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Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor

Former President Barack Obama to young people of color: 'Your lives matter. Your dreams matter.'

On the heels of mass protests over George Floyd's death, the MBK Alliance, part of former President Barack Obama's foundation, held a town hall on reimagining policing.

6/4/2020 12:50:00 AM

Former Pres. Obama to young men and women of color: 'You have the power to make things better...You've communicated a sense of urgency that is as powerful and as transformative as anything that I've seen in recent years.'

On the heels of mass protests over George Floyd 's death, the MBK Alliance, part of former President Barack Obama's foundation, held a town hall on reimagining policing.

The former president criticized the Trump administration on its response to the pandemic.Obama.orgFormer President Barack Obama weighed in on how systemic racism has been thrown into"high relief" during both the COVID-19 crisis which has disproportionately impacted communities of color and the nationwide protests amid tension between law enforcement and the minority communities they serve.

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During a virtual town hall Wednesday, coming amidst civil unrest across the United States over the killing of another unarmed black man at the hands of police officers, Obama said that the tragedy of recent events, while"difficult and scary and uncertain," also represent"an incredible opportunity for people to be awakened to some of (the) underlying trends" of systematic racism in the United States.

"They offer an opportunity for us to work together to tackle them, to take them on, to change America and make it live up to its highest ideals," he said."Part of what’s made me so hopeful is the fact that so many young people have been galvanized and activated and motivated and mobilized. Because historically, so much of the progress that we've made in our society has been because of young people."

Speaking directly to young people of color he said"I want you to know that your lives matter. Your dreams matter." Read more: ABC News »

What did he do in 8 years... okay, so not to be funny but how come when someone get political with a trump supporter they delete their comments? I want you know Obama put people in cage!! Obama caused all this. Please report the progress over the years. ABC helps everyone think that police are bad. LindaWSB That’s it just words!!! Black ppl need to see change. They need to change as well.

WorstPresidentEver Here's truth...... As long as you follow along. Otherwise you'll be in our sites. We all equal in the eyes of the Lord who created man kind ...if only ABC News could have spun this as a message to all of America Hi Barack, congratulations, you're still the most corrupt President in the history of the USA 👍

Who Cares what he thinks he’s not president or anything anymore and why didn’t he do more for reform when he was president...hind sight 20/20? Stfu Obama They only matter to Democrats during election years. Thank God for President Obama. He is providing the leadership that realDonaldTrump is refusing to furnish. TrumpResignNow

❤️🥰😍☝️ALL LIVES MATTER FORMER president MR / Barack Obama God bless USA 🇺🇸 . Focus please ? We Face invisible enemy’s coronavirus Go away coronavirus Go away God wailing God willing ☝️and visible enemie China 👎🇨🇳 👎. God bless America USA 👍🇺🇸 👍USA 👍🇺🇸 ❤️✊🥰USA So Barak Obama is still pushing the division between blacks and whites

For 8 years he obfuscated black communities with promises that ultimately became lies. BarackObama it's a tragedy you promised so much hope but your legacy is instead a model for politicizing the disenfranchised while doing nothing to help them. RacismInAmerica Vote to all the white people, thanks for voting me in twice. i coudn’t have done it without you

Obama appears to be a bit sickly . ObamaGate Sinati16 I was not at all unnerved and was the first to extend my hand. Mr. President,' I smiled. I felt the man's grip, limp in a soft unsatisfied way and even in the sunlit room the hand felt unusually cold. Obama needs to practice vocal distancing...are we back in 2008

ALL PEOPLE MATTER. Funny, this guy did NOTHING for race relations in his eight year reign of dividing people. Says the guy that gave the police weapons of war and personally tried to dismantle BlackLivesMatter while using the same language as Trump calling protesters “thugs”. Obama is part of the problem!! He should just stfu.

America is great. Very few countries can go for three years without a president. Maximum respect U.S Its a case of mind over matter, if you dont mind,it dont matter.. No, Obama, let people's to speak out Is it possible for Obama to come back again,anyone... Y didn't u air what trump said in nasa launch..he called for peace and unity..why fake news why

This need to be heard. The institutionalized racism is having a toll on us all. He delivered a message to all Americans. Gee, he was so successful calming race relations during his presidency. I’m confident this will have an impact facepalm ObamaGate Y is the former president always interfering in current presidency..did bush interfered in his 8 yrs of absurb ruling..will u people agree when trump interfere in future president ruling FAKE NEWS.STOP.COVERING USELESS NEWS..

