Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox News

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany will officially join Fox News, the network says.

3/2/2021 8:09:00 PM

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany will officially join Fox News, the network says.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany will officially join Fox News, the network announced Tuesday.

"It is my distinct pleasure to welcome Kayleigh McEnany to the Fox family," Faulkner said."We will be seeing much more of her."A spokesperson for Fox News declined to comment beyond Faulkner's statements. Read more: NBC News »

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Great 👍 news Nice to see you Just what Fox needs, another liar. Another great reason to NEVER watch this joke news program BoycottFoxNews!! FoxNews Kaylee is an example of class elegance and intelligence. I know most of America misses you greatly Congratulations Kaylee.I definitely miss your press conferences. Jen sake is absolutely the worst Press secretary this country has ever had.Maybe tomorrow she’ll circle back and possibly tell the truth at least once. She lies every day for Biden .Thank you for your service Kaylee

To spread more lies? another liar added to lying FOX? 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣 Guess Hydra never got back to her. Perfect place for falsehood barbie!! One more blond on Fox’s payroll. Would expect no less. Great news! Fox News needed another person to spread the lies because she is the best at doing it. Is she going to use another ' fat ring binder of lies' like she used at the WH?

she's a natural Hahaha Oh good she can be with more people who refuse to report facts!!! kayleighmcenany Fox News is the best place for you. So you can continue to lie. How do you even look at yourself in the mirror and think you are doing good. They deserve each other. OH,,NICE,, Fox is still Trump Ass-💋 kissers

The bar at Fox is so low that the person who once said, 'I will never lie to you,' and then lied got a job. Does it make it fake (Fox) news now? Of course she will. She’s been auditioning for it for the past year. 🤮 Lets add her credibility to the other fox morons, oh wait lol, she doesn't have any...Fox sinks to an all time low...

Makes sense...just another liar to their list! It was either Fox News or Dancing with the Stars. How exciting!!!! Congrats to her!🥳 What an asset to Fox News! Will have to watch for sure! everyone has a price. Halleluja I am a christian and I love money and stuff. Morals and ethics are subjective. Jesus is unconditional love. repent!

Olha, eles tem a Lumena deles... Sounds about right WHO CARES an even better reason for not to watch faux newzzz Fox news ... Are they really into journalism and unbiased reporting I wonder. လူစုဖြိုခွဲခြင်းမဟုတ်ပါ။ လူသတ်ခြင်းဖြစ်ပါသည်။ ပြင်းထန်စွာရှုံ့ချပါသည်။ ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ It is not a massacre. It is murder. Strongly condemned. ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

There goes the neighborhood 🤮🤮🤮 That was a given. She'll join the other Lying Sewer Rats over there Why only her? Why not the whole Trump cabinet? Please don’t show this creatures face! I never want to see or hear it again! Barbie will fit right in. Tons of makeup, false eyelashes, tight dresses & dumb as a rock.

Had she unofficially joined when working for Trump? Of course the 🧙‍♀️is going to Fox. There's no where else for her to go! Who else would you choose when you want a blonde professional liar? (Trump isn't professional sorry.) Using her Christianity Crutch will also make her attractive to the gullible. An ideal choice for Fox - the refuge of those who need others to tell them what to think.

Be careful, whats done in the dark comes to light sooner or later. Better hope what u playing around with is worth losing what u have ... What Else is New! She meets the essential prerequisites, deceitful, unprincipled, no moral compass and blond. Aside from Fox being a shithole of a news organization, she fits the lie machine

Of course. Where else could she go? I guess even propagandists have to eat. Excellent. Reason number 337 to NOT watch Fox News. A great place for her. She can lie quicker than you can flip a coin! Naturally. She's blonde and can now wear short, sleeveless dresses. Perfect. goals You have to be kidding They are welcoming a liar to the lying network. Sounds about right. Smh

Maybe she can do better than Doocy!🙄 As if she hadn’t been a part of them all along. No doy Good choice FOX is the choice of all liars who spin lies !! What a surprise and no one really cares what she does. This confirms what we already knew about her when she was lying to the American public daily. What a joke. They deserve one another.

