Federal judge dismisses Strauss sex abuse lawsuits against Ohio State

“The judge just threw 300 survivors in a trash can,” said Steve Snyder-Hill, a victim of the doctor.

9/23/2021 5:32:00 AM

A federal judge has dismissed all the outstanding lawsuits against Ohio State University that were filed by hundreds of former students and athletes who claim school officials failed to protect them from a sexual predator.

“The judge just threw 300 survivors in a trash can,” said Steve Snyder-Hill, a victim of the doctor.

knew about it and did not stop him.But Watson said the cases could not move forward because the statute of limitations for criminal rape cases in Ohio is 20 years, and Strauss preyed on hundreds of men from the mid-1970s to the late 1990s. He died by suicide in 2005.

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"If there is a viable path forward for Plaintiffs on their claim against Ohio State, it starts with the legislature rather than the judiciary," Watson wrote.Strauss victim Steve Snyder-Hill could barely contain his fury.“The judge just threw 300 survivors in a trash can,” Snyder-Hill said. “A trash can with an OSU logo on it.”

Lawyers for 126 of the victims, represented by attorney Scott Elliot Smith, the Emery Celli Brinckerhoff Abady Ward & Maazel law firm and non-profit litigation and advocacy group Public Justice, vowed to appeal Watson’s ruling."OSU spent decades denying, hiding, and evading the truth about its role in concealing the abuse that happened on its watch," they said a statement."Today’s ruling punishes survivors already traumatized by the university’s callous campaign of deception. The court’s decision cannot, and must not, be the final word in the survivors’ journey towards justice.” headtopics.com

In a separate ruling, Watson also refused to recuse himself from the Strauss cases despite news that he failed to disclose his wife has a business relationship with the university. He also acknowledged he went on a cruise sponsored by a group that raises money for a university-affiliated hospital while he was presiding over the cases against OSU.

He said in his decision that “someone” was trying to distract attention from the cases brought against OSU “by redirecting focus on the Court itself.”“But in doing so, that someone has made a mountain out of several molehills,” Watson said, without mentioning any names.

Forty-eight of the victims were represented by Rocky Ratliff, a lawyer and former OSU wrestler.“Not only did he deny our request for recusal, he tossed my case after we asked for him to remove himself,” Ratliff said.Watson did not explain in his decision why he waited until now to decide the cases could not continue because of the statute of limitations. Eric Weitz, a spokesman for the Southern District of Ohio, did not provide a response to that question.

OSU found itself under fire in 2018 after a whistleblowing former Ohio State wrestler named Mike DiSabato went public with allegations that Strauss had sexually abused him and hundreds of other athletes under the guise of providing routine examinations and that the school knew about this but did nothing to stop him. headtopics.com

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An independent investigation by thePerkins Coielaw firm concluded in May 2019 that Strauss sexually abused at least 177 male athletes and students, and that coaches and administrators knew about it for two decades but failed to stop him."Beginning in 2018, Ohio State sought to uncover and acknowledge the truth about Richard Strauss’ abuse and the university’s failure at the time to prevent it,' the school said in a statement Wednesday.

"We are forever grateful to the survivors who participated in the independent Perkins Coie investigation, which could not have been completed without their strength and courage," the statement continued,"and we offer our deepest regrets and apologies to all who experienced Strauss’ abuse."

The results of the investigation opened the door to a flood of lawsuits by Strauss victims. Watkins, who was nominated to the federal bench in 2004 by President George W. Bush, was appointed to the cases in July 2018.Watson’s impartiality came into question earlier this month after NBC News asked about the business ties his wife, Lori Leavitt Watson, has to OSU. She owns

The Flag Lady’s Flag Storein Columbus, Ohio, which sells, among other items, the red-and-silver OSU flags that can be spotted across much of the state.Watson said during a hastily convened court hearing that his wife has a licensing agreement that permits her to market OSU-authorized trademark merchandise and neither of them have a “financial interest in the Ohio State University as defined by the Code of Conduct for United States Judges.” headtopics.com

But Watson conceded “the appearance of impropriety may be implicated.”Watson, who previously acknowledged he teaches a law class at OSU, gave the victims' lawyers 10 days to weigh in on whether he should recuse himself from the contentious cases.Before they could respond, photos surfaced of Watson and his wife taking part in a “Buckeye Cruise for Cancer” aboard the “Mariner of the Seas,” which cruised the Caribbean from Feb. 23-29, 2019. Watson had been assigned the Strauss cases seven months earlier.

