Florida groups call out Spanish-language radio shows for spreading lies, misinformation

'When you see those talking points reiterated on such a steady stream in Spanish-language media, it's really a cause for concern,' said an activist.

1/16/2021 7:50:00 AM

More than 20 Latino leaders from progressive groups in Florida have signed a letter calling on Spanish-language and Latino-focused media outlets in Miami to stop spreading misinformation 'that emboldens conspiracy theories.' - NBCLatino

'When you see those talking points reiterated on such a steady stream in Spanish-language media, it's really a cause for concern,' said an activist.

primarily on social media and in WhatsApp groups. But they were also finding their way to popular radio stations and television programs. Some of the conspiracies revolved around QAnon, whose followers believe that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles that includes politicians, journalists and celebrities controls the"deep state" government.

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After Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook, some of his Latino supporters began flocking to closed and encrypted platforms like Signal and Telegram, worrying experts who track disinformation. Many have also left WhatsApp after it sent a privacy update to users. Telegram, a chat app,

reportedit has passed 500 million monthly users. Around 25 million joined in a 72-hour period that included last weekend.“The danger with these groups, especially for Spanish-speaking communities, is it allows false and misleading content to spread quickly and without access to credible sourcing," said Flavia Colangelo, a researcher at GQR, a research firm that advises campaigns on disinformation."It becomes a louder echo chamber because when you opt into these chat groups, you are constantly receiving messages, audios, videos and links from other users — sometimes thousands per day." headtopics.com

Colangelo said many of the bad actors spreading misinformation in Spanish on Facebook and YouTube are now asking followers to join their Telegram channels over concerns of censorship. A Spanish-language QAnon group on Telegram has recently grown to over 34,000 followers. Some of the information circulating on Telegram echoes national narratives baselessly blaming the Capitol riots on antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters. This includes sharing recent audio recordings of misleading A.M. radio broadcasts circulating in South Florida that push these false and dangerous narratives.

Those who signed the letter released Wednesday are calling for more fact-checking of the shows. They are also calling for the media to hold pundits accountable for promoting hate speech, as well as to invite more diverse voices on their shows, including Afro-Latinos, and to"educate themselves on the diversity of this country." Many of the shows focus on Black Lives Matter as a violent, anti-Trump movement.

One of the letter's signers, Ana Sofia Peláez, co-founder of the Miami Freedom Project, an organization dedicated to creating a space for progressive voices in Miami, expressed alarm.If anyone knows the cost of disrupting the Electoral College and the consequences of a riot at the Capitol, it is Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and others who have come from Latin American countries that have had authoritarian regimes.

Peláez said that"it's hard to see where you can even begin that dialogue" when"people who have had that experience" defend falsehoods or conspiracy theories."When you see those talking points reiterated on such a steady stream in Spanish-language media, it's really a cause for concern," Peláez said. headtopics.com

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Others who signed the letter represent organizations like Florida Rising, Florida Immigrant Coalition, LatinoJustice PRLDEF and Alianza for Progress. Read more: NBC News »

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NBCLatino Losers! NBCLatino Ironic that a culture Trump fillet would care enough about this but right is right and wrong is wrong. Good for them. NBCLatino These media propaganda sources are the direct cause of the insurrection and anti-democrat right-wing extremists.. Hate speech disguised as FREE SPEECH.. It is not what the founders had in mind.. It's FEE SPEECH, for profit only, it's made us weaker.. cost us millions and trust

NBCLatino You mean all the B.S. they swallowed hook, line and sinker from Trump before the election NBCLatino After 1 paragraph I realized I was reading fakenews. Twitter is canceling the fakenews because the truth hurts MarionBurr5 NBCLatino Well, too bad they haven't done Socialism vs Authoritarianism, which the GOP has been pushing for years. Comparing Socialism with Trump, which is authoritarianism. Welcome to the GOP: Authoritarianism

NBCLatino By the way. There are many more Latinos and Hispanics that disagree with those 20 bought leaders. Look it up. NBCLatino The Hardened Hearts are focused on the Wealth and life of this earth. THE ONE WHO PROPHESIED CORONAVIRUS ON DECEMBER 1ST, 2015 AND RAVAGING LOCUSTS PLAGUE LIVE ON JESUS IS LORD RADIO- 04.11.2020 AllnightGlobalVigil

NBCLatino That is oppression. Whites are doing this, not Spanish. (Who says Spanish? For Spaniards maybe.) To say u are right and they are wrong is no different. It is seen as truth to one side and a conspiracy to the other. NBCLatino I know I can’t believe media outlets are telling people that sleepy Joe won!