That was an amazing speech! ObamaGate thank you ❤😊 Be awake to the fact that he and his wife condemned white people from moving away from black people and then they moved to Martha's vineyard.......Inside The Obamas' Martha's Vineyard Estate via forbes Thnk u Sir. I hear you. Barack Obama did not benefit the black peoples when he was president so he should keep his mouth shut

All people cared about was fluffing the numbers. Nobody actually watched this lol Obama started all of this. To bad OBAMA didnt say that to the MILLIONS of BOMBS he ordered to DROP ON SYRIA Killing millions of FAMILIES, and CHILDREN with Dreams. OBAMA was the President that dropped the Most Bombs on innocent people, more then any other president in History..!!!

If they matter so much to Obama... maybe he should have done something for them during the 8 years he was in office. Obamagate 🗣 NO! Your hidden agenda is playing out on the streets. ORGANIZED CHAOS! This Country will not KOWTOW to your antics! 👎😖🖤👺 The most remarkable thing about community organizer Barack Hussein Obama’s speech today was simply how unremarkable it was!

Systemic Racism is NOT a trend in America. System Racism is the weapon of choice in America and has been for the last 500yrs He must be referring to reasons to vote Trump2020 Obamagate Really? I watched systemic racism nearly vanish in 1998... by 2001 a new enemy brought America together then another enemy tore America Apart, by 2013... building walls between Races, cultures, sexes, ages, intellects, religions, authority, hope and Faith! Thanks Obama!

It was a staged event to stoke outrage that would inflame blacks to protest. Liberals then sent in their white Antifa thugs to destroy the blacks cities, homes, businesses and lives. Looting and destruction put a smile on our corrupt politician’s faces. OBAMA WITH THE RACIST FARRAKHAN. THEY PUSH FOR DIVISION.. OBAMA WAS IN OFFICE FOR 8 YEARS AND NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITIES OR ANY MINORITY COMMUNITIES ..

Real discrimination, discrimination against Asians Yeah, sure. 🙄🙄🤥 The most corrupt person on earth. He needs to be president of cell block 17 at gitmo. Instead of a message of peace and understanding It's systemic racism I'm sorry he and others may be infected with racism but for me and my family and friends we judge people by their character Divisive and guilt that's the weapons of choice for this guy and his party

Screw him! obamagate This is what Democrats advocate for. 🖕 with all due respect, we need more from him. he has MLK leadership qualities. sometimes you have more power and freedom outside the white house. with great power comes great responsibility. get up BarackObama . lets go. OBAMGATE Nothing more needs to be said

🖕🖕 Who’s this guy again ? He had 8 years, NOTHING BUT EMPTY WORDS!! Let me ask everyone on here and that will soon be commenting. If he is asking for reform why didn’t he do it while in office? So now everyone is praising him for talking and people wishing he was still president but he never reformed policing.

Monkey boy You were POTUS for 8 years and didn’t do one thing to fix what you describe as a broken system. Remember when you said Trayvon Martin could have been your son? Flame fanner Qanon You stoned bro? I MISS OBAMA Him look mad asf🤣 ليس هنالك رئيسا امريكيا كان يحرص على مصلحة الشعب الامريكي سوى كان من الحزب الجمهوري او الحزب الديمقراطي. العالم يراقب و كل مرة ياتي رئيس جديد لامريكا لا يعرف الا مصلحة اسرائيل قبل مصلحة الشعب الامريكي. امريكا لم تقم على اساس العمل بل قامت على اساس اقتصاد الرباء و الذهب.

Obama being born. Yes we are awakening!!! Are you scared Barry? This traitor had 8 years to do something, anything... he did nothing but sow the seeds of division. You know you’re not doing your job well when your predecessors have to chime in to help. Pretty words aren't enough. Have to see justice done. Have to see police disarmed and demilitarized.

