Florida Vice-Mayor Arrested With Three Bottles of Whiskey in Her Tesla After Three Car Pile Up

Oldsmar Vice Mayor Linda Norris, 59, was taken into custody after the 10:30 AM crash on Wednesday morning.

8/14/2020 12:50:00 AM

Police said they found an open bottle of Fireball whiskey in her center console -- and two more in her purse (via toofab)

Oldsmar Vice Mayor Linda Norris, 59, was taken into custody after the 10:30 AM crash on Wednesday morning.

"Norris was asked to step out of the vehicle. Immediately, deputies noticed Norris was slurring her words and her movements appeared unstable," Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office reported on Facebook.Deputies asked her where she was going and where she came from, but said Norris was unable to provide a clear answer.

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Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post."Inside her vehicle, deputies found an open container of Fireball in the center console and two additional, but closed bottles in her purse."Officers said she was unable to pass a field sobriety test; she also refused to give a breath sample.

View StoryLuckily, there were no injuries in the accident.Norris now faces two charges: Driving Under the Influence Third Conviction, and Refusal to Submit to Testing. She was held on $1,000 bail."It's infuriating to know some drivers have no respect for the law or the lives around them," Sheriff Chad Chronister said, per the

Tampa Bay Times."Furthermore, Linda Norris is a public official and should behave accordingly. Instead, she serves as an example of our commitment to identifying and catching those who break the law, no matter who they are." Read more: TMZ »

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riledup1 TooFab Was Matt Gaetz with her? TooFab Wow!!! TooFab Did she have tesla autopilot? TooFab Good thing police didn't shoot her, for blantly breaking the law. TooFab VICE Major I'll drink to that TooFab She’s over 2020 TooFab Should be Game Over now, before she kills someone! TooFab She’ll be back on the job Monday. Welcome to FLdahhhh !

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TooFab Lol I live in this city. TooFab Surprised they even arrested her... This is Florida The Banana republic we're taking about. TooFab Cheers TooFab Certainly has some issues..need HELP! CNN enews KrisJenner MsPattyJackson PerezHilton theonlyjasonlee angelayee TooFab If I could scale my suprisness it wouldn’t even chart

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TooFab I'm sorry doesn't the car drive it's self what the big deal? Lmao jk 🤣 TooFab Damn she's the vice-mayor? She looks like a crack ORE! TooFab That’s definitely a whiskey face😳😂 TooFab 10:30 am? TooFab Florida who’s shocked? TooFab Is it a crime if the car was in autopilot mode? Asking for a friend

TooFab Let me guess, she's a Republican! TooFab Welp, there’s a face for radio! TooFab This is definitely what I would imagine the face of an alcoholic looking like. TooFab Now this her third DUI so the reporter ask the city councillor why y'all hire her to be a mayor and they said we don't do background checks now you know that's f up but y'all do background checks when people trying to get a job but y'all got drunks working for the city🤔

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TooFab This is on brand for Florida TooFab Gotta love dah FIREABLE Whiskey!!! LOL!!! TooFab If that “no regerts” tat was a person TooFab It be like that sometimes TooFab Smfh....ah Florida politicians...either drunk in public or ODing somewhere... you know who... TooFab Oh. Headline already says Florida. No need to guess then.

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TooFab Lol um that is the smallest problem here, they can’t tell that this lady is a crackhead? This is so on brand for Florida’s a crackhead for vice mayor TooFab Looks like she overslept from watching that 5OT Lightning game. I’m guessing because she looks like she is wearing a Lightning shirt. Denierio

Lush TooFab Ok so much to sort through. Florida? Shocking. 10:30am? Drinking through the night or started REALLY early & I realize she’s 59 BUT that’s a hard looking 59. Didn’t even mention the Tesla. 🙄 TooFab Kind of curious whether she thought she would be ok because of the autodriving capabilites of the Tesla?

TooFab YourQueen_Amber is it just me or does she look like an older ....... TooFab What a waste of Whiskey. TooFab TooFab She looks like she smokes crack too TooFab 3rd DUI conviction and she still has job as vice-mayor? TooFab Wall 👏🏻up👏🏻the👏🏻border👏🏻of👏🏻Florida. TooFab That's HORRIBLE! TooFab it’s called “alcoholism” and she needs to be treated

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TooFab Deputy Mayor of 'highways' TooFab Seems like a nice lady. TooFab TooFab She look like a freakin drunk!!!!🤮 TooFab Tesla's drive themselves so technically she wasn't driving under the influence she was a passanger. If the vehicle malfunctioned they should prosecute Elon for reckless endangerment and false claims just saying.

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