Former Trump appointees say they’re still waiting on their vacation payouts

Some former Trump appointees say they were promised lump-sum payouts and are now struggling to pay rent

3/4/2021 3:01:00 PM

Some former Trump appointees say they were promised lump-sum payouts and are now struggling to pay rent

Some former political appointees say they were promised lump-sum payouts and are now struggling to pay rent.

By03/04/2021 04:30 AM ESTLink CopiedA number of former Trump political appointees have still not received their lump-sum vacation payouts and required forms that are necessary to file for unemployment benefits as they face a tough job market in a Democratic Washington.

While HR headaches are to be expected during a government transition, some former political appointees say they were not warned there would be significant delays. And the problems faced by the seven former appointees POLITICO interviewed appear more acute than during past recent transitions.

It’s not clear, however, whether the delays are related to the rocky Trump-Biden transition or a slow federal government bureaucracy that is still working mostly from home.Political appointees who stay to the very end of an administration often face a gap between Jan. 20 and when they land their next job, given the time it takes to network, get job interviews and then get a formal offer. Trump appointees face the added problem of job hunting in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot, which made some companies reluctant to hire former Trump appointees, in part because of fear of a backlash.

“I’m sitting here going, how do I pay my rent? How do I pay my cellphone bill?” one former Commerce appointee said in an interview.Another former Trump Commerce official said: “I have enough money to make it a month, but when rent’s due next month, what happens then? Rent in D.C. isn’t cheap.”

Besides the vacation payouts, at least three former Commerce appointees haven’t gotten their separation packets that contain a document called the SF-50, which allows them to apply for unemployment benefits, according to another former Commerce appointee, who only just received his packet.

A Commerce Department spokesperson said in a statement: “Commerce’s HR Department is available to past appointees and more than happy to help them finish any outstanding paperwork.”The spokesperson added that Commerce had completed separation procedures for appointees who have completed the necessary paperwork and that it was ready to assist appointees who have outstanding questions or haven’t completed all of the steps for off-boarding out of the department, which is necessary for payouts to be issued.

The lack of timely vacation payouts is not affecting just former Commerce appointees. A former Homeland Security official said she hadn’t received payout of her annual leave, which is more than 200 hours and equivalent to three months of pay. Another former senior DHS official said he also hadn’t gotten his one month of vacation payout, which comes out to about $15,000 minus taxes.

“For all pay and benefits inquiries, former DHS employees are encouraged to reach out to their servicing Human Resources office,” a DHS spokesperson said in a statement.It’s not known how widespread the payment delays are or the exact cause, but there have been other personnel hiccups during the transition, which was especially rocky because of former President Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge President Joe Biden’s win. POLITICO previously reported that

a number of Trump appointees unexpectedly lost their parental leave benefitswhen Biden was sworn into office.While some Trump appointees have been able to land jobs on Capitol Hill or in the private sector, many of them are still looking, and one called the job market for Trump appointees “a little slow” and said that she’d received no offers yet.

Two former Commerce political appointees who served at the end of the Obama administration said that their vacation payouts weren’t delayed as long, and that there weren’t major delays in getting appointees their separation packets.“I don’t remember it being a problem,” said one of the former Obama Commerce officials. “I don’t remember us having any issues.” Another former official got his vacation payout in the middle of February of 2017.

Some of the former Trump appointees say they are getting increasingly frustrated with the prolonged delays in the payouts, although others have started to get them recently.“I don’t understand how it’s taking so long to figure out how much comp time you have and how much you’re owed and why that isn’t falling directly into my account,” one former Trump appointee said. “Jan. 20 was never a moving target.” While he has only 72 hours of unused comp time because he was new at the department, he said some people have hundreds of hours.

“A lot of the politicals are not getting jobs, so a lot of them were relying on the lump-sum payments to get them through the next few months,” a third former Trump appointee said.A separate issue some former Trump appointees are facing is temporarily extending their federal government health insurance through COBRA, although such insurance would be paid by the appointees themselves.

While there’s a 31-day grace period in which appointees still get health insurance, several told POLITICO that the government hadn’t given them the proper forms to apply for COBRA, and one said that when he went to a doctor recently, the office couldn’t find evidence of his insurance.