Finally, Obama decides to speak out this issue. He could have spoken out when he was president. Thank you Sir realDonaldTrump USUN Obamagate! Fck democrats Obama come back my sweet prince So in his EIGHT YEARS, what did he do to fix the issue? BarackObama an other great actor with a good speach an a nice smile but at the end, the same thing as a president... small

Obamagate Still waiting on my dreams to matter and my white privilege Liberia He had his chance for 8 years and did nothing. Hundreds of black men were murdered by police when he was president Positive direction for young people Don’t give a shit what the most corrupt President in US history says about anything

Tik tok... ObamaGate Now play the clip of this where he asks the rioting and looting to stop The Black Panthers were killed and jailed for trying to protect their people from racism and police brutality. FreeThemNow So that's the plan ... No need to confront Trump or GOP Just do a slick Akido move and by pass Trump & GOP, and go directly to the mayors to affect change in police behaviors. Sweet!

Keep your doctor keep your plan this is how we’re going to act this is how we’re going to be I wonder if those college kids got this or realized that he was mocking his own race Printed on 100% organic cotton in a looser style for that classic 'boyfriend' fit. Perfect for the guys as well. in memory GeorgeFloyd

Now go out and loot some hot sht. Your stealing high end items and destroying property is transforming so much😂😂😂 GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH. AND HE SPOKE FROM HIS HEART UNLIKE BUNKER BOY WHO CANT READ Platitudes and virtue signaling while America burns. That's all he was ever good for. Here come the trumpers supporting their white nationalist president with nothing but childish lies: He was from Kenya He’s Muslim He’s a Spy Obama, thank you for being a leader - boy does Amerikkka miss you.

GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH. AND HE SPOKE FROM HIS HEART UNLIKE BUNKER BOY WHO CANT READ this is a man saying Obama isn’t welcomed in WV why? Clearly Trump and his friends are a virus to America, dividing us with Their hatred! Because eww have different color skin and beliefs. Why are we called the USA If people aren’t welcomed in all stars?

This country is real presidential yadayadayada

Barack Obama Weighs In on How To Bring About Real Change After George Floyd’s DeathBarack Obama Weighs In on How To Bring About Real Change After George Floyd 's Death! (via JustJared) JustJared You had 8 years and did nothing. NOTHING. Shut up, pretender. JustJared JustJared He was president for 8 years. Now he wants to bring change.

Barack Obama to Livestream Talk About Police-Brutality ProtestsBarack Obama will be doing a live stream via his website to talk about police brutality protests Vomit time.. no thanks YAY Will Mr Obama be acknowledging the looting and killing of officers by radical agitators?

Barack Obama to make first on-screen comments on George FloydFormer President Obama to make his first on-screen comments about the killing of George Floyd while in police custody and subsequent unrest. Can't wait to hear what he accomplished. YES! Leadership! President Obama is my president. Chanting for change is not good enough. Demand specific changes in the law!

Barack Obama: This is what you can do to reform the system that leads to police brutalityAs people across the country and the world protest the treatment of black Americans and the killing of George Floyd , and as some U.S. cities impose curfews due to incidents of looting and violence, former President Barack Obama suggests a next step: vote local. MakeIt Refreshing to see a leader again. Can’t believe anyone would think 🍊🤡 is better than this guy. MakeIt He had 8 years to fix it. It’s worse. Way way worse. MakeIt He was president. Why didn’t he reform it then

What It Really Means When You Say 'All Lives Matter'Let me be clear: stating that black lives matter doesn’t insinuate that other lives don’t matter. RunWithMaud should be an annual observance with organized 2.23 mile races/runs/walks every 8 May. This should be easy to make happen with the existing running event infrastructure. Please use your platforms to make this happen.

George W. Bush Calls George Floyd’s Death, Harassment Of Black Men And Women A “Shocking Failure” In Open LetterOne day after former President Barack Obama called on Americans to “a president, a Congress, a U.S. Justice Department, and a federal judiciary that actually recognize the ongoing, corrosive … Facts: The final public report on the cause of death for GeorgeFloyd Hennepin Medical Examiner lists the manner of death as a homicide, while adding that Floyd recently used Methamphetamine, was under the influence of Fentanyl, and had heart issues.