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From Biden versus Warren to #YangGang, here's everything to look for in tonight's Democratic debate

From Biden versus Warren to #YangGang, here's everything to look for in tonight's #DemDebate


From Biden versus Warren to YangGang, here's everything to look for in tonight's DemDebate

This is the first time that all of the top contenders will appear together, and one of the first chances they have to fully differentiate themselves from one another.

Participating in the debate are: Former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Cory Booker, former Congressman Beto O'Rourke, former Housing Secretary Julián Castro and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Tonight will be the first time Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden share a debate stage, and we'll be watching to see how the two front runners—who have dismissed the type of approaches taken by each of their campaigns—interact with one another on issues like healthcare, climate change, criminal justice reform, student debt and more.

Joe Biden has never been known for his smooth-talking ways, he's had a reputation as a bit of a

We'll be looking to see how he performs on the debate stage. We're also curious to see if any other candidates are willing to call him out on his recent misstatements.

This is just the third of TWELVE Democratic debates scheduled. To be clear: Those don't include the debates between President Donald Trump and whoever the Democratic nominee is. We're still in the salad days of this marathon feast, and it already feels pretty tiring.

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Nobody cares about those guys. We want Bernie! ...and don’t care You have a lot of work to do Newsweek; not easy making these Socialists look normal. Nope. I hope they remember who is the president right now and stop talking about Obama. Maybe put a giant poster with the name and picture of the 'past' president and who is president 'right now' they can see from the podium.

If Yang’s big surprise tonite is upping his bid to $1000 per week, I’d consider voting for him... if he upped it to $1000 per day, I would vote for him. The Democratic Party, obliterate the best woman candidate: Tulsi Gabbard. WHY? Nah!

Warren Gains on Biden in Perceived Electability in CBS Poll(Bloomberg) -- Elizabeth Warren is gaining both in probable Democratic convention delegates and in perceived electability, a CBS News/YouGov tracker poll showed on Sunday, even as former Vice President Joe Biden leads in an estimate of likely delegates from early-voting states.Among those considering I like warren, but she can't win the moderates the way Biden can. Can she win MI/WI/PA- and win in 2020? Might be able to. Even during Clintons rise, polls were within the MOE. I would love for Warren to win,but cant mess around in 2020. Biden has my vote Don’t believe the hype people!

Opinion: There's a reason populists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are gaining on Joe BidenOpinion: There's a reason populists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are gaining on Joe Biden (via latimesopinion) opinion populists? them realists opinion I’ll NEVER understand in a country as large as the US that Joe Biden is the best the Democrats can come up with. Where are the potential younger dynamic politicians ( I didn’t say young) opinion Yes, Joe is too old.

Latest 2020 polls show Elizabeth Warren gaining ground on Joe BidenA Monmouth University poll released in late August showed a virtual three-way tie nationally among Biden, Warren and Sanders. Lady Liberty go miss E. Bernie Sanders is going to make it. And no one cares .americans are off food stamps and social services and working real jobs as pay per hour has increased along with more people working. We do not need marxism as the progressives have dressed it up . All Power to the People

They Meet at Last: Biden-Warren Matchup Is Main Event in DebateElizabeth Warren and Joe Biden arrive at Thursday’s forum with contrasting styles and policies — tensions that will be laid bare as they appear onstage together for the first time. BERNIE2020 'Here’s how they differ': cognition, mental agility among others, but let's start there Biden's got nowhere to go but down. SC Iowa

Democrats see Biden, Warren as close fits ideologically, view Sanders as more extremeDemocratic voters see Joe Biden as slightly to their right, Elizabeth Warren as slightly to their left, and Bernie Sanders as more extreme, a poll finds. USCDornsife Only way BS loses CA is by election fraud. USCDornsife Yeah no. USCDornsife Well ewarren literally stole almost all of BernieSanders policies so this poll has no merit. So if they view him as too extreme then she’s too extreme as well

The Note: Warren puts Biden on warning on eve of next debateSen. Elizabeth Warren has made clear that among her many campaign plans is a plan to draw contrasts with former Vice President Joe Biden. WHO CARES? THEY BOTH SUCK!

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