One said the delay was “leaving a lot of people asking: Am I going to lose health care for the time that the processing center would take to get our information into the system?”“A lot of people are freaking out,” another said. Read more: POLITICO »

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I feel so bad...... CRY ME A RIVER I hope they have to wait as long as the millions of Americans that struggle to feed their families or pay rent have been waiting. Forgive me if I don't have an ounce of sympathy for these cry babies. Let them wait until they really feel the pain. I guess that is what they get for believing a Con. Poor folk.

Mong tìm người có thể chia sẽ lúc vui buồn, cv ổn đinh. Và thực hiện cả hai vai trò, hihi Remember when highly paid political appointees couldn't take care of themselves and publicly worried about their phone bills after all the other transitions? No? I hear violins 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's in the mail... 🙄 idiots

Now you are part of the repercussions of 'dumpo's america.' You should of had the foresight before you worked for him. He only cares about self. Go start over somewhere else. Go out into the real world. Then cry to us about hard times. Don't hold your breath! Trump stiffed all of those that worked for him near the end of their contract. Not sure why these derps thought anything would change.

Ahh, hmm! I see you have joined the rest of Americans ... sorry (not sorry) for you reality check. That's what they get for working for and trusting a man who never pays what he owes people unless it benefits him. Hmmm...once again their beloved Trump left them stranded. giao vien toan, vui ve, nog tinh, hay ghen

Oh my God who knew Trump was like this?!?!? What... They're surprised? That's always been Trump's M.O. They were dumbasses if they believed a damn word he said. The Donald not paying employees? Suckers No sympathy here. Absolutely none. As far as I'm concerned, the GOP did the absolute least that it could do and showed that it cared about no one. So, they can rot and see what it is like to be a human being for once.

Waaa. Waaa you were Trumped and you love it. Do me again Donald Boo-freakin-hoo If those dullard believed anything 45 said...they get what they deserve...idiotas why do u idiots show a pic of the dumpster? I don't want to see his ugly mug anymore and u just bolster his wilting aura. Fucking classic. People know he had to do a pizza commercial and burger king? I think it was burger king 🤔

🤣 did they expect him to come through? Um there's a documentary they must see that's got all his 'businesses' he claims to own but doesn't, just cause his name is on a building doesn't mean its his, actually people paid to have that name because of his dad now they're paying to Cry me a river HNTurtledove No shock there!

HNTurtledove They could have said no but didn't. My sympathy level is zero. He lied to them sad 🤦🏻 Thoughts and prayers. I assume some of them are good people. HNTurtledove I freaking swear those on the US right are prime hunting grounds for conmen. They practically fall over themselves in their eagerness to get conned.

Lmfao, if you didn’t know your boss was a deadbeat before you took the job, it’s on you. Not sorry. Bootstraps nobody cares Are they kidding? Did they not have a calendar? Know the job was coming to an end? These are the same jerks who want drug tests and work requirements for government assistance for the poor. They shouldn't qualify for unemployment; they were contractors.

I don't care, do you? Imagine that; the douche that has been stiffing contractors forever isn’t paying his people. Shocking, not! Oh my, the great orange cheeto lied! Shocked. learn to code? Lump-sum payouts? that in return for their collective silence? Hey, so are millions of Americans Thoughts and prayers. He told you who he was...why didn’t you believe him?

Wait what? Trump promised something and hasn't delivered? Really? He is broke and is living on his pension Something something leopards something faces Just more evidence of what happens when you put your trust in Trump! Don’t Hold Your Breath***You’ll Die!! Look Back At 💩 For 🧠’s History. Doesn’t Pay Persons!

How on brand for PrezScrewThemAll. If you send me their names and addresses I'll send a sympathy card. Thoughts and prayers Ohhhhhh I am so sorry to hear that they were lied to. Like EVERYONE else was. Too bad so sad. Bootstraps people Why would government appointees think they were going to get golden parachutes?

May they wait long Haha hilarious He never pays his help Cry me a river. Sorry. Not sorry. I can’t feel sorry for anyone who worked for him and believed anything he said or promised. This is now HR problem under Biden administration hope they speed up the process so these people who worked for Trump will get the payout. Politics should not be in the way of getting their payout.

Lol Good Hope They Starve TrumpsChumps Hahahahahahahaha Leave it to politico to try and drum up sympathy for terrorists. Never trust a con I'd like to take about 100 trump appointees to small claims court. Nobody cares! It's all about who you work for! Those Idiots actually believed Trump? A lot of laughs I mean everybody knows the dude doesn’t pay his bills people are so fucking stupid.

