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France Unanimously Votes Gender Quotas For Executive Leadership

France Unanimously Votes Gender Quotas For Executive Leadership

5/16/2021 12:14:00 PM

France Unanimously Votes Gender Quotas For Executive Leadership

After quotas on corporate boards spread across Europe , countries are pointing their legislation at Executive leadership. It started with Germany, now France is voting for them too.

The draft law goes well beyond legislating gender balance at the top, it also aims to redress the hugely regressive hit that women took during the pandemic. “Women were on the frontlines everywhere during Covid,” says Moreno. “They dominate the sectors that were most crucial: health, education, distribution, cleaning services. But they were also the first to lose their jobs, the least-paid and recognised, the ones who had to care for kids when schools shut down, while maintaining homes and jobs. An impossible ask! As Simone De Beauvoir presciently predicted, all it takes is an economic or social crisis for the rights of women to slide backwards. She was right. And this law seeks to address that.”

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The new law also includes measures aimed at addressing women’s issues more broadly. It subtly gets into where and to whom social payments are made, to ensure that it lands in women’s bank accounts rather than in their husbands’. It prioritises access for single parents to day care, and has a focus on supporting women into entrepreneurship, currently at a low level of 30%. This reflects the gradual mainstreaming of women’s issues into the political agenda, something also evident in the US with Biden’s proposals integrating many of Elisabeth Warren’s ideas on care. The unanimous vote in France’s Parliament shows that this reframing is becoming more widely accepted.

The proposal now needs to go the Senate and get passed before the end of Macron’s term as President. “My dream is parity everywhere,” explains Moreno. “It’s like the digital revolution, which has become totally transversal. From health care and cyber-security to economics and artificial intelligence, digital is everywhere. The same is true for women. Otherwise, these systems remain biased and imbalanced.”

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