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Florida's Ron DeSantis wants Bahamians fleeing Dorian to stop coming to his state

Florida's Ron DeSantis wants Bahamians fleeing Dorian to stop coming to his state

9/13/2019 3:10:00 PM

Florida 's Ron DeSantis wants Bahamians fleeing Dorian to stop coming to his state

' Florida is helping to send resources to the Bahamas so the relief can be administered there,' said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has sought to discourage Bahamians fleeing the destruction of Hurricane Dorian from coming to his state, telling them to stay put and seek relief in their country instead."If you just need the relief, that's not what Florida's set up for," DeSantis said at a news conference in Dania Beach,

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South Florida Sun Sentinel."Florida is helping to send resources to the Bahamas so the relief can be administered there," he said.DeSantis' comments came as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Florida unit continued to process the thousands of Bahamians making their way to the state in search of refuge.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by Hurricane Dorian, while at least 50 people have been declared dead, with the death toll expected to rise as officials continue to try to locate at least 1,300 people who remain missing.In addition to trying to deter Bahamians from coming to his state, DeSantis also suggested that he supports the Trump administration's decision to deny Temporary Protected Status to those fleeing the Bahamas.

TPS, which would allow Bahamians to live and work legally in the U.S. until their country has recovered sufficiently from the Category 5 storm, is"only for people who are already here," DeSantis said."So, I think when people are saying, 'Oh, let the people who came get it.' That's not what it's for," the Florida governor said."TPS is if you're in the United States, something happens in your home country, then you can apply for it. So, I don't even think it's applicable, and I think the Bahamian government has not asked for it. And so I just don't think it would even apply."

Despite DeSantis' assertions, on Thursday, 17 Democratic U.S. senators, including five 2020 presidential candidates, introduced legislation seeking to grant TPS to"eligible Bahamian citizens" for at least 18 months.Meanwhile, last Friday, a bipartisan coalition of Florida members of Congress also asked the Trump administration to consider granting Bahamians TPS.

While TPS has been granted to residents of other countries in the wake of natural disasters, including Haitians after a devastating earthquake rocked the country in 2010, the Trump administration has yet to extend any such offer to Bahamians.On Monday, however, Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan did say that he believes it would be"appropriate" to extend the TPS program to the Bahamas.

While he said there hadn't been"any formal grant of TPS," he said it"would be appropriate to have that circumstance."Now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Republican of Florida, speaks during a rally with U.S. President Donald Trump at Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall in Tampa, Florida, on July 31, 2018 during his ultimately successful gubernatorial race. DeSantis has sought to deter Bahamians fleeing the destruction of Hurricane Dorian from coming to Florida.

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Maybe he should build a wall with his daughter. AT HOME. He’s truly a FL republican. Refuse to help but be the first to ask. And I’m sure that he is a god fearing family man with a good moral upbringing. Make Florida white again? 😠 get off my lawn You have to have an extreme level of douchebaggery to turn away people who just lost EVERYTHING!

How dare they run to family and friends after a hurricane? How very unchristian of you. They are the least of us and have been flattened by the hurricane. How could you forget what the Panhandle of Florida looked like after it was decimated by a hurricane? RonDeSantisFL Your state will be hit by another hurricane. What if the Governors of the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi adopt your stance? PositiveIsHowILive

Cause Republicans are prolife Christians Does any state elect worse people than Florida? realDonaldTrump How do you feel about this? Got a call from trump did he? “His” state? Shame on him. You have a office specifically tasked with recruiting people to come live in Florida. “Come to the sunshine state”. Actually, how many Bahamians work already in Florida’s agriculture?

Eugene_Scott Georgia probably sometimes feels the same way about Floridians but they don’t actually say it OUT LOUD. I didn't know DeSantis owned Florida. If the racists think you’re a racist, then... What a humanitarian. DeSantis? Wonder where his ancestors are from Floridans want Ron DeSantis to walk directly into the Atlantic Ocean while carrying a bowling ball.