DumondVince griffin_ghia . Trump did everything to make a smooth transition impossible. So the blame is on him. Add the insurrection and he left his staff high and dry. I feel sorry for them, but on the other hand, are they not finding themselves in the position of the..... murrayb560sl Some former Trump appointees say they were promised lump-sum payouts and are now struggling to pay rent

miagl11 Guess they shouldn't have put their trust in the biggest con man on earth. Cry me a river. Another example of why u can’t trust a grifting con; cares nothing for anyone but themselves. Lesson learned? Not just these people who now cannot pay rent or find a job; how’d that whole Inauguration thing go today? Anyone else smell a rat? C’mon folks; wake up. Ya got taken.

Lumps of coal. So, they actually trusted Trump to keep his word? Shame on them🤬 we’re still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall of shame, and still waiting for Trump to propose a new healthcare plan 😢 What a bunch of suckers. They were willing to sell their souls to Trump's MAGA and got burned. Are we supposed to feel bad for them? I don't.

The only thing to say is good luck with that. He was willing to have his lapdog VP hung some how I don't think your claims are top of mind That's a bit orwellian Want a little whimper to go with their snivel? Let them tell their sob story to the millions who ended up jobless thanks to a pandemic that their boss made worse. Besides, how does 200 hours of leave equal 3 months pay? There are 40 hours in a work week. That's only 5 weeks.

When to these proselytes learn that Trump promises are empty promises and in most cases career-ending decisions. FoxNews CNNPolitics maddow jaketapper CuomoPrimeTime 11thHour AC360 seanhannity TuckerCarlson jimmykimmel StephenAtHome nbcsnl nytimes I heard some of them have iPhones and even refrigerators. They need to learn to live within their means.

What a shock! You all deserve what you get....and don’t get. Karma! Never listen 2 Liars !😂 make sure it's in writing in a binding contract. 😂😂😂they were expecting what? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Didn't they get a stimulus check last year? Shouldn't they just be happy with minimum wage? When you worship a grifter you get used.

Relax, it's probably the first time he forgot to pay a bill, 'believe in the plan!' I think of the Trump worker bees like remoras sucking the left overs off a great white. SandraBridges1 Bummer. Good. Screw 'em. Ermagaaard this is just turrbul. lmao This is a really weird beat to be covering. There are some 20 million people in this country who are unemployed or underemployed. 34 million people at risk of eviction. And you write a story about 6 Trump political appointees having hiccups with their HR paperwork & job search?

200 hours of annual leave? Wtf? I only get a week of vacation and a handful of holidays! Mutant187 The check is in the mail, suckers. A conman is gonna con “Struggling to pay rent”? Welcome to COVID19 America! I don't believe a word of this. Not one. Come on people, he does not care if you can't pay rent. The man's been doing this for years. Why the hell can't people see right through him. He will never change.

Suckers! 🤣🤣🤣 they knew all along, he was a scorpion Typical Trump. Screw everyone They’ll just have to pick themselves up by their bootstraps Love it love it love it tell him to live on 725 an hour!!! GOP U are awful pple. Fuck around and find out. Oh NO...stiffed by Drumph, again!! Join the ranks The lump-sum payouts will be in the form of the best urine. The best. Tippy tops, believe me. Also NO COLLUSION.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It's like stupid grows on trees! Finger violin.... you knew who you got in bed with. I have no sympathy. Oops Fascism doesn’t pay Sucks to suck His maga donations must’ve dried up 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤦‍♀️ Given how the Trump admin operated, there may be a lack of departmental documentation.

Corruption! FBIWFO Oh well. That's the way it goes with trump. He's a scorpion & it's his nature. Shouldn't have expected anything different. He only pays himself!!! WompWomp They can go down to Florida and camp out in Maralago. I’m sure their former boss will be delighted to see them. Hate to sound uncharitable, because I've been there, but that's what they get. Couldn't happen to a more traitorous bunch.

more contractors burned by Trump ,thats what they get for looking at Fox News , if they looked at real TV they would have known he was a crook Didn’t they know that Trump is a liar? Well come on, Trump has always promised and never delivered. Those of you who believe in Trump are just kidding yourselves.