Hahaha Fox News Is the “bone yard” for liars after leaving the Trump administration! Stands to reason.....only the weak can be influenced by her brainwashing & bullshit Will she say how a pandemic will never happen to the US under Trump again? Wait, she wasn't on the payroll before? Well that is news! FoxNewsFakeNews

Chững chạc,biết chia sẻ, chung thủy. Of course she will. They love liars over there at Fox One word: ugh. Those who can't. .. work for Fox. More lies on airwaves. Where she will continue not to tell the truth. Soooooo She will fit right in with tuck and hanny Did need someone to make coffee? Let them hire all the Trump minions...

Well she lied at the white house so now she's going to lie over at the fake news leader!! TrumpTrash As what? Excellent, right where she belongs with the Trumpeteers.... That means I'll never have to see or hear from her again. She gonna fit right in ........ lol that's kind of like an old hooker marrying her pimp

She has the 2 most important qualifications for Faux, be blond and lie for Trump awesome! 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Sewer rats like to congregate. Birds of a feather flock together, liars. What a 'move-down' 😂 I catch the weather on FOX, but not much more. Won't be affected by her spin, conjecture, alternative facts, and just plain 'ol bald-faced lies.

Shocker. Your kidding 🤮🤡 Sounds right dummy getting together Of course she is! Fraud news network only hires the best! WHO CARES!!! This is great! She is an outstanding, intelligent, beautiful person who loves her family, her God, her country...a proud young conservative. Well that’s a great fit. She definitely demonstrates the competencies of lying without “really” lying.

Who? Who? She’s qualified all she pedals are Lies 😡 Well that make sense. Hiring Mc Enany is much like a quote from Sarah Palin. 'You can put lipstick on a pig and she is still a pig.' Fox only cares about keeping Trumplicans watching. Truth and Integrity is totally not necessary to work for Fox. If you have listened to Biden’s press secretary this women who was Rtumps has no credibility whatsoever ‼️

What a surprise Gross They stay hiring braindead flunkies That's a relief, she won't have to learn how to be honest. Just another reason - not - to watch Fox News. rabeeza lol shocker She will fit right in. Fox can expect more lawsuits then. AAAAAANNNDDDD foxnews FoxNews sinks lower into its own rotting excrement pretending to be 'news'. Shameful. The perpetration of lies disinformation misinformation and sheer ignorance onto the idiocracy continues. KayleighMcEnany

Shocker!! Oh goody. Another liar for Fox more occasions to lie. Yet another reason to avoid Fox News like the plague. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Suckers another Holy Christian liar. She'll fit right in. Fits the mold Good. Then I’ll never see her face again. I hope she stays there so she is gone from normal people 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Oh Gosh! How Shocking!!! Surprise surprise! Please stop posting anything about her. I don’t give a rat’s ass. Why do you post stuff like this? I mean she's petite and blonde with a pinch of self-righteous snark. Its a match made in heaven. Wow what a shocker!!! Great for her to be able to continue what she does best Lie for a living!!

She’s the queen of making crap up, she’s perfect for Faux News They need more fabricators of the alternative truths and she is good at it without blushing FoxNews PressSec45 of course fox went to the swamp. Sure we all want to listen to that pathetic child As opposed to her working unofficially for them for the last several years. Got it 🙄

Good place for the skank. LIARS and all insurrectionist belong together. So happy I don’t watch Fox News! Didn't she COME to the WH from FOX ? Gee, I’m shocked. They deserve each other. She fit right into the company culture..... conspiracy, lies.... If FoxNews wasn’t already the biggest joke Why did it take so long?

Ain't watching her, she lies just like others Wow ....she’s has proven herself a Liar worthy of a network full of Liars... Lol Another brainless Barbie for the collection.... Of course We really needed to hear that ! Well Fox the not really news needs another liar MORE LIES on the way-Trump- the ‘fake news’ inventor.

I thought the previous administration was already a segment of Fox News. Just one more reason not to watch that network! perfect fit Fox News need anchors that have the Ability to lie with a straight face and if a huge cross dangling on their necks even better She fits right in ! Lying abilities, no conscience, fake Christian, with no moral compass!

Where else would a liar such as her go Fox and fools 😂she’ll fit right in, no training required Thank God you didn’t hire her That makes sense. It's the only place that hires people who don't actually know what they're doing. Nam khoe manh dep trai Just adding another pile of shit to the litter box! Interview question: Can you lie with a straight face?