While several of the victims’ lawyers asked that Watson remove himself from the case, OSU urged the judge to stay on and called him a “model of judicial temperament, compassion toward plaintiffs, patience, commitment to equal justice, and freedom from bias.”

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Omg this guy clearly has conflicts and yet he is the one to decide his fate? Appeal to a higher court this guy is corrupt We are the best in what we do and we are here to write you that essay, tackle those exams for you, Attend those online classes for you. Hit us up, now. thesiswriting academicwriting essays researchpapers Dissertations Assignments Exams

We are the best in what we do and we are here to write you that essay, tackle those exams for you, Attend those online classes for you. Hit us up, now. thesiswriting academicwriting essays researchpapers Dissertations Assignments Exams Are we living in a dictator state? anarcanon Someone needs to go say 'Hello' to this doctor, preferably with a pillowcase full of pool balls or a sock full of quarters.

Omg! What a disgrace. Why all this outrage? They guy has been dead for seventeen years. All cases were over thirty years old. The statue of limitations expired ten to twenty years ago. What was the judge supposed to do? Break the law to please the victims? Typical male! I am not sure of the rationale. Explain!

Just trying to cover Gym Jordan's ass.....

Suits against Ohio State over sex abuse by doc are dismissedCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A federal judge dismissed some of the biggest remaining lawsuits over Ohio State's failure to stop decades-old sexual abuse by now-deceased team doctor Richard Strauss, saying Wednesday it’s indisputable Strauss abused hundreds of young men but agreeing with OSU’s argument that the legal window for such claims had passed. They should sue Rep Jordan for turning a blind eye. Federal Judge appointed by George W. Bush. 😡😡😡😡

Perverts stick together. He had major conflicts of interest. Needs to be removed from the bench and investigated. The question is where they weaken of this case? What's the grounds of dismissal? So they how to go on appealing!! Gym Jordan must be happy. I wonder how much he had to do with this? Unless the school knew about it, and there was not any one else involved which is likely. Predators are master manipulators, I hate this subject because there are some fucked up people out there. protecttheyouth

Just, WoW And just remember, one of the OSU officials that helped cover up the doctor’s sexual abuse was this walking trash can: He teaches a class at OSU, wife has a business relationship with OSU, and he went on a Caribbean Cruise paid for by OSU (after he was assigned the case)? Yea, no way the judge should’ve recused himself 🙄

DaggumRoy Unbelievable One reported case of abuse is one too many, but hundreds over a period of 20 yrs. is unconscionable. The statute of limitations should be thrown out in cases like this, & OHU along w/ individuals made privy to the abuse and neglected to take action, should be held accountable.

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Why doesn’t this article include any reference to Jim_Jordan a sitting congressmen who knowingly enabled this man?

I don’t agree, but he had no choice. The statute of limitations prevented the case from going forward and the school would’ve won guilty or not over a technicality. The law needs to be changed to extend the statute of limitations so cases like this can legally take place. Former guy judge makes good on his end of the deal to try to free Gym Jordon for a Kush Federal Job and retirement Bennie's.

The Statute of Limitations ran out. He followed the law. Don't like it then change the law IAmSophiaNelson What the fck? The fact that there's a statute of limitations on sexual assault should speak volumes to everybody. When crimes are often committed by people in power or the wealthy, they create road blocks for the victims.

Dismiss HIM. Wow--must be a buddy of Gym Jordan. Maybe there was some history with this judge? Guess there's no justice in Ohio... Amazingly enough, he is NOT a Trump appointee… he was appointed by G.W. Bush in 2004.

San Jose State University to pay $1.6M over sexual harassment, assault of athletesSan Jose State University agrees to pay $1.6M to 13 female student-athletes whose complaints about being sexually assaulted by an athletic trainer were mishandled by the university, federal prosecutors say. Why is it so hard for schools to screen those who are working in close proximity to student athletes? Especially after the disastrous Olympic gymnast, Penn State Sandusky, Ohio State wrestling team, Baylor ?