What Trump appointees are like normal human voters? Well, I’ll be a ‘’Dan Rather saying” here. Boo hoo hoo Hey lefties, he's gone. Move onto to the next guy to demonize on the behalf of the elite. Nettaaaaaaaa Maybe the stimulus will help. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Anyone who ever struck a deal with 45-3&4 who expected to get something out of it has gotten what they deserved, and it didn't include dinner and a movie first. I have zero sympathy for them, unlike the honest business owners who went bankrupt because of his greed and cruelty.

Nettaaaaaaaa Oh. womp womp did you really think he was going to give you MONEY Talk to your ex-boss. No surprises T lied and didn’t pay up. The story of a man’s life - unhinged from integrity. Stiffed again! It’s tRUMP’s M-O CaseysCougar Looks like Government jobs pay pretty good if 1 month pay is $15,000.

Boo hoo I wish they'd used a photo of something else, like an unemployment application. No need for more photos of the former guy. So let me get this straight - trump promised these people something and then screwed them over by giving them nothing? Sounds about right Shocking! Cry Me a River! Donald (t)rump👇🐍

All I have to say about that is. GOOD. Idiots! What is it Marie Antoinette said? Let them eat cake Whattttttttt. Come on such is life promises are emptiness to a fool really Put them up at Mar a Lago! Maybe if the former guy had cooperated with a transition some of these issues would have been taken care of. Your former 'boss' sabotaged everything he could.

They can apply for Obama care. Hope eviction rules are extended with the COVID relief plan. Millions of American's have no job or health insurance. He should give it up and just wear a muumuu every day all day. I feel terrible...Terrible at this news....NOT...... Lol... of course. Work for a con-artist who is known to not pay his bills, you get conned and not paid. Go figure.

Too bad so sad No one cares. No one. Imagine! Trump appointees (Republicans) needing unemployment benefits and health care coverage while they are between jobs. I believe this is what is known as KARMA. What Oh no, say it ain’t so. Welcome to our world. How does it feel? He is along with his closest friends known as a real STIFF when it comes to paying anything.

Thank the Democrats. There not paying up Suckers. Sure politico,not one name mentioned. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Any surprise here? Doesn’t Trump have a reputation for stiffing everyone while he grifts away? People should receive what they are owed in a timely manner, but what are these examples? How does 200 hours = 3 months of pay? $15k for 1 month of vacation pay?

Oh no. How terrible. Poor things. Sending prayers. They were lied to Keep waiting... They thought Trump pays his bills? Hahahahaha. LOL That's so outrageous, it warrants at least an 'Oh well.' 🤷‍♂️ Isnt that too bad? Most.political appointees tend to be ppl of.means,.particularly if they were handpicked by the POTUS, even moreso if Trump selected them. He may not have been an elitist whe it came to education, but he loved his well monied folk. Some of these sources may just be stirring crap

Did anyone actually expect to get paid by this guy? Hahahaha Anyone who would take the word of a known liar and thief and think they're going to get paid doesn't deserve the money. This is a lesson. Produce the contract and go to court or go home and think about your poor choices. Lol! problem 1 don't ever believe what trump says .... His financial problems should have been the 1st clue

Hahahahaha “One said the delay was “leaving a lot of people asking: Am I going to lose health care for the time that the processing center would take to get our information into the system?” Shame. Whatta guy😱😡🙄, not known for paying anyone. Boo. Freaking. Hoo. Seems to me they should’ve had these packets before their last day. That’s how it usually works. Shows a HR that was in disarray before trump left. Maybe cause they were still in denial about him losing.

This is what happens when u work for a twice impeached, disgraced, sociopath who has yet to admit he has lost the election to qualify u for payment. Plus your 2019 salary won’t qualify u for covid relief since the GOP wants to reduce income qualification even more. BOO HOO! This article makes me think I should call HR at my job to make sure I get my $15k/one month vacation payout now.

Trump who? With Trump, that’s par for the course. That’s a Rep for you. They will all follow Satan and follow his lies. Come 2022.... GO BLUE AND VOTE ALL THE REPS YOU CAN OUT OF OFFICE. They’re nothing but mouth and lies. Trumps like Jim Jones and telling weak people his taking them to the promise land.

Trump doesn't pay people. You'd have to be an idiot to work for him in the first place. yawn No matter how many times Satan Trump show himself for who he is u ppl still think/believe he cares about y'all. The idea that these appointees who supported the Trump administration are now afraid of losing health insurance after trying to gut the ACA is delicious.