👎🏽👎🏽🤮🤮🤮🤢👺👺👺💀 Birds of the same feather flocks together Oh My !!!!!!.... The network that can't tell the truth hires someone who is a compulsive liar? Very on-brand. FoxNews Scraping the barrel She lied for Trump now she will for Murdoch. No surprise there. She fails upward! She never left Hahaha, and she thought she is going somewhere politically after Trump Admin ... at the end she just another clown on FOX.

If you’re surprised, you’re lying. Problem with that? Adding another liar to the schedule Shocking Glad to see Fox News constantly looking for ways to boost their credibility. As I predicted. She checks ALL the boxes for that entertainment network. “Good Grief Charlie Brown!” Of course she will lol 😂 She will fit right in there with the conspiracies and Q and the spreading of half and less than half truths .. she got good practice will telling lies with a straight face

Of course. The NETWORK of LIARS FoxNews Shocking. So....that’s the only place she belongs Another reason to NOT watch fox. They lost one liar to replace it with another? Par. 🙄 What a surprise! Goebbels Barbie going to the white nationalist propaganda machine makes perfect sense. KKKayleigh will be right at home!

Might as well lump all the nutcases together Who cares? Shocking Boy big surprise What a SS!! What about Donald? Where else was she going to go for a job. The law firm of Dicker and Dicker, Hard So she still has the same job as when in the WH? Faux adding to the list of lying reporters Where else? Veger70 Well of course she is. KM is the perfect Faux News person.

Perfect spot for one of the biggest 🤡s in the Circus. She can continue down her pity path of lies. WRALAaron Claimed his friend left him in a burning car accident when the friend actually pulled him out. Claimed he was left for dead when he actually was totally inebriated. Was rejected by Naval Academy. Used his disability with wheelchair to try to lure females in for a joyride.

Why is this news ? Nobody cares. Not even her buddy trump. Good.she can bullshit just like the rest of them. SAD enough She is a experienced liar.. so she is probably the head reporter! If you can call it that! Head story teller? Wow, that’s a shocker. Didn't she start working at Fox back in April? So she won’t ever have to do research or have an actual source - good plan

🙄 Who cares shiiiiiiiiiit into shiyyt Gross Ugh more lies foxnewsdesk Isn’t that where she came from? No one saw this coming Probably be a rotating regular on the five currently made up of four and a chair sometime sat in by a chubby guy wearing his hat backward. Rejoin ya mean. Blech. Oh my! I’m so shocked! 🤣

An on-air Common Tater Shocking. Did she ever stop working for FoxNews ? She stopped holding actual press conferences. The President just called in to Fox whenever he wanted. Professional liar. All that lying she did and still get a job at FoxNews? What a joke. where she can continue to lie because that's what she knows how to do.

Of course! lol ratings will decline even further. Fox 'news'? When did that happen? Fox is nothing but propaganda for fascists. I’m shocked! I figured all the networks would get into a bidding war for this liar. 🙄 One more reason to not watch Fox News So glad I’ll never see her again! Where else is she going to find a job

Who saw that coming lol Shocking I guess we not watching that anymore Perfect fit for her . She can lie and fabricate stories like her previous boss and the current boss Where she propaganda central Time for more BULLSHIT ! FOX NEWS IS CRAP ANYHOW. The only thing good about the fox network is the Sunday night cartoons .

I guess Trump having a competitive channel and hiring her was another lie. What a waste of air time. Not to mention any money she is paid They don’t disenfranchise corrupt white peoples they make them leaders. While they disenfranchised millions to be on top and have corrupt forms of racism, intellectual and institutional corruption Run rampant. Instead of an academics they use deviants to run America. Sad af.

The most believable story since the fire is hot story Of course she will. Why stop lying now? She will fit in well on the “Trump” network. The network of conspiracy theories and spinning the truth. What a waste of a woman! She’ll fit right in. Let the lie fest continue. 'She's a couple of boxes of wine away from the Saturday night Judge slot, and all the perks that come with it.' - A.J. Parkinson

Figures. Boycott Fox That’s the one who said « I will never lies to the press » Well!! It is truth now: She will lies to the Fox (Trump) news viewers instead...😂😂 I will never lie to you’: New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEn... via YouTube But Of Course! Maybe she'll have some news about Trump's Healthcare Plan.

