Florence Welch Says Emma Stone's Cruella De Vil Looked 'Exactly Like Me When I Was 20'

Florence Welch said Emma Stone looked 'exactly like her when she was 20,' in response to the new film #Cruella

6/14/2021 4:00:00 PM

Florence Welch said Emma Stone looked 'exactly like her when she was 20,' in response to the new film Cruella

In celebration of the film's release, Florence Welch sat down with Emma Stone to discuss ' Cruella ' and how the singer-songwriter related to the Disney villain.

.In celebration of the film's release at the end of May, Florence Welch sat down with Emma Stone, who stars as Cruella de Vil, to discuss the song and how the singer-songwriter, surprisingly, really related to the popular Disney villain.“I just felt such a kinship towards her because really weirdly she looks exactly like me when I was 20," Welch tells Stone in a new

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Billboardexclusive video."I had that bright red hair, blunt fringe. I was like, ‘I know this girl! I was this girl!’ I really kind of felt that desire to create but also I understand that chaos energy because I have been a chaos person.”How to Watch 'Cruella' Online

As for the overlap between music and style, Welch explains that it's all about creative expression."I was always interested in clothes, and fashion seemed like this outlet for creativity. Dressing up, for me, has always been a self-actualizing of the inner spirit," she says."I feel like it’s a way to get to the soul of you outside of yourself. With music, as my career got bigger, with a lot of the clothes, it was a way of armoring myself against the attention so that I could, very much like Cruella, embody a more frightening persona.”

Stone agreed with the empowering nature of fashion."This enables [Cruella] to be powerful in the world," she says."Not having that passion for clothing and transforming herself in that way, I don’t think she would have that kind of strength. A lot of people just write off fashion as something kind of silly, and it really is not for many people. It’s something really powerful and very transformative.”

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