Freedom from mandates is focus at Utah Eagle Forum convention

1/9/2022 7:11:00 AM


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Government 'encroaching on freedoms' was top-of-mind at today's annual convention of Utah conservatives — the majority of whom did not wear face masks, despite a new and active emergency public health order requiring them to do so.


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NoPollutingPort 'Unlimited freedom' is an oxymoron. Says the national capitol for jerrymandering run by a theocracy.....jesus 😆 🤣 😂 Freedom?! As far as it goes I can do whatever the hell I want with a mask… sign me up! 2 years no COVIDi am guessing masks do work where am at 1) The comments on here make me realize we will lose more exhausted healthcare workers, the brilliant minds that we seek for help are the ones still trying to save those who refuse to help themselves, those who chose to still make it political

The Eagle Forum ran out of high schools to protest at so now they complain about masks while wearing magic underwear. Try to be more balanced. Stop trying to direct the narrative. U mean it was a topic of how to continue for Republicans to tru & make America an authoritarian country? Cloth masks and shields don’t work. Just ask Sec of Defense Austin who still got Covid.

No masks DESPITE emergency health orders *clutches pearls* I'll be laughing and posting Darwin memes when .001% of those in attendance die of/with Covid. Seriously, who cares anymore. Get vaccinated and take care of yourselves. Let these guys eliminate themselves from the human race. Less republican voters. Maybe we can finally turn this state blue.

Our of all the topics that may have been discussed during the convention, sheeple reporter chose to focus on some of the attendees decision not to wear a mask. Really?

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freedom to what? They didn’t wear masks during the GOP convention even though there was a mask mandate then too. They claim to be the party of “law and order” but it’s become clear they want to make laws for others. They have embraced white supremacy & hatred. So stupid… and sad! Wear your masks peasants!

Because we are done!

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Utah roads last year saw highest number of deaths in nearly two decades“These are not just statistics,” Utah Highway Patrol Colonel Michael Rapich said. “These are horrible, tragic events that involve violent tragedy.” Ah, the joys of living in pseudo-libertarian, 'less government' Utah. Where's my Gadsden flag, I left it around here somewhere...

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