Trump doesn’t pay when he doesn’t need you anymore. People are just pawns to him. Objects to be used for personal gain and then thrown into the garbage. Welcome to reality for so many Americans right now. Gee. See what happens when there is no transition? The former guy screwed you too. Bless their hearts. That’s what happens when you trust a know liar.

Isn’t that what Trump did to dozens of contractors and hundreds of employees at his Taj Mahal when he declared bankruptcy? Yes, they were duped. No sympathies here. These appointees knew what they were getting into. They chose it anyways. I could care less about them! Maybe they can get a Covid19 payment of $1,400 now that Biden is POTUS. SMDH

Donald Trump is known to not pay people for their labor if he can lie, cheat, steal, or sue them. This isn't a new phenomenon, either, New Yorkers have known this for decades and many refuse to do business with him because of it. No love lost for Fascist enablers. I’m sure the check is in the mail! 😂😂😂

Trump all over. He's raking in tens of millions with his idiotic conspiracy theories and his staff are suffering because he just does not care. Like stopping them from having a covid vaccination saying 'its just the flu' and then getting in done in secret. Maybe if they hadn't sabotaged the transition, they'd have their vacation pay by now. I feel NO sympathy for these people.

Boy. My ass is sure bleeding for these scumbags. NOT! This is what happens when the transition process is not followed. So what? This is what American go through all the time. Their boss let 500,000 people die. Let a pandemic run rampant acorns the nation. Incited an insurrection Thoughts and prayers. Good luck with that. When are they going to learn that Douchebag Donnie never pays his bills or will give pennies on the dollar?

My god Trump appointees crying because they lost their health care insurance 😇serving president who attacked Obama s health care plan🙄 his whole term 😊 working for GOP helped them either🤓 Now they know what it’s like to be a contractor working for Trump. Crickets. I've posted this a few times....guessing they didn't see it? 🤷🏽‍♂️

🐊😢 Welcome to what the rest of the country is going through. So sad 😭 If they get 15k a month for vacation. That's bullshit in the first place. I see a lot of comments where people didn't read the article and assume Trump is directly paying them due to the picture. Fuck ‘em Gee...are they the 'takers' republicans have been talking about?

of course u'r getting stiffed for ur last paycheck - u were working for donald trump .. 😂😂😂 Welcome to the club. Just a guess..but if these folks actually finished their out-processing correctly, their SF-50s would have been released without issue and they would have been paid. I don’t think we’re hearing *both* sides of the story here.

Rofl fuck them all Could the delays be due to the plan to deconstruct the State? What a shame, should have opened ur eyes sooner Ask the billionaire for a loan . Womp womp Dumbasses Maybe they should try something new and be best. Or complete the required paperwork. I'm not feeling sorry for someone who gets $15k per month and spent it all, knowing their job might be temporary, either.

Did they never read a single damn Trump story? He’ll stiff you every time. It’s what he does. So they’re dealing with not being able to pay their bills and losing their health insurance, just like millions of Americans!?! How interesting 🙄 Welcome to the world of the many! Funny how realization kicks in when confronted with the same daily woes of average sympathy here

They got conned by the con! LOL Is anyone surprised? I’d like to hear about a group of people that Trump paid on time or early. That’d be news worthy Sux to be them🤷🏽 If you work with the devil, don’t be surprised if you get burned. 🔥 Some people never learn, especially from recent history. Good luck collecting.

Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas. (In this case, I guess, it’s lay down with don&mel, wake up with herpes. Lmao Maybe they should ask Mama if they can come home and stay in her basement. Enable a con man, get stiffed by a con man. Ummm... this is normal for any former government employee. Welcome to the real world.

Plenty of work in the fast food industry. Well that sounds like a pile of el toro poo 💩 💩 💩 if ya'll were high enough on the radar for trump to notice you, then in all probability ya'll weren't short on ya'll are whinning that you can't make heart bleeds...hahaha...yep This has an Ayn Rand on Social Security vibe. You'd figure Wilbur would pony up some cash for his minions.....or maybe not. TheRickWilson AynRandPaulRyan

I heard Behind Her Eyes is an excellent show on netflix. 🤦🏾‍♂️ $15000 for a month vacation?For an ASSHOLE that worked for Trump and Chao?None of our taxes should go to These shithead grifters. 🎻🎻🎻 Don’t worry they’ll get their stimulus check soon 😁😂