Republican judge I bet, Friend of Jordan to. “Watson […] failed to disclose that his wife has a business relationship with the university. He also acknowledged that he went on a cruise sponsored by a group that raises money for a university-affiliated hospital while he was presiding over the cases.” Interesting.

That Bull!!! Wow 😳, not a lawyer, judge or The Ohio State alumnus but that judge should be taught a lesson in impropriety, if not in appearance only.¿ Why don't they see what may appear to be improper, and just refuse themselves? Do they get paid by the case? That’s called the old white evangelical christian man verdict

Go to Supreme court. Interesting that a judge that looks like a sexual predator, would side with sexual predators. Not only should they appeal, they should absolutely ask an Appellate court to review the recusal debacle. Ohio State University students should refuse to attend school and pay tuition fees. Amen

That’s the Christian way.

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Disgusting josephconklin1 Protecting the university, or Gym Jordan? This judge wouldn’t know sexual harassment if it hit him in the dick. So very weird!! Earlier reported that all covering up were being looked into! Now this Gym must have asked 45 to make a call for him! Now why would this judge do this? What did he have to lose ? Those judges are the ones we have to watch coz they for sure are not perfect !

G R O S S… too bad he was not sexually assaulted so he could relate, but I wish that pain on no one. SadCaseForAHuman Awful! I am sorry for what those students and athletes have been through and now this… So fucking disgusting. He should have refused himself. Definitely conflict of interest. So gross.

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What'd you expect from a GOP appointed judge? Jim Jordan paid off the republican judge Investigate. People tend not to care when it happens to boys Judge in on it Power = Corruption. If the law is corrupt and political like Trumpism wanted then we’re screwed. Related: Both Ric Flair & Bob Dylan are being canceled for assaults taking place in 2002 and 1965. With statute laws being re-examined, the old timers need to watch their backs. A look at these new precedents, and where it could go right ... or way wrong.

Good ole white (GOP) boys looking out for good old boys. Did we really think it would be different? Now the abused men finally get what abused women have been getting for ages. Someone needs to look into the judge's bank account. I am sure the RNC and Jim Jordan are in on this. They were dismissed because statue of limitations ran out. He didn't have a choice. He even admitted 'suffered unspeakable sexual abuse.' The statue of limitations law needs to change for rape.

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There should be no statute of limitations on sexual assault. Wow nice decision MikeOandY Interesting. St. Paul’s in NH didn’t get out of their old molestations. Why can’t we get a statement from the coach, Jordan? Birds of a feather stuck together! Wondering who here actually read the article. THIS is why Republicans are so keen to appoint federal judges and not allow democratic presidents to. W appointee

Disgusting outcome Jim Jordan must be pleased, I wonder if it was expensive 😭😭

Justice delayed, justice denied. And just like that justice is served?! Remove this judge from the bench! JudiciaryDems HouseJudiciary Judge was appointed by George W. Bush. The only guy more conflicted by this case than this OSU sycophantic judge is Jim Johnson. What up Congressman! Why didn’t you roll up your sleeves to help these kids instead of propping up a sexual predator?

Might as well burn the school down If the state refuses to give justice. People will find it. Not great for gym. He must be in Jim Jordan’s dirty pocket. No surprise there.. SenSherrodBrown what are you going to do about this? Will you help the victims fight for justice?

It is outrageous that there is a statute of limitations for rape. Absolutely outrageous. .Jim_Jordan Is not off the hook. He knew about the sexualabuse. I hope the victims file civil lawsuits against him. GymJordan A George W Bush judge Someone should look into this judges background. To dismiss all of them seems a bit shady!

This is not Right! One guess which party this judge is… He’s bought off How could he justify taking such a sweeping dismissal? Seems very fishy. Gee-zus, he even looks like Jim Jordan... There is no greater joy than having financial freedom and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about her LindaStouffes she's for transparency and trust 💯

That the one Jim Jordan swept under the rug? the Judge needs to be investigated. WTF!!!! WHAT He was a George W Bush appointee. is the Judge Republican? they love to abuse people. Shameful!!!! Follow the money. I'm sure someone paid him well. How can we imagine this happen.Only,Trump has achieved that.since Fifty years, noone of american leaders thought to open this file. On this day,last year we signed the historic Abraham Accords that brought peace between Israel, UAE and Bahrain(This is Trump)The Genius(NO SLEEPY)