Floyd Mayweather's Company Files $120 Mil Lawsuit, Logan Paul Fight Shoulda Been In Dubai

Floyd Mayweather's Company Files $120 Mil Lawsuit, Logan Paul Fight Shoulda Been In Dubai

5/15/2021 1:39:00 AM

Floyd Mayweather's Company Files $120 Mil Lawsuit, Logan Paul Fight Shoulda Been In Dubai

Floyd Mayweather says the Logan Paul fight was supposed to go down in Dubai -- but the org. he teamed up with to put on the event dropped the ball ... and now his company is suing for more than $120 MILLION!!

TMZ Sportsobtained the lawsuit, filed by Mayweather Promotions, alleging a company called PAC Entertainment Worldwide approached them about hosting the event in Dubai at an undisclosed date in 2021.Mayweather Promotions claims PAC claimed to have"numerous business contacts in Dubai" and"had the financial wherewithal and capability to host a fight of this magnitude."

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Most importantly, Mayweather Promotions says PAC"presented financial projections estimating the fight could generate guaranteed amounts for each participant, plus result in the promoters earning more than $100 million in profits after covering all purses and expenses."

Mayweather Promotions admits it was impressed with the pitch and claims it ultimately signed a deal requiring PAC to pay a minimum guaranteed amount of $110 MILLION on a"prescribed payment schedule."Mayweather Promotions claims the 1st payment of $30 million was due on March 25, 2021 -- but the money never came. headtopics.com

Mayweather Promotions claims the missed payment triggered a clause allowing MP to terminate the deal while still requiring PAC to fork up the full $110 million. Read more: TMZ »

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Fight can be in his back room and Logan would still knock him out Did they move the location without telling Floyd or something? Wtf is this crap about Rich people problems

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Bro he’s a fucking pussy now😂mayweather you crying way to fucking much bro🤣👎🏽 The truth is: WHO CARES!!!! So much money in the bank and yet so poor inside his brain Logan Paul proves once again what a complete looser and lier he is. Cannot wait till he gets knocked straight out. To bad it actually has to be in a ring to happen. Someone should have done it to him & his brother years ago. Can’t believe people follow them

...then like,if he survives near round one?He'll notice Mayweathers punches are not only10secs in thepast,also,30secs in thefuture. How's thatpossible tho?Oh sure. Talk to yourselfwhileboxing,what could go wrong,idk,📢lets findout!, can U pick a topic besidesboxing to discuss?'😅 Anyone who wants to fight Mayweather & isnt at his level? My honest opinion? Should have a psychological evaluation. Like before anyone gets a face tattoo. Same thing. There will be lots of bruising😂😅

Taxes that’s why I do appreciate when people put effort into what they want to do, but has he seen The Great White Hype? Those two fighters will never be evenly matched. Mayweather will abuse him. & not even try. It is an exibition no one should give a damn. If anything this is an embarrassment to Floyd Mayweather. He finished undefeated and is fighting a YouTube guy. What an embarrassment.

DID TMZ JUST SAY SHOULDA The greed is overbearing. He has probably done more to kill boxing then any other boxer in history. people used to care about boxing now nobody gives a shit. Rich people problems. 🤦🏾‍♀️ shoulda The Paul brothers are the perfect example of white entitlement Meaningless people

The Paul’s are barking up the wrong tree...mayweather inc. will sue the shit out of them for every little thing ..look how the Manny pacman fight went ...lawsuit after lawsuit