Puke! Good luck with that 😆😆😆 Along with all of the other blonde bimbos The disinformation queen. How appropriate. Who’s surprised? Her stint in the White House was nothing but a long audition. She certainly didn’t act as an actual Press Secretary. BFD FOX is not even trying to tell the truth. Gag me!! What a liar!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!! Did her old boss help get the job? Wow, Fox “news?” I’m shocked. 🙄 Well of course she is! Who else would have her! Lol fox such a loser network deserves her Surprise...said no one. I did nazi that coming. Should fit right in With so much experience in lying no one is surprised.

That's all that network needs another blonde mouthpiece who doesn't have an original thought in her head. Fox News destroyed their future with this move everyone is changing the channel Just another reason to never watch Proving they really don't care about the truth. 💀 Like I watched this sh*t show before.....defo won't be giving this bag of BS air time in my home... says it all about Fox News.

No surprise there Fox FACIST entrainment is well known for is web of lies, she will fit very well in there. Shocker. No surprise here, spreading more lies.... Zero people surprised A Fake republiQan, who was a fake press secretary, joins faux fox, the real fake news network. What better landing spot for McEnany than a network with zero regard for the truth? No legitimate news organization would touch her.

why! why is this news? we all know fox is fake news,and shes so fake sooooo And so the lying continues, the gaslighting of the weakest links in the USA! Of course! Shocking🙄 FBIWFO when accountability for FOX News and the liars? Well of course she is. Taking bets on how long she’ll last? No big surprise here.

Waste of news space. 🤣🤣🤣 Shocker! Another Trump supporter. The lying and misleading network Former lair press secretary going to Fox!! Not news all lairs go to Fake Fox opinionated show!! What a shocker? They were short 1 liar after giving Lou Dobbs the boot. FoxNews is getting desperate for ratings that they hire someone who was the torch bearer for lies and half truths all in the name of being fair and balanced?cancelthem

They deserve each other. Fox News sucks so it guess this only sounds accurate kayleighmcenany I'm so surprised said no one ever Well she had to do something because nobody else would have her ,Fox Intertainment so-called news is not particular who they put on a garbage show . Not surprising. They're network is full of fucking liars and racists.

Oh my word 🙄 is this old news? Of course she will. *rolling eyes* She’s a GOOD LIAR!!!! Should go well for her.. why As expected. liar liar, nosejob on fire She was working there all along, this is essentially an intra-company transfer. How many lies are needed to be considered Fox worthy? Shocking Hell, I thought she would have been employed by the department of education, teaching kids how to lie about not doing their homework.

😂 Surprise, surprise. Not. No surprise here. A perfect fit, though I thought Roger Ailes when alive only hired pretty blonds. Who is surprised by this? Ew but not surprised Don’t care. I don’t watch Fox Gee, what a surprise.. 😂😂😂😂😂 SURPRISE! SURPRISE. This is consistent with Murdock/Fox News BUSINESS MODEL for decades. It did NOT start w/Trump but clearly accelerated substantially with the practice of media propaganda based on disinformation/outright lies delivered with shameless hypocrisy by their know-nothing mouth pieces.

She bringing her binder Lol fuck no. Sincerely, conservative voters Add another liar to the group. nam, vui ve, lich su, doc than vui tinh Shocker 🤮 Perfect fit fakenews No surprise! What other companies will hire her! No news. Nobody really thought kayleighmcenany was marketable beyond FOX news and the diabolical Trump WH admin? Bye Felicia.

Going on Fox to spread more lies and misinformation. Absolutely no one: 😲 Officially 😂😂😂 Fox Idiots “diggers” Politics1com Officially being the operative word And there it is. Just another great reason not to watch the lies A blonde liar with no sense of ethics. Makes sense. Adding more liars to Fox Who cares!

