Food banks under strain during Covid-19 pandemic - CNN Video

The need for meals from New York food banks is soaring amid the Covid-19 pandemic. CNN's Alexandra Field reports.

9/29/2020 2:25:00 AM

'I thought, two weeks, that's it, everything is back to normal. And here we are, six months now, devastated, still panicking, and it just seems to be getting worse.' The need for meals from New York food banks is soaring.

The need for meals from New York food banks is soaring amid the Covid-19 pandemic. CNN's Alexandra Field reports.

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Election 2020 updates: Trump ends long day rushing through final rally in Minnesota

You’re joking right...CNN & MSNBC were clearly in on the release of Covid-19 to purposely kill elderly voters, because all of you knew... there’s no way older Americans would vote in Communism!!!! Gotcha!!!!! It's Sept 28, and the Democrats are STILL holding COVID-19 RELIEF & STIMULUS hostage to advance their LEFTIST AGENDA: No voter ID; Cash for non-citizens; Taxpayer funded abortion. They put THEIR AGENDA first, NOT FamiliesFirst. Their HEROES ACT is a SCAM.

And Dems want to keep us locked down! The cure is becoming worse than the disease and people are dying! NYGovCuomo and NYCMayor should be ashamed! well if it was not from a certain person in the W'H .. we would be far better off by now. Food banks in one of the richest countries in the world, somethings not right!!!, shocking.

If republicans had there way , we would have no safety net in this country Trump 2020. Curve this!!! Media and democrats: Keep everything closed! shut down everything! don't let trump re-open the economy! it's trump's fault people are suffering! what a clown show 🤣🤡 And that would be a big thank you to Gov Cuomo!!

There will be a slow delayed effect as the income gap created by covid-19 will have to be dealt with by a 'privatized' safety net system, shamelessly deployed by the richest country in the world. A wave of need will breach the bulwark, creating a human catastrophe. Them fredos have no shame. So much for blacks voting for Dems. They’ll keep you hungry and eke out some food stamps to ya

A Crisis Within A Crisis: Food Insecurity And COVID-19Hunger is one of the most urgent — yet hidden — crises facing the nation. In this special episode of All Things Considered, a look at how food insecurity has been exacerbated by the coronavirus. Not ok

Australia's Victoria state to ease COVID-19 restrictions as cases slowVictoria, Australia's second most populous state and the epicentre of the country's COVID-19 outbreak, will accelerate the easing of social distancing restrictions as infections slow to fewer than 20 cases a day, its premier said on Sunday. Australia has become a fascist country! Really sad. Murdoch governs the whole country in a way that suits his own business interests and profit from his pharma business. Shame on Australian government!!! Is sky news still in Covid suits? Dropping restrictions in the south. Crazy techies. Come back to broad band lol. The covid takes time to change its gear for new attacks on season change in aussie land. All scientists around the world are well undrestimating the covid's life cycle due to lack of coordination and outreach. The WHO is helpless, and the pharma are going their own way to make $$

Mainland China reports 14 Covid-19 cases – latest updatesAs mainland China reports 14 new Covid-14 cases, here are other updates: 🇦🇷 Argentina's virus infections cross 700,000 🇫🇷 Pandemic could overwhelm France's health system 🇲🇽 Mexico logs 5,573 new virus cases For more: China has 14000 new cases not 14 14 come on China at least make it believable. Sardar_Javvad Covid-14 or Covid-19?

How to Navigate Covid-19 Travel RestrictionsThese three online tools promise to help untangle all the new and ever-changing rules and restrictions in the U.S. and abroad. Very good idea Global_unity_to_fight_drugs_ मानोरांजान एंजोयमेंत्स_never_at_cost_of_National_pride Drugist_kept_controls_in_entertainments_INSD_ GOVERNMENT_SAFE_THE_NATION_ aajtak ABC TOIIndiaNews EconomicTimes NavbharatTimes Dev_Fadnavis BJP4India Pushpendraamu DDNational dna Thank you for the WSJ article in Korea. It was reported as a blockage of Korean religion and assembly, but in fact, it is a deterrent to groups that are severely involved in political religion. In violation of the Korona quarantine rules at the level of the national civil war,

Smile Masks Help Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Communicate While Reducing COVID-19 TransmissionMasks can cause significant problems for those with deafness or hearing deficits who 'rely on lip reading to aid in their understanding of a conversation.' Now, a number of companies are selling masks that cover the mouth with clear plastic. hereandnow hereandnow That’s a nice idea....isn’t covering your mouth or nose with plastic dangerous🤔 hereandnow The shark has been jumped. hereandnow

Twenty-one states are reporting increased Covid-19 cases as experts warn of a fall surgeAlmost half the US is reporting increased numbers of new Covid-19 cases as health experts warn of a potential coronavirus surge in the fall and winter. Lies Police in Louisville, Kentucky, arrested 24 people, including a state legislator, in anti-racism protests. TrumpTaxReturns TrumpTaxes TrumpIsBroke Not for long!