Former CIA Dir. John Brennan: This is a time of great national concern

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'This is a time of great national concern.' - Fmr. CIA Director Brennan


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Thanks to people like Brennan and the rest who created a faux crisis or conspiracy to get rid of a president.

darlenesmith02 God bless John Brennan, we need like air the voice of reason.

Why is he former? Fired perhaps. Great expert. What a joke

This is the asshole who architected the disinformation and smear campaign to undo the 2016 election

The liberal media is a great national concern.

So, when have you seen the Former CIA director, FBI director, Asst FBI director, NSA director X2, all employed as Contributors to a news Media! And you can't see the deep state attempted COUP!!! All who leaked stories after Trump election!

He should be scared.

Hillary Clinton, a name that will live in infamy as the personification of the rot that sickened the Democratic Party.

Headlines : 'CIA director misleads the public and leaks high security information to the press' JohnBrennan should be in jail for treason, along with his partner in crime Comey

Brennan is a communist/Socialist He lies Wasnt he the one that told GWB about the WMD's in Iraq or another CIA warmonger You do know those in congress get rich off of war. Brennan is a pos

MahyadiRachel If I were John Brennan I would be retaining counsel instead of pontificating about foreign affairs. Do the names Halpern & Mifsud ring a bell? Just sayin '...

Who ever works here is despicable. Ya'all know who you are, we ain't gonna let you off the hooks. Your job is not to manufacture consent but to report and inform!

THIS IS A TIME OF GREAT NATIONAL CONCERN FOR THE RULE OF WE THE VOTERS. do nothing-dems r destroying our constitution, our current n future presidencies w/a.s.s.--allegations speculations smoke. a.s.s. now means 'high crimes n misdemeanors'?

He sounds scared.

This is a time that Brennan should be concern- he knows what is coming for him and he's pissing his pants he knows there's a rope with his name on it

You really think anyone cares what Brennan has to say? What a hack!

Because they are about to collapse the coup.

For you

You are great national concern.

Yes, it is a time of great national concern. Not only because there is an unstable madman in the White House, but because Republicans in the Senate are complicit cowards.

He’s said the same thing for 4 years - why even give him a mic?

Communists in Govt like yourself should be “ concerned “.

Not the other way around.

Thank you. Every one needs to call him out. I believe a good leader brings out the best from those he leads.

God bless you

RosieM1919 Yea. Ya think. There is a traitorous criminal rapist in the WH.

It was when you ran the CIA.

That's why we are investigating you JohnBrennan .

Brennan’s going down like a 2$ ho

Any President that loves NAZIS, will never be my President! IMPEACH-REMOVE-ARREST!

He should be concerned since they’re coming for him

Outrage fatigue setting in a year before the election. What will the networks and the commie leftists do as they realize they will lose?

He should be going in to hiding soon cause barr will be dropping the hammer on the crooks that started the lies

Really? No shit? Great concern, you say? Huh,

wcruz73 He looks like Mr. Atoz from TOS episode 'All Our Yesterdays'

'Trump himself...was putting together a rogue foreign-policy team, run by Giuliani, trump's private attorney, that would go outside normal N.S.C. & State Dept. channels to pressure Ukraine' VoteBlue2020 Forget Trump’s “Meltdown”, Follow the Testimony

...Sure. If your name is John Brennan. ;)

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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