From Fake news to Fox Fake news. Her experience at deception and inductive falsehoods, qualifies her for Lying and QAnon conspiracies aimed at lower and poorly educated people, that can be, falsely, inspired. They are like poor whites, fighting for Rich Slaveholders. Stupid is! Bubble headed bleach blonde on the evening news

Subjecting the country to more lies My goodness it never ends. I can't see that face anymore. But they fit well.. fake to fake. Total asshole she fit right in Blond and no one else wants her. Fake news channel. quelle supreez! Saw this coming a mile away. I’m surprised CNN didn’t hire her back. 🙄 Why? Is anyone at all surprised by this? Trash helps trash, thats how it works.

She’s PERFECT for their network!! They sink lower every single day. FoxNews GOP lies idiocracy No way. Totally, didn't see this coming. (Changs font to sarcastic, pls) McEnany & Fox News? Match made in heaven. The level of BS suits them both We don’t care Lying thug hired by a lying thug FUD network with a megaphone.

Oh terrific they're hiring another 'dimwit' to lie for them. nytimes washingtonpost MSNBC CBSNews ABC CNN CNBC Newsweek USATODAY TheAtlantic FCC maddow CNBC TIME guardian azcentral HoustonChron BostonGlobe chicagotribune FoxNewsisDangerous FoxNewsIsComplicit However, management at Fox told her that unlike her last gig, lying is required😜

Fox news continues to go lower. Guess they love the lies and quick temper Kayleigh has to offer. She has been proven a tenacious liar. She will fit in well. kayleighmcenany More reasons as to why I will never tune into Fox Entertainment News... The crap they spew is not news.... it's Republican entertainment.

Best White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany will officially join Fox News not NBC! They don’t call her Malibu Goebbels for nothing Perfect place for the lier of the century What a perfect fit for Mar-a-Lago Rose. Yet another reason to avoid Faux News like the plague, as if I really needed any more reasons.

Well, that makes sense. She lied each day she worked in the WH. She can continue it at FoxNews. Shouldn’t be too hard. 😡😖 I wonder who she Bribed this Time ? And what was her Payment ? I never watch faux news. You mean she will continue to work for Fox News. It doesn't matter. Their ratings are in the dumper and that's where she came from. Who else is going to hire her? Satan?

~~~. you mean, of course re-join FOX Of course she will LOL of course she will. Where else would a sanctimonious bigot person get a job Perfect They need another liar on staff? Didn't watch her then, won't watch her now! Ah, the network of performative masculinity, gaslighting, and narcissistic manipulation. She'll fit right in.

She needs to be more bigoted to qualify Congratulations to kayleighmcenany. Undeniable proof that you can blow your way to mediocrity. Perfect place for her to continue her lies Of course no credible news network will hire her lying ass lol. Where else can she work? Of course. She lies very well. She is snarky. She is blonde and petite. Perfect for Fox Entertainment Channel.

Congratulations Amy that’s pretty cool Nobody cares! Duh. A new liar joins the crew! Glad to see that they're fixing their reputation of hiring bimbos by snatching up someone with the body of an 11-year old male And here you are reporting that as if it's news. Stop. Good-Looking blonde that has the Corporate Line down pat. Kaleigh will fit right in.

Princess of lies embraced by kingdom of lies! Tell her to make an onlyfans Liars tend to move in groups. Repeat Though I did have money on OAN... 👎👎 Another reason not to watch fox As if she ever left. 🙄 FOX = KKK = GOP Another reason not to watch.... A completely dishonest full of shit person joins a completely dishonest full of shit network

Going Home!! Why not CNNPolitics lol One more good reason not to watch Faux News We all knew she was just launching her acting career Just more garbage at Fox! What a 💩 network! It's actually a good fit. Faux News - Fairly Unbalanced And now Fox News presents a binder full of lies... Politics1com I hope she talks about Dominion and Smartmatic and get sued.

No one else will hire a liar! Just another reason NOT to watch. Wow! I did nazi that coming! Wingnut welfare Of course she will, a match made in heaven if there ever was one. Makes sense she goes to FoxNews Neither care about truth. Neither care about America. Both care only about money. Politics1com Like cnn would take her?

Another reason not to watch FoxNews Of course she will. Who else wants her services? It kinda feels like she always has. Where else could she go ? No one on this planet, other than Fox, would hire her! Figures! The liars stick together! 🤣 Couldn’t have happen to a ‘better person’!!!!🙊