Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell is in federal custody

Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire. a

7/2/2020 4:32:00 PM

BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell, the former companion of Jeffrey Epstein, arrested by FBI in New Hampshire.

Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire. a

Woman who worked for Jeffrey Epstein: 'I knew something was wrong'Maria Farmer said in a lawsuit her experience with him and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell took a dark turn when she was sexually assaulted.Patrick McMullan via Getty Images, FileGhislaine Maxwell, the former companion of Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire on Thursday morning.

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Maxwell, 58, has been accused by several women of enabling, facilitating or participating in their abuse. She has previously denied wrongdoing. Read more: ABC News »

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AmyRobachTestify Please retweet AmyRobach said that News HAS all the evidence needed to prove Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton guilty and they suppressed it. DEMAND that they produce that evidence and testify! Other children can be saved! MaxwellDidntKillHerself EpsteinDidntKillHimself ClintonBodyCount KillaryClinton Killary SaveTheChildren OutOfShadows AmericanMeklo 🇺🇸

Don't let Barr anywhere near her !!!! Ghislaine Maxwell will most likely be killed as I'm sure there are tapes of TRUMP having sex with teenagers! If not tapes - she has stories as well as others. I can guarantee you this - she will not go to trial - she most likely will be killed by some prominent man!!!

TRUMP NEXT? Investigating Epstein’s So-Called ‘Suicide’ Yet? Barr wants to protect his father. BREAKING NEWS Ghislaine Maxwell dot NOT kill her self! I am sure that she would commit Trump suicide within 2 months That did not take for the Fallout...🤷‍♂️😂 Welp......She's gonna fall up the stairs soon.

Hope they keep an eye on who is going in and out! Inrested to see what the BRF will do to protect Andrew lord knows there is no length she want go to protect him unlike a pregnant woman I’ll bet Prince Andrew would be sweating .... if he could. NH? Very close to Canada...😒🤔 ABC tried to bury the Jeffrey Epstein Story.

She might want to up her life insurance before she gets Epsteined Better put her on suicide watch. The Clinton Mafia is out there This doesn’t look good for Andrew as they were good friends How long until she gets suicided ? “Companion” lol do you mean fellow pedophile and accomplice? She’s just as dirty as Epstein. I hope she snitches on the rest of them 🤞🏻 EpsteinDidntKillHimself GhislaineMaxwell

Damn! Welcome to July 2020. Only a story like this could suspend the mask wearing debate...this should resemble a new Netflix series She had the money and means to go hide anywhere in the world- why’d she go to NH? Deal? If she dies in custody, remember it wasn’t suicide Protect her so she can rat the ALL out! LockThemAllUp And don’t think the world will KNOW more about the DeepState if anything happens to her!

JAlfredoC10 RIP Britanniacomms She better hope the grim reaper Bill Barr doesn't come visit her jail. I wonder if she is suicidal? She may go out still a swinger like Epstein. hah! Wouldn‘t suprise me when they say in the next 4-5 days that she died of covid19 Trump must be really nervous. Along with Prince Andrew, and of course Rudy Giuliani ready to spill details.

PrinceAndrew ? Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself, when she kills herself. I give it one week before she kills herself. Hope that she doesn’t commit 'suicide' Hopefully Trump and Barr don't have her Epsteined before this gets to trial.... Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself next Tuesday!! That’s a death sentence EpsteinDidntKillHimself 😉

Look out Hillary and Bill, you may have to create another 'suicide '. peterandann say goodbye to Ghislaine Another upcoming Clinton suicide victim IS ALAN HER LAWYER? Dolly12266720 counterchekist She’ll be dead by nightfall Woot woot made my day even tho I live in NH and I am shocked she was here. Epstein

Keep Hillary away from her lol. Hopefully Barr's DOJ can keep her safe from 'suicide' like Epstein! 🤔 Nice the rest will follow :) Hillary, Obama, Podesta Bros.... Now she will blurt out all of Trump's little secrets. The beginning of the end. RIP counterchekist July 2, 2020 Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite accused of plying Jeffrey Epstein with underage sex trafficking victims, Has Been Arrested in New Hampshire, a law enforcement source told the Daily News Thursday.

It’s about time what took them so long About damn time! KATUNews Shocked it’s taken so long MORE: Maxwell, 58, has been accused by several women of enabling, facilitating or participating in their abuse. She has previously denied wrongdoing. Oooooops! She will be epsteined!! pamelasm I bet Prince Andrew is sweating now.

I see a suicide on the horizon They all hung out together! SaRaAshcraft Companion You have one job. To report. Not twist. operationmockingbird sunshinexosunxo The PEDO-WOOD House of Cards is coming down people..... Finally!! Will she be found hanging in her cell soon? You know ... ‘suicide’ wink, wink.

realDonaldTrump don’t assassinate this one! In New Hampshire of all places. She was definitely hiding. She’s going to commit “suicide” and hang her self too.ive been in a federal SHU. That shit is a cover too And the Men who participated, walk free (like the Man in the WH, for example...) Trump thought he had a tough past few months. The universe like...

GodEatsLambs tcatmeowzz SaRaAshcraft GhislaineMaxwellDidNotKillHerself Does that mean she wont get to testify? I mean they will kill her right? Thank God!!! She needs to be on “suicide” watch And alleged mistress of BillClinton . Did HillaryClinton get pissed due to the very recent news reporting of Bill & Ghislaine? 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'

Good Pedos will murder her No coincidences, no heroes..........

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