Gee, I can't imagine why. 🙄 Once again. The cruelty (and selfishness) is the point. Too bad somebody didn’t say that to Donald Trump‘s grandfather back in the day go back to Germany Today's Republican Party. A platform based on cruelty. America is changing so much. And it’s nothing to be proud of He does not own the state-please tell him that! Idiot!

Eugene_Scott I. N. H. U. M. A. N. E. Eugene_Scott Haitians in the Bahamas who are scorned and associated with illegal status, poverty, lack of education and violence be like Racist trump toady. He owes Russians for his election victory. GovRonDeSantis This man is disgusting. That’s very crappy of him considering the Bahamas were pretty much obliterated. I expect this kind of stuff in the era of Trump though.

How horribly mean is that!!!! This piece includes the governor making that comment: They'd probably class Florida up too much for his liking A man who dresses his young children in Trump clothing. Florida's Ron DeSantis wants Human Bahamians to stop fleeing Dorian and coming to 'his state' Wow Florida, look who you elected !

Racist Wonder where all those Floridians normally vacationing in the Bahamas are going to go now? suzyspang PLEASE CALL YOUR REP ABOUT TPS: TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE STATUS Everyone is doing an amazing job!!! The next step is to push our representatives to issue TPS - temporary protective status for the Bahamians for at least 12 months. This will allow them easier access to the states and

Always, “Now that we were helped by coming here we don’t want to help anyone else.” Very Christian, GovRonDeSantis As the climate changes, the oceans warm & the ice caps melt, this is a situation which is going to become more common. It's a situation which will either cause a lot more conflict or will teach humans on this planet how to work together

'You do know there's plenty of water to die in, huh? You'll make for a picturesque scene later on as luxury ships pass over your corpses, don't worry'

'One day at a time': Bahamians displaced by Dorian seek solace in South FloridaAs Bahamians displaced by Dorian have come to South Florida , the community there has come together in fear for loved ones, a passion to rebuild and prayer. Story over lmao WhereIsBritain RoyalFamily Help the Bahamas folks!! That means YOU! Not relying on the government...YOU!

Opinion: Trump's senseless cruelty toward evacuees from the BahamasAmerica has often granted temporary protected status to people whose countries suffered catastrophic disasters. Yet after Dorian, Trump would rather demonize and deport Bahamians. opinion You are surprised? This is not Norway, folks! 🤔 opinion Its not senseless. It’s part & parcel of the administrations system of dehumanizing people in need & eroding America’s responsibilities to our neighbors. I find this headline inexcusably disingenuous 2 years in. opinion Trump..Must Go ! Many Democrats Can Beat Trump ?

Bahamians look for loved ones as 1,300 missing after DorianMCLEAN'S TOWN, Bahamas (AP) — They scan social media, peer under rubble, or try to follow the smell of death in an attempt to find family and friends. They search amid alarming reports that... So so sad 😞 Is it 1,300 or 2,500 people missing? 💔😔

Trump Says Those Fleeing Bahamas After Dorian Could Be 'Very Bad People'Trump told reporters those fleeing Bahamas include 'some very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very very bad drug dealers.' Somehow, I feel a lot better about taking in hurricane victims from the Bahamas than having to wait another year to get the Very Worst People out of the WH. Because some of them might be bad, they should all suffer. Is that how we roll now?

After surviving Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, a preschooler came home to a group hug from his classmatesGet yourself some friends like Makai Simmons. The 3-year-old was mobbed with hugs by classmates upon returning to Florida after surviving Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas . 'They hugged me up,' he says. Too bad that right wing Evangelicals have lost sight of this simple truth. Our children have it right. No wonder Christ loves his children. Who taught Evangelicals to be xenophobic? I need a good hug up Aww sometimes kids actually aren't gross. Maybe I'll go get someone pregnant today.❤

José Andrés Has Served More Than 100,000 Free Meals In The Bahamas | WAMUWorld Central Kitchen, which provides meals in areas hit by natural disasters, has been distributing food in the Carolinas, Florida and the Bahamas since Hurricane Dorian hit early last week. wamu885 B R A V O ! Full Stop. Thank You! wamu885 wamu885 A real hero..........unlike what we have in the WH