makes Her Feel Seen

9/17/2021 11:23:00 AM

Gabrielle Union on Roxane Gay, 'Waiting to Exhale,' and the Book That Makes Her Feel Seen

The actress and bestselling author of We’re Going to Need More Wine and You Got Anything Stronger? takes our literary survey.

Whew.That book changed how I looked at relationships: what I thought they should look like, and what they actually look like, and learning how to find my peace within the patriarchy and toxic masculinity.… kept me up way too late:Americanahby Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s one of my all-time favorite books. It’s an epic love story that I could not put it down until I knew how it ended. And oh, what an ending. Down to the last sentence on the last page.

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…I recommend over and over again:by Roxane Gay. I’d like to say for obvious reasons, but we live in the swamp that is toxic masculinity and rape culture abounds and so we have to stay vigilant about fighting it....shaped my worldview:The Autobiography of Malcom X

as told to Alex Haley. It was assigned in my African American Studies class at UCLA. The professor advised us to reread it every year because there’s some new part about the book that we would be able to relate to each time we read it, and that has absolutely shaped my worldview.

...made me rethink a long-held belief:by Isabel Wilkerson. It explains the great migration, which thankfully explained my family that I definitely had a lot of assumptions about. I kind of made up my mind about who they were and why, but then I readThe Warmth of Other Suns

, and it blew up everything I knew about Black people, why they are, where they are geographically, and explained my parents and my family in a way I could have never understood previously....I read in one sitting, it was that good:Invisible Lifeby E. Lynn Harris. I was blown away by this world and by really being able to dive deeper into Black queer communities that I never had access to in literature in that way or that I didn’t realize I had access to in that way.

…I’d pass on to [daughter] Kaavia:Coming of Age in Mississippiby Anne Moody. It’s the book that my mom gave me when I think I was in the 4th grade, and it changed how I moved through the world as a young Black girl. It’s an incredibly important and poignant read and should be required reading for every young Black girl.

…I’d gift to a new graduate:by Maya Angelou because you’re gonna get knocked on your ass over and over again, and you’re gonna need inspiration to get your ass back up.…I’d like turned into a Netflix show:by Gloria Naylor. It explores class within the Black community in a way that I found intriguing and juicy.

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…I first bought:by Judy Blume. I wanted to learn more about periods, and everyone called it the period book, and I needed information because no one was as clear as Judy Blume was on the pages of that book....has the best title:by Omar Tyree. It conjures up every image of the baddest chicks you’ve ever seen in your life.

…has a sex scene that will make you blush:by Karrine Steffans a.k.a. “Superhead.” She told ALL the tea. Spared no details. The whole time I was like “Wow!” “Wow.” “Oh god.” “Wow!” “Oh!”…should be on every college syllabus:by Cornell West. I read it my first year of college, and it still holds true to this day. I still reference it. Still very relevant.

...I brought on a momentous trip Dwyane and I took to Africa:by Yaa Gyasi, which explores the connection we have as African Americans to Africa in such a profound, beautiful way and really connects you to the land and to each other as Black people. Read more: ELLE Magazine (US) »

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Gabrielle Union on Roxane Gay, 'Waiting to Exhale,' and the Book That Makes Her Feel SeenThe actress and bestselling author of We’re Going to Need More Wine and You Got Anything Stronger? takes our literary survey.

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