Rep. Ronny Jackson Drank Alcohol And Took Sleeping Pills On Job As Top White House Physician, Watchdog Finds - Cnnpolitics

Rep. Ronny Jackson Drank Alcohol And Took Sleeping Pills On Job As Top White House Physician, Watchdog Finds - Cnnpolitics

First on CNN: Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, drank alcohol and took Ambien while working as White House physician, Pentagon watchdog finds

Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, violated alcohol policy and took sleeping pills when he was White House physician, Pentagon watchdog report finds

3/3/2021 7:01:00 AM

Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, violated alcohol policy and took sleeping pills when he was White House physician, Pentagon watchdog report finds

The Department of Defense inspector general has issued a scathing review of Rep. Ronny Jackson during his time serving as the top White House physician, concluding that he made 'sexual and denigrating' comments about a female subordinate, violated the policy for drinking alcohol while on a presidential trip and took prescription-strength sleeping medication that prompted concerns from his colleagues about his ability to provide proper care.

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WOW so is he the next President? Donnie made rude comments that cost Billy Bush his job and Donnie became President-what’s that tell you AMERICA! Is this the guy who attended to the President, pumped him with drugs so he could make American strong again? wake up American We are all human. Thats why trump wanted him there. WH Pusher.

All at the same time? Big surprise And this should surprise - nobody. No wonder why he saw a perfect health report on Diaper Donald this was after he flirted with that blonde 👱‍♀️ finished his whiskey and took his sleeping pills then talked to Media I sure wish Ronny Jackson stood in a press conference for 2 hours and 40 minutes taking questions about Joe Biden's mental capacity. Now that would be cool

So! Andrew Cuomo is a serial murderer and sexual predator but CNN don't seem to care Get rid of him But let’s focus on Cuomo and the women making it up cuz it allegedly happened over a year ago so why wait if u were so uncomfortable? These women are lying and paid to say it abdallahcnn he certainly was not of right mind when he claimed trump was fitter than any other president lol.

And ? Lol Thousands are Dying due to Covid 19 and you report this shit ? Jesus Should the victim of donlemon be believed? Ok so he is just a normal guy...😅 And? Who hasn't done any of these? I see now do the GOVERNOR taguedawg Ronny & Bannon could maybe bunk in a rehab? You can’t do anything without getting caught.

The Elite Class, it's private labs, multinational Corps, investors, Chinese Gov. Stock Markets, R producing the viruses & vaccines. The solution is not to pay 4 tests & vaccines to the elite class. It's to give us: Medicare 4 All, $10K monthly, pay R bills, jail the virus makers! Why you ignore Myanmar at least 10 person was killed by the Military thugs.

Where is reporting on Governor Cuomo ? Look who appointed him, he has a very long history of this behavior. Before you believe anything CNN has to say you need to verify, verify, verify. I've found in the past their 'Fake News Department' works overtime. Maybe that’s how he came up with trump only being 239lbs and perfect health.

'While on duty'. What if prior to duty. Everyone knew he was a drunk! Now people what we get in military and at VA as doctors, dead Enders, fringe of society doctors. Here comes the CNN quick cover up for Cuomo. Republikkkans hate to have the light shined on their negative behavior. They act like it’s all good to be unethical.

Please Help Myanmar. Can you hear me? Mar3Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar I think he used a broken scale too, there's no way Trump weighed what Ronny told the press he did. This man needs to go to rehab and never serve in state or federal office. Physician heal thyself. First, Do no harm. He took and broke that oath.

But he's a US politician - isnt it compulsory? Myanamar Junta Terrorists attack Rescue team. 3rdMarch SaveMyanmarCitizen rejectmyanmarjuntaterrorists Is there a reason you guys never talked about Raymond Weber? Ambulance Yangon Myanmar... But the Cumho brothers escape their past. LOL. when the democrats have a liar/murderer and sexual predator they immediately deflect.

Lol. This is Trump’s doctor. I’m so shocked. I don’t blame him, having to deal with orange baby Creeper. are you suggesting we have a lot of losers in this country? Deflecting from Cuomo this story is three years old.. Surprised nah... everyone in trump regime had blackmail gossip on each other.. way to rule

Shocking! candyman TheFormerGuy Person. Woman. Ambien. Camera. Vodka Myanmar today,the army and police to break up the violence against demonstrators who sad many of the demonstrators were carrying the dead bodies of the victims.They are as brutal as aware.They have no feelings. britneyspears calls for restore DEMOCRACY to allow American to KNOW each other & DECIDE together, by THEMSELVES with renewed assemblies of American CITIZENS chosen by LOT for 1 MONTH giving entitlement to compensatory allowances ( $120/ day) + job training & accommodation

Much worse than Cuomo. Where are the political hit squads when it's needed? Love Ronnie Jackson and Cuomo are just getting hit hard and the only rebuttal is 'it's politically motivated' or it could be that some politicians think they can just get away with it and not realize that all eyes are on them. Had to look up ambien, this dude REALLY needed sleep

I'm running for Congress on the Republican ticket. Get me some of that good stuff, no more of this street shit. I can act crazy as I want then claim to be a victim of the press, the dems, the anti whoever coalition. Moving my ass to Texas for sure, the land of milk and honey. Give him a break, he had to see TheFormerGuy on a daily base. That should explain a lot and account for something

O wow ... It seems that most key official at white-house during Trump Administration , were just like him ! Paragraph 47: 'These two allegations of alcohol use both occurred under the Obama administration' CNN gonna CNN ... Ronny Jackson has obvious mental issues for which he will eventually seek help.

tw//blood,dead A 14yrs old boy was cruelly killed by terrorists with sniper in Myin Chan. He died on the spot with head shot. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Mar3Coup To be fair, I wanted to sleep through the Trump administration too “Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died,” he said.

