Femicide: The Need To Name Gender-Based Killing of Women in the United States

Referring to murders of women as “femicides” can help stop the erasure of the ongoing murders of women and the larger social patterns connecting them.

10/27/2021 2:37:00 AM

Referring to murders of women as “femicides” can help stop the erasure of the ongoing murders of women and the larger social patterns connecting them.

The U.S. downplays the growing issue of gender-based killings and violence by failing to call it what it is: femicide. Recent high-profile murders have received immense media coverage, but the reality is they aren’t rare events. Femicide is a global issue that disproportionately impacts BIPOC women and requires urgent action to prevent. The U.S. needs to adopt a language of femicide that recognizes the gendered nature of ongoing murders of women in the nation, as well as the larger social patterns connecting them.

of femicide or gender related killings of women and gender-based violence against women, through the establishment of national multidisciplinary prevention bodies.”And yet despite increasing global awareness of a growing problem, the U.S. continues to obscure the gendered nature of femicide by not naming it. 

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Language MattersMaking the distinction between homicide and femicide is not a superficial issue; it is an urgent necessity. It allows us to see the pressing reality of patterns in the murders of women, which are obscured when the media focuses on only a few select cases, usually white “good girls,” who become only isolated, tragic stories. 

Using the language of femicide allows for law enforcement and others to collect data and statistics on gendered murders. It allows the public to see differences and similarities in women’s vulnerability, based upon other aspects of identity like age, race, ethnicity, ability and sexual orientation. It enables the legal system to reform the justice process by which crimes are prosecuted. It bolsters efforts to build support for and among victims’ families and friends. It also enables our country to more fully join a global movement dedicated to challenging violence against women. headtopics.com

At a time when images of sufferingAfghan womenfill the media, it is easy for women and men in the United States to condemn such horrific gender violence without turning a critical lens back to our own country. The United States is not exceptional; long-standing patterns of gender-based violence, the most extreme of which is femicide, are striking features of contemporary U.S. society that have yet to be named and acknowledged.

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Good piece but shame on the author, Brigittine French, for not crediting the late great Diana Russell for coining the word “Femicide.”

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