Four officers who responded to Capitol riot have died by suicide

More than 100 D.C. and Capitol police officers were injured defending the Capitol on Jan. 6.

8/3/2021 7:55:00 AM

Over 100 officers from the Metropolitan Police Department and U.S. Capitol Police were injured defending the Capitol on Jan. 6, and four have now died by suicide in the subsequent months.

More than 100 D.C. and Capitol police officers were injured defending the Capitol on Jan. 6.

have died by suicide, police said Monday.Since the attack by a pro-Trump mob, four officers who defended the site that day have died by suicide.Officer Gunther Hashida was found dead at his home Thursday, the Metropolitan Police Department said Monday, and Officer Kyle DeFreytag was found dead July 10.

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Hashida, a veteran of the force since 2003, was assigned to the police Emergency Response Team."We are grieving as a Department as our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Hashida’s family and friends," police said in a statement earlier Monday.

DeFreytag , who was assigned to the Fifth District, had been with the police department since November 2016, a police spokesperson said Monday night.Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., sent condolences on behalf of the House of Representatives following confirmation of Hashida's death.

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Trump caused all this to happen and he needs to be held responsible HowardGriffiths Oh how dreadful...we are pushing our emergency services to the brink. Especially Police we need in our communities. Not on riot duty where military training is required and all paid well in dangerous jobs too. Bahahahahahaha ACAB

The young lady who was killed on Jan 6th has been silenced by the EVIL doers at NBC! The two bombs found at RNC & DNC has been silenced by the EVIL doers at NBC. Half truths are not reporting, half truths are simply deceiving! The Antifa members were paid to pretend to be Trump supporters What about the 2,000 officers injured (some killed) by the 'mostly peaceful' BLM/ANTIFA protests? Nobody talking about them.

🙏❤️ Thoughts and prayers for their loved ones. We have carefully crafted a society of true believers. Some, each for one’s own reason, are willing to die for that belief. We can lower our emphasis on faith, belief and trust. We must become uncomfortable with preventable death. If it was BLM and ANTIFA in that festive and police huggin' crowd, why are Republicans not in agreement with 1/6 investigations.

Trump must be Held Reaponsible for the Attack on the Capitol on Jan 6 Trump’s also Responsible for attacks on Capitol Police Devastating & Unforgettable 4 officers Committed Suicide after Jan 6Th Trump Never Claimed Responsibility For any Deaths ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC

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Cops are being vilified by BLM and defund the police politicians but now the left tries to use their deaths for political capital GOPSeditiousTraitors If you’ve read the thread below & watched the NoOneUnscripted videos, you won’t be surprised by former acting AG Rosen’s testimony & the coming storm. But if you haven’t, here it is…just saying.

Yet no one cares about the police defeating the blm/abtifa rioters. Huh? There weren't even 100 officers on site. I want a list of names 'died by suicide'. Meaning they didn't die in battle, they killed themselves because the were weak. How many local, state and federal officers were harmed belligerently during 8 months of BLM protest and destruction.

Let's keep regurgitating. Smh

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Yet no one seems to be looking in to all these suicides that seem to have at least one very specific link…. Hmmmmmmm….🤷‍♂️ Nancy got that team to investigate an now 4 suicides. It’s definitely not a coincidence. What’s the odds 4 officers commit suicide in one year 🤔? This reminds me of the mysterious disappearances of people surrounding JFK

Republicans & Fox News couldn’t careless. They will continue to attack them, because they know Democrats have no backbone. Must've been from this violence 😞 Many Americans blame this treasonous act directly on Putin, Trump, GOP members of the House & Senate who hate America's Constitution & want 2 destroy our Democracy. The GOP does not want an investigation because it will expose the House & Senate GOP who were participants in this

It’s all so sad! Has anyone spoken to the family of the first suicide to see what he was struggling with? Was it related to 1/6? PTS? Or something else? The other officers involved should be encouraged to talk to a professional before any others are in the same state. Sounds like the Capital Police have a really shitty mental health program.

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They killed an unarmed women. Murder is hard to love with. The low Vote Turnout today in SedgwickCounty was a reflection of the distrust many citizens have with our Political process Nationwide after the January6th fiasco, VotersRights and even other issues to the community in the CityofWichita Shhhhhhh, Shhhhhhh - I am about to tell a joke! You Ready? NBC News!

Republicans say it was a Normal Day at the Congress Or they are just trying to Cover Up what they Did! While these are sad and troubling events, they also truly expose the underlying costs from unwarranted aggression towards any human. Society can now imagine the extreme mental health issues affecting BLACK families from police brutality and racism.

There's no compelling evidence of a connection. Why they suicide?

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