Most of this occurred under Obama but they won’t tell you the truth. CHALK UP ANOTHER SENATE APPROVED TRUMP DISCIPLE. DOES ANYONE IN THE SENATE REQUIRE RESUMES OR BACKGROUND CHECKS OF ANYONE EXCEPT FOR DEMOCRATS? 😏🙄 That headline is loaded.... And your know what? Won't be held accountable for any of it?

Looks like no one saw Grey’s Anatomy, ER or any doctor show..Doctors are straight up druggies, alcoholics, and sex addicts If true he's a sorry excuse for a military officer!! At the same time he's a perfect example of the tRump administration! He can face charges of conduct unbecoming an officer in a court martial!

Ronny is a doc in the box No one gives a shit about that but Governor Como should go to jail what he did to senior citizens This guy is another white supremacist and a Trump butt kisser. One who thought there was voter fraud and that Trump won - vote him out That's normal I bet junior loved him CNN is pathetic

He sounds like he knows how to 🎉 the boy cant get lit?!? Schmuck So, he's a drunken, drug-abusing misogynistic a-hole. I'd say that's perfectly on brand for Republicans. Are we really surprised 😳 Really Are we just deflecting? 🤔 Bull Just another Republican who is above the rules and laws. Violated how many laws? And nothing will be done again...

Its a shame he wasnt needed. At the annual Christmas party? Or over like a long period? What's so wrong with either? Asking for a friend. Shit, and here I thought the worst thing he was doing was giving out Z-packs like they were candy. Nothing will happen, he won’t be made to resign because the republicans don’t care about integrity. When will Democrats learn this, you can’t govern with a party that doesn’t care and hold up integrity.

Didn’t he say Trump weighed 250 lbs?!? That was the booze and pills taking right?! 🤣 No surprise there with Trump people. Sounds like one of Trump’s standard best people hire He also had a secret recipe for “Ron Ron Juice” Is anyone really surprised It was breaking news...3 years ago. Yeah right... trying to deflect from Cuomo haha not gonna happen‼️‼️

Hey, why are you ignoring a dead elephant andrewcuomo in your bedroom and going after a fly outside the room? I haven’t seen a single peep about Governor Cuomo’s sexual transgressions from you! Let me guess. Nothing will happen to him Only the best? Best what? Political smear Sounds like the democrats agenda

G911izmoLinda Only the best people! Honestly, I think Hitler surrounded himself with better people, and they were pimps, murderers, drug addicts, pedophiles, and of course racists. I’m sure he was handing out the sleeping pills to whomever wanted them! He also had a broken scale. No way Trump weighed what Ronny told the press he did.

Haha. Nice try CNN. Whatever you can do to not report on Cuomo. CNN is a tabloid joke! Hold up, there’s a rule against WH employees drinking alcohol or taking a prescription medicine for sleep? And he made a sexual comment? Gasp! Really? I’d drink to if I had to show up to that clown show everyday Goodbye

Yep and he's now a Republican representative in Congress Of course he did “fieldwork stopped between October 11, 2018, and August 22, 2019, as the DOD inspector general and White House counsel determined whether the White House would invoke executive privilege, which they ultimately did not do.” Wouldn't want the report to come out before 11/20

So you’re saying the Trump White House was just as big of a four year drug fueled rager as we knew it was?!? And he was elected to represent Texans in the 13th congressional district. I mean if I had to work in the Trump White House, I’d have a few bottles stashed. Just sayin’ CNN... He already had a rep for being Ronny Candyman Jackson.

Blatant attempt of deflecting the focus to opposite political party that CNN pushes propaganda for. How typical. GOPChairwoman thoughts (and prayers)? Now Do a Cuomo on HIM Now we know what is messing with their minds. Nancy will have to drug test them now. This will be forgotten tomorrow, like Cawthorn’s sexual assault story was forgotten.

The Trump admin. was like in ‘Little Nicky’ when Nicky’s bros come up from hell,possess the Mayor of NYC &a Bishop &were generally wrecking havoc&making everyone do bad things. A few ppl took a moral stand &were fired or got in too much trouble, but they mostly acted badly. Pig Well, the comments he learned from Trump. And if you were treating trump, you would take pills and drink too!

Seriously CNN. Time to get a new work story I see CNN goes after Republicans but ignore Cuomo...wonder if their sheep viewers will ever see how they are being manipulated to hate. Every politician caught up in their Scandals , will always claim it's a political issue being committed or made up by the other side. It worked for Trump, and now they will all say the same thing.

But did he send candid yet forceful tweets? CNN on Cuomo’s sexual assault allegations: 🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯 peachisyummy No surprise here Only the best. he must resign! No wonder trump was a fan of his. and yet Franken, who did NOTHING, was forced to resign!! SO sick of this crap! Send this freak to prison already!

Well, well, well. So the rumors were true. Thanks, TX13 for another stellar addition to the House. Are we sure it wasn’t Cuomo 90% of y’all do the same shit. How NOT shocking. Who’